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Sunday October 3, we will celebrate the 4 months of the “Sister of the Thorn”.

Which is already good news, 4 months have already collapsed, and we will have to wait another “normally” a big month to FINALLY discover Victor’s new career, which leans between “Warrior priest of Sigmar / Ulric, Vampire or Inquisitor”.

And you ? What will you see for Victor?

General enquiries may be posted in the Fatshark Lounge.

Least to most likely:

  • Vamp: Not really possible since the rest of the U5 would be not friendly with a Vamp/Undead
  • Inquisitor: Not a real possibility, the only group of Inquisitor are from Remas (Tilea) and follow the Chaos God of Law Solkan, they are the same thing as Witch Hunter (So just a name variation, like the Templar and the Seeker…)
  • WPoUlric: Could work but it would bring a few annoying restriction (mostly the ranged weaponry, as only bows are allowed)
  • WPoSigmar: Has the most chance and doesn’t (technically) involve any restriction
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I was also for the Warrior Priest of Sigmar.

Although Sigmar did not answer Victor’s call to the Citadel of Eternity, Victor has unwavering faith and even tells him that he will not let anyone deviate from his faith. Thanks to the chronicle, we realized that at the moment he is building a chapel

I am somewhat certain he has some CW monologue in an excited voice about how his faith is restored.

So I too hope for a warrior priest of Sigmar.

I can’t wait to see Victor’s new career.
We will have to wait even more than a month to really see what Victor will really become.

But I think we’re all hoping for Sigmar’s Warrior Priest.
But I wonder what skills and passives can go with it.

I could see at one point a comet crashing into enemies … But certainly too powerful.

Let the elves winge.
Nothing is too powerful for the most holy lord Sigmar (and his chosen servants).

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We are going to pluck the “Sister of Thorns” with our Warrior Priest! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Something like this? :slight_smile:

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