Fatshark, are you deliberately provoking me?

Lot of speculation in here :joy: nothing is cancelled unless fatshark states otherwise. There’s still a lot of work being done on the game behind the scenes, even with the pandemic and the staff having to work from home. Fatshark also does not do deadlines or roadmaps anymore. They’ve stated previously that they will release content when they’re ready. Might not be what you want to hear, but you just have to wait.


this is what, all gaming companies should do

I want to get it right you know, when it comes to an expansion like Chaos Waste, or an entire game like Darktide. The delay can be normal and understandable.

Except that here, we are talking about a career for 1 character.

The basic character is created so there just needs to be a little story, 2-3 cosmetics, 2 new weapons, 1 ultimate, 12 talent points (I do not count THP / STAGG) and a few lines of modified dialogue (Not create , but modified the lines of dialogue. As for the other careers)

There is the difference.

I can understand that the career can be delayed, but it should not be abused you see? Every 6 months, for a career already mapped out. It’s a bit long.

But hey, we’ll see how they will surprise us, they always succeed despite a very long wait.

Abuse (v):
to use something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong.
(c) Cambridge English Dictionary.

By all means, let us continue the quest of demanding something you are not owed. You speak like you actually know what it takes to deliver a new career for the game, tell me - how many career DLCs have you made for VT2 and how much effort did it take you?


They’re not just working on saltz new career though… :joy: just like the other careers were being worked on while CW was being worked on as well. They said they wanted to support the game for up to 10 years possibly. There’s no doubt other things in the works. I get you really want the new class, but unfortunately we’ll just have to be patient

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Sir, but in your personal opinion/flair- when will they release a career?
Your opinion is also very interesting.

It’s incredible. You have the ability to be more insufferable than the covid with this style of remark. By even going to look for a dictionary?

I had something else to say, but I think I’m holding back for now.

I know they have other projects on Vermintide but they seem like they have multiple teams for different tasks?

Anyway, yes, we’ll have to be patient. However, I can’t wait to see today’s chronicle. Hoping it is more captivating than last week.


Well only if you believe that they have multiple teams for all major projects they do.

I was asking a person, not you.

He is incredible. I’m hoping more that he’s not like that in the real life than Victor’s exit. But I think for once, I hope for nothing this time. =)

Oh yeah, I know. Smoker won’t mind while I add this valuable caveat I’m sure. I still consider you a person though.

In the way you write to me, you consider me “maybe” as a person deep inside you. At least you try to convince yourself of this

But I no longer feel like an as*hole to you who wants his Christmas present in advance And who whines for answers.

But afterwards, we started with others our dreams about this game, our expectations. Even though the beginning was about the fact that it’s a long wait, there was speculation, our speculation and we were starting to share it between us.

And your goal there, it’s just to offend the one who made the publication and me who talk a lot about Victor’s career.

I have a vague impression that you are deliberately inflaming the discussion about our expectations. I do not understand very well ?

Which makes me doubt even more that you consider me a “person”.

Knowing that here I do not consider you at all as a “person” but rather as a pest.

We try to debate it unlike you Who only seeks to provoke.

Well I had my fun. Firstly, you can drop that amateur psychoanalysis you done - it’s way off mark. In fact I believe it just serves to project your own point of view of inhumanizing me, which is even more bizarre than all the righteuous unbased demands you made previously in this thread.
It’s kind of a slippery slope really - thinking of people as objects based on a couple of forum posts pointing out fallacies in your logic. All of which you ignored by the way, and that’s the only ‘offense’ I made.
We could’ve discussed that, but you failed to answer any questions regarding the source of your unending demands of FatShark to meet your timetable that you yourself just made up for them.
Then you went on to completely devalue the work FatShark employees are doing to bring you that long-awaited career by dismissing the amount of effort required to do so without apparently having any development experience of your own. At least I arrive at this conclusion because you once again just ignored my post addressing this.

So in the end, one person created a topic with exceedingly childish name and content, you jumped at the bandwagon and invented some non-existed rights to something in order to accuse FatShark of being in the ‘wrong’. Then you completely ignored every argument against your point of view and proceeded to get offended by some other things you personally just don’t like, strawmanned one of your opponents, inserted some of your own thoughts and views into his straw head and ceased to consider him a person. Good job calling that a discussion, mate :joy:

Well there you go - at least some of the content in this thread corresponds to its title.

