Fatshark, are you deliberately provoking me?

I pray to all the gods and demons that the information (minimum! and in a good way there should already be a career release) about the new Vector was this week. This is some kind of incredible level of piggishness, when an irrationally large amount of time is spent trying to at least notify people about something… I really love your game and you as a company. But, really, this is quite too much. We have been waiting for at least some information for a thousand years, there were no signs for more than 100 days - yes, there were updates with tags (which need to be corrected and which are mastered in a couple of days, knocking out all the costumes) and a skull (also great, but I actually passed it in a day on the legend)… And I remember what happened to the Winds of Magic. But, Sharks, I’m begging you, please give a normal concrete sign about Victor’s new career this Friday. And then - my requests have decreased significantly. In a good way, I have to pray that the career will come out tomorrow/Thursday. I’m losing my mind already! Please!!!


I agree with you. I firmly believe that last Friday (The 19th) for the 1 year anniversary of Outcast Engineer we will have the right to something but nothing. As long as at SoTT it arrived 5 months and 19 days ago.

On top of that, it has been announced that for the next major update (normally Victor’s career “Normally”) new skin that we can have in Chaos Wastes on Relic Pack weapons should arrive in the game. based.

But other than that nothing … It’s hard to hold on …

Victor is my main character. I think I have more level with him than all the other characters put together! (And yet I have 100% challenges again)

1 year and a half that I await the career of Victor. I feel like I have to last a year and a half longer!

Chaos Wastes and the Halloween event we were at the top, I have no complaints even if, for the work provided for Chaos Wastes I would have liked to pay (Because there is work behind) but in exchange I took all the skins they offered us.

But there I have 10 euros which is only waiting for Victor’s career.

It’s really frustrating.

Last Friday, I said to myself, for sure, a column on Victor !! Well no, on CATRINNE! WE NEVER SEEN IT THERE. I don’t care about that one!


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Victor himself has been giving us clues since the chaos wastes, speaking about his renewed faith and purpose when alone in the preparation chamber. And more, like mentions of Sigmar’s chapel and candles missing around the keep.

But by Sigmar I would like something specific as well.

We all said despite Sigmar not telling him that Victor did not lose his faith, he even went to build a chapel to “preach” and make “fiery oaths”.

We can feel the warrior priest of Sigmar arriving.

Except that between lines, texts, lyrics we want the career, that we buy and we play it! This is what we want.

If it ain’t a warrior priest I will become flagellant. Don’t do this to me Fatshark!

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at one point I thought of a “Knight of Morr”. I really liked the idea!

But it’s true, that Sigmar’s Warrior Priest is going to be really, really cool to play!

But I’m 99% sure he’s a warrior priest. I’m just waiting for that, new challenges, a new career and also making a full premium team!

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I think he’s too chatty to be a knight of Morr :smiley:
Though he’s not really into humour so he’s already half way there.

Could be Warrior Priest of Ulric since he’s from Middenland, but I would prefer a Sigmarite. It’s also a classic character image for Warhammer Fantasy, I feel like it would sell well.

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I really think of a Sigmar Warrior Priest. Just in relation to all the lines of dialogue he has only for Sigmar. I think it would take too long to retouch everything and like you, I have a big preference for Sigmar! After all … it is the hammer of the empire!

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Has FatShark actually promised any deadlines? If yes, what were they?
If not, I’m sorry to kill this here merry bashing session, but the only rights any of us have are those described in the EULA, sorry. How self-important are you mates talking about ‘rights’ to anything? I think this is just another case of mismanagement of personal expectations to be honest.


I myself never said anything about rights, I am just here professing my faith in Sigmar and speculating. :stuck_out_tongue:

I expected this comment.

We just hope, you understand? Is it still a career every 6 months? Even though there are only 5 characters and in my opinion they just want to make the game last for more years (which isn’t bad) But a career? New outfit, 2 new weapons, an ultimate and 12 talent points (I don’t count THP / STAGG) There is a community waiting (Not all of them, apparently, the insufferable little 1%.) That’s all.

Except that they give us no more information because of the kids who SPAM still today “VERSUS ???”

Well maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t sound like just hoping:

Also this:

I’m sincerely curious if that is something someone from FS said - I’m not a VT2 announcement junkie, I might’ve missed that. That is why I started my previous post with a question.

Which is actually legit - L4D2 is still alive some 10+ years after release solely because of the versus mode. So announcing versus for VT2 was kinda big deal, I don’t see how actually asking FS to deliver on that is any more pretentious than asking them for a new career that they did not (as far as I’m aware) announce ever.

Pretty sure there wasn’t announcement of any kind unless on discord, but that would have been mirrored here for sure.

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I think hope mixed with the frustration of waiting.

After the difference, it is that the “versus” mode announced in the youtube trailer was a failure. Ok no worries, they admitted their mistakes and too bad I don’t mind that there is no Versus mode. I have B4b with versus mode, I have fun with it from time to time.

But the difference is that the versus mode, we’ve never seen it anywhere other than in the trailer, but for careers, we’ve already had 3/5?

We have already had 3 concrete careers. But the versus mode not even 1 minute of open beta? ^^

Wait, they admitted that there will be no versus? Where?

Yes, and that makes it what exactly? Whatever it is, it all comes back to:

… bacause facts haven’t changed (if @Reorx is to be believed).

I expressed myself poorly but at the same time I am not of English origin.

But on the one hand, a lot of people including me think that the versus mode will never see the light of day. The trailer is already more than 2 years old, I think? Anyway, the versus mode I forgot personally.

So for you, they are not going to follow a cycle that is about to start well for careers? And we certainly won’t see Victor because they haven’t announced a date or something?

And again for the careers, there are 3 already out, at a very similar interval. Why not for the 4th and 5th? Would it be absurd to say to yourself, hey, the 4th and 5th we are going to release it in a few days afterwards as in a few years?

I still think that they try to follow their plot a little … The game is losing more and more players. But with each great update they again have a big spike in players. Which is cool.

So you think that something that the developer has announced will not be completed (versus), but at the same time you are sure for some reason that something that has not even been announced (new career) should already been released by now? What kind of logic is that? I suspect that you just want a new career and don’t want the versus mode. What happens if there are people who feel the opposite? - That’s right - they are asking FS about versus and it is their fault that FS is silent about any of thheir releases. Awesome :joy:

I don’t know what cycle are you talking about, but the second sentence contains a false implication. No announcement does not mean anything - it’s up to the developer. Unlike something they have announced.

If we look at the releases from the math standpoint, we’ll see that Outcast Engineer released 149 days after Grail Knight, while SoTT released 196 days after Engineer, which is 31.5% slowdown if we take that we even can extrapolate this little data at all. If we continue the trend, the new career should be out after 258 days since SoTT which will be Feb 15 2022 :sweat_smile:

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