Fatshark, are you deliberately provoking me?

I think it’s a sterile debate in which we both have our ideas. And so much the better, we each have our ideas even if our ideas diverge and become interesting.

Afterwards, for your second paragraph I looked at the dates a long time ago (Since the release of SoTt.)

And it is true that 5 months separates the release of the GK and the OE. But for OE in SoTt 6 months ago. I agree with you, there is a big difference.
But I saw it as:

Graal Knight “June” 2020
SoTt “June” 2021

So OE November 2020 & Victor November 2021

So Sienna June 2022

This is my logic. On the one hand, I much prefer mine because February? It’s so far away.

Knowing that, they have specified that for the next major update they will put the new skins of the relic pack. So I guess and others have also assumed Victor’s career as a future big update?

I do you one better, I am expecting Victors career in another 6 months from Grudge marks so in April 2022.
That way I more likely to be pleasantly suprised then disappointed. :smiley:

Worse and worse XD
I hope they don’t have the same slowness for Darktide.
On the one hand, we can easily swip between the two.
But hey, 6 months? I’m going to become a Zealot and flog myself if I have to wait that long longer to finally play the career of my favorite character in Vermintide.

And I think those who have Sienna as their main character. Are they going to have to wait another 2 years? xDD

This post reminds me of elementary school kids who would bang on the lunch table in unison shouting “we want food!” knowing full well food was coming, it just hasn’t arrived yet.
Fatshark being incognito for large amounts of time isn’t anything new, and you aren’t owed information based on the release date of the last content drop.


There is one important and missing part in your metaphor.) Children do this precisely because they are hungry.
And, at the same time, these posts can bring a certain result. Which one? Well, for example, the plums of those who are engaged in beta testing.
Once upon a time, even 3 ~ months before the release of Sister Ship, I wrote a similar post here about a new career (in less interested tones, because I didn’t care about the elf), and one person gave me a link to a photo where there was that very interesting photo of Sister Ship that appeared 3 months before her release. This photo was deleted from Reddit very quickly; and I even, even then not knowing the rules of the forum, sent it here, having made a post on the forum with a question about this information leak.) Obviously, it was quickly removed from here, but many saw it.

But, this is a special case. To hope for such a thing now is just a dream. Therefore, such a post is rather caused by a metaphorical hunger and a desire to discuss with people the upcoming career / see their thoughts.
I could make a text with a different, less provocative title and content. However, I have already done this and no one on the forum (practically) saw them. And the only popular branches of my forum (where still, a year later, new comments sometimes appear) were those where I asked in pathetic tones about a new career, etc. Therefore, I do not think that your example is correct in the form and with the message that you put into it.

That’s fine, your entire message basically boils down to “these types of posts are ok and even beneficial because someone may leak something”.
Like what? You honestly think the devs are going to be like “Pelagius Morte is frothing at the seams for this new career!” “But sir, it isn’t ready” “doesn’t matter, ship it”.
I’m honestly surprised you still create posts like this, cause they aren’t a good look.

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I sincerely think (and this is confirmed by the facts) that such messages can:
I - Not just give information that you missed, but tell something that, according to FatShark rules, must be deleted immediately (as well as according to the rules of Reddit moderators). For some reason, you ignored this story of mine, although it is very instructive.
II - Not just to give information that you missed, but also to attract people’s attention regarding the discussion of the upcoming. It is interesting to see certain hypotheses that have developed since my last post (when I wrote a question about Victor’s career on the forum in the spring or so, where a lot of people, including you, were noted). It is interesting to see if people’s opinions have changed, perhaps thoughts about some new mechanics that would have divorced from what we saw (marks, skulls). And I repeat for you again - there is very little activity on the forum. I tried to ask a more, ahem, constructive question - but I didn’t get an answer from users.
But when I wrote a similar post, reacting quite naturally to the lack of content (no one owes me anything, but I actually shouldn’t pretend that the game doesn’t lose players due to the lack of content), which would attract people who are just as objectively and naturally dissatisfied with this, in order to discuss the career issue among themselves/ possibly share prohibited information / some latest news or trends. (about trends - for example, I learned a lot about calendar calculus in Europe when it came to Wastelands. Therefore, even in the sense of communicating with foreigners, the forum and engaging questions are very useful; or recently I made a post where a person unsubscribed me quite reasonably about the days of the release of add-ons / Steam work)
And most importantly - even if the post looks provocative, I have not offended anyone / have not used slander anywhere, etc. I just, as a person who has played a very large number of hours in the game and has completed all the content - but still loves it - I’m talking about the problem of playing with others. Here’s how I wrote above (I apologize for the repetitions) - November 19. I wrote about this date and the person rationally and logically explained to me why an exit on this date (more precisely on this day, Friday) is unlikely. And that’s why I come to the forum. And for ideas, etc., etc., which I have already written to you many times, so I don’t want to create a moveton with my constant repetitions.