I never thought that Fatshark employees were “objects” for the development of the game.

It’s just your invention to make me look like an as*hole once again.

Yes, it takes time to make a new career! YES I UNDERSTOOD.
But don’t you tell yourself in your brain, that there is a difference and that it is normally faster to make a new career than new cards, see a new game mode? This is what I’m talking about

You are seriously starting to inflate me there with your words and your words.

And a priori we can talk with others about our feelings, our expectations? No ?! I am wrong ? Or do you have to go through Master @OrsonMaxwell to be able to communicate something ?!
-Yes we wait
-Yes we ask ourselves questions
-Yes we are in a hurry to know more or to have an image, a leak something could be enough for our expectations.

But there, we see nothing, we have nothing. Overnight he may have nothing left on the game, not even a DLC, everything can stop. But how do you know? Since we are not told anything.
And when we dare to speak, we come across the 1% (You) the unbearable guy who only thinks of provoking those who hope and who wonder about their favorite character.

I close the discussion here, because talking with you is pointless and futile. Comparative to your life. Bye.

Again, I haven’t told anyone to stop posting anything. You’re still projecting. Also, conversely Master Orson Maxwell doesn’t need to go through any approval to call out self-righteous borderline offensive posts for what they are.

I don’t. I just wait like everybody else without insinuating that the game developer whose game I play actually owes me something and is ‘provoking’ me by not releasing some content I want on my arbitrary schedule.

Mate I don’t give a skaven arse about who your favourite character is - if this thread was about, say, a new Sienna’s career I would be right here where I am now, and you would be gone because you want Salty and to hell with the rest of the content even if the developer had actually announced it. That’s called hypocrisy.

You know, the ignore feature of the forums was available to you during 100% of this discussion. You decided to go down this rabit hole, now you decide to retreat without adressing a single thing that is wrong with your earlier posts again. Do yourself a favour since you have designated me as the local Evil Gatekeeper, answer these people instead to retain some semblance of being a good person:

A lot of that along with posts from @Adelion and @Argonaut14 actually depleted this topic, and since there is nothing else to say on it, you decided to wage war on logic portrayed by some guy you don’t know anything about. Cheers.

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I had to scour the worst of the Chaos Wastes known as Reddit to get this but this should VermintTIDE you guys over. Can we all be cool now?

But seriously, this isn’t new. I’ve been here about a year and thought the game was done servicing at OE since I thought content drops were legit just not coming anymore. But this game as amazing as it is, can’t just give you content that tries to 1up itself every time it drops every single time and at a fast pace no less. We have to be understanding, because at the end of the day, were all that’s lifting FS up (and their paychecks LOL).

Lmao, Fatshark doesn’t give a f*ck about keeping the community informed about what’s going on with anything. That much is obvious to anyone who’s followed them for any appreciable amount of time. We’ll get absolutely zero new information until the new career is practically already out. Could be out today, could be out a year from now. D-Tier dev at best.

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I think this guy is like that bjork fan from the 90s, the one with the vhs tapes.

Disregard his possessive unhealthy imaginary relationship with footshrek, i think them shorks really need a new marketing method, as i mentioned before, hyping and teasing is a good tool, though the right way of doing it is beyond my knowledge.

Personally i like when new content drops mere days after announced, but thats just me.
I also believe they should indeed hold their horses even if victor’s career is ready until after a week or two after halo infinite is out, theres going to be a window before the end of the year where they can safely release something new without getting overshadowed by some AAA release.

Disagree with this fella who said they are D-tier, they are more like C tier, they are in this confortable spot where they work hard but theres no crunch (apparently), they are free to take their time, they aren’t getting whipped, they aren’t getting molested by the CEO (hopefully) and theres no pressure from big publisher to squeeze out as much paid content as humanly possible, its a jungle out there.

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There is a pre-requisite to being able to use it though: the ability to meet deadlines.

It’s just one of those things where people reach their boiling point and just have to react in some way because they’re absolutely done with waiting. Props to them for being a great fan and loving the game but caveat being this borders on unhealthy obsession and toxic since FS is just a small indie company backed by an even smaller company with the IP.

I’ve seen worse deserving as such TBH.

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