Conspiracy theory about Victor's date

Ladies and gentlemen, I am crazy about the expectation of Victor’s new career, so I just need to speculate about her.
And so, look - the Grail Knight was released on June 23
The engineer was released on November 19
On June 3, the elf came out, 20 days earlier than Marcus.
And now the question is: on October 28, we will have a major update. Costumes, tasks, etc
. And October 30 is Warhammer Day. And if you take away 20 from November 19, then we get October 31, just right after a bunch of events, etc
In this regard, I really hope that at this time Victor will at least be announced… What do you think about my schizophrenia?

And, of course, I understand that this is pointless, but I will try to appeal to the almighty Fatshark and at least give a hint whether I am thinking in the right direction. I hope that since Victor was able to reach the Citadel so that Sigmar could hear him, they will also hear me.

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I say saltz gonna release before christmans and the fire witch in 2025 lol

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