From all of the above - I don’t understand where you could see “aren’t a good look”. I love this game and I will be the last one to scold FatShark unfairly.

haha i did read that, but i disagree.

How saying nothing equals to “provoking you”, that sounds like something people who say “look what you just made me do” would say.
I do think though they should do a teasing101 for the sake of learning how to cook hype using people’s imagination and optmism, we all know whatever they have down the line is good, its just a matter of when.

Then again we got a stellar releases that gonna steal the spotlights in the gaming world next month so even if they had something ready, out of fear of getting overshadowed, they might have to hold their horses.


Driven by my faultless game intuition and my absolute authority, I hereby declare that Saltzpyre’s 4th career will release this month. And when you realize in seven days that I have spoken truth, I expect that nobody ever questions anything I say!

(And if it doesn’t release … well, everyone can have a bad day ,right? Or better, I declare that this month does not end until the career releases.)

On a real note though, if a soon release is planned, next week might actually be one of the best. Why? Because of visibility in the Steam Store. This week we will have a Black Friday Sale with a high probability. And down the lane comes Christmas, so inbetween would be best for people to take proper note.


Hope you are right @Adelion.
Anyway, once again, we have to wait until at least Friday for the chronicle. The chronicle will tell us more.
Like last Friday? x)

I’ll laugh my ar$e off if they release a friar as his career with a wooden stick as his weapon.

FS have really upped their game on releasing content for VT2, even amid the pandemic. There used to be periods of months and months and months with no lohners chronicle, no content, no patches and broken being left broken for … ages. ( glares at BW)

I happen to think like @Adelion , there’s a window coming up for release, post black friday but pre-christmas to avoid the release getting swamped by loads of other stuff happening. My guess is 1st - 2nd week December for Friar Saltz and his Broomstick of Sigmars Justice™


Considering that you taught me the method of counting months in Europe and enlightened me about Friday, I have absolute confidence in you!)

Whatever the new career of our Victor, I want it.

It’s too long ^^ I can’t even imagine those who will have to wait for Sienna again …

Victor is so much my favorite character on Vermintide. Then there’s Bardin (Despite his very, very sad story, he’s nice and a good companion for a drink)

Today, new chronicle. Do you think you will be disappointed in advance because they may still dodge Victor’s subject? Or is today the big day to launch the career next Monday?

We believe in the best, but we are preparing for the worst. Personally, I think it would be very stupid to shy away from this topic in the chronicle. Well, there’s nowhere to just postpone. And there was an update on Steam DB, and discounts… I pray with you!

I have been praying for a year and a half. haha

We will have to wait 4-5 hours for the chronicle. If she speaks well of him, Monday we there but if not … I do not prefer to think of the “if not” xD

I’d rather just kill time now and not think about it.))
Waiting is too tedious.

P.S. By the way, friend, a sudden question - what country are you from? And then, I noticed a certain pattern in the countries and active fans of Victor, which is why it’s interesting.)

I’m French, and I’ve been a fan of Victor since 2015 #EndTimes

and you ? ^^

Funny - where- half of Victor’s fans I know are from France.)) The rest are Germany and Russia (a lot of people love Victor here)

Therefore, there may be a pattern here.))

Oh, how tedious the waiting is

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The wait is far too tedious :drooling_face:

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