Is tomorrow a very important day, or not?

Tomorrow is November 19th. It was on this day, a year ago, that Bardin was released. And besides, tomorrow is Friday. And what happens on Friday? That’s right, Franz’s diary appears.
And what was in his previous diary? Right, he was talking about Victor’s sermons and the need to check on him… Therefore, I think you all understand what should be waiting for us.

Can FatShark ignore this ideal date (in every sense) and release it later? Sure. But, it will be the strongest disappointment in my heart. At least, if the career does not appear, then, at least, the diaries should give a hint of the next date. But, it hurts me to think about it and I want to turn all my faith in Sigmar to the fact that she will be exactly tomorrow… Tomorrow…

I am not sure if Fatshark ever released something on a Friday. For most companies it is very unusual because it is directly before the weekend which gives them less time to react on critical errors. Also, often DLCs are accompanied by sales. Due to how the Steam Store functions this often means that release dates come down to a Monday or Thursday because those are the days where you can get the Store Front specials.

Pretty sure that tomorrow nothing will be released. Some information maybe. But I would also prepare for a potentially more delayed release.


I had posted at the beginning of the day a few lines like you with this coincidence.

I think that tomorrow there will therefore be a column talking about Vico. (Maybe on social networks 10sec of video as for the SoTT to announce the new career)

And Monday, or Thursday of next week … The monster is coming!

Probably nothing. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up getting delayed.

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