I wonder if . .

There are hints in anything from the last update as to what will be so exciting on March 8th? :slight_smile: We did get a whole new character introduced, even if just in text.

Well, by that logic. They introduced my hunny Geneviève Dieudonné months ago through dialog with Franz Lohner :stuck_out_tongue:

None the less, I’m excited. We know for sure the deed rework is coming. But that can’t be the only thing. Fatshark has been really careful about hyping things up since the road map fiasco. I mean, look at the last DLC, it was absolutely amazing and packed full of content. They barely gave us any info until the day of the release. We didn’t even get a teaser trailer until 1 hour before the DLC launched. If they are telling us to look forward to it, and dropping hype here and there. It’s gonna be something impressive.

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Yes, true about BtU, but generally they like to hint at things. :slight_smile: All the hints towards Chaos in VT1! Being only hints . . . there’s no anger if it doesn’t materialize.

There are a lot of new frames in the game files and most of them have progressive forms.

What is this text you speak of?

Does anyone really care bout those frames?

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I got guys on discord who have already farmed 260+. So, yea, I’d say they care about the art work lol.

I was talking about character frames.


There are at least two kinds of upgrading frames but they don’t seem to just simply max out as there are multiple clearly different maxed out frames. One is more focused on seals and the other on skulls.

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I mean the flavor text on the paintings. :slight_smile: You can read them even if you haven’t unlocked them yet by thumbing over the ravaged art scrolls in Okri’s Challenges.

I remember one of the Devs said they were gonna upgrade some of the portraits when the winter patch came out with animated portraits. I saw someone post that portrait before, is it an upgraded “clear all maps on legend with all characters”, or is it a new one? From a stream or something? Or just in the game files and people found it on the modded relm?

I posted that in the friendly chat it’s called sigmarite hero or something. They are not animated and the descriptions do not indicate that they are some kind of replacement.

I actually expected the seals one to come out together with this weekly mission update and work similar to the deed portrait just counting weekly missions completed.

Aha, so you found them on the modded relm? Or in the game files? What does the text lore for them say.

The mod “give all hats and skins” gives easy access to a ton of unused and ne portraits.

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