Let's speculate about new "unexpected" content of 2019

Could it be a new enemy faction, undead would be nice, or it some kind of PVP mode like in L4D, muted Kerilian DLC, i mean we were promised after all, maybe new difficulty level for people that got bored of legendary difficulty, new helmet for Kruber FK that wouldn’t be a new visor on old casque? We shouldn’t believe every Fatshark promises, on 100% atleast, every one know about what happened to roadmap along with dedicated servers and content updates in between DLCs, but we simply must gather some cool ideas for future!

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New female vampire playable character with a fantastic set…

…of weapon choices.


By Sigmar, no.


Cool, every thing that comes to mind is welcome

I guess two expansions containing 2 new maps or 3.5 old ones for 10$ spiced up with:
Illusions with recolored glow.
Some hats they had lingering in the game files since launch. (many of them from V1)
Skin recolors (they had lingering i…)
New weapons in form of [insert 1h waepon] and [insert 1h weapon] dual wield.

Nothing unexpected

I don’t think we will get new enemy factions or new playable careers.
Also no dedicated servers or keep decorations.
Prove me wrong FS!


Strong provocation, i’m sure they’ll answer that. Haha, spend with Fatshark as much time as i did, you’d act differently. You can never get them to work, just wait until they’ll decide the time to make something.

I’m hoping for this as well. She could be a Lahmian, since they tend to be the least evil out of the bunch. A lot of her abilities would focus on dps and regeneration, but with spellcasting too. We would get a melee focused career, magic focused, and control focused. (enchanting etc)

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I need meh vampire babe. She’s already been hinted at in game as the characters spoke about her. She’s the only vampire allowed in the empire and saved the emperors life, she has the title of heroine of the empire. She’s worked as a spy for the empire and is Brettonia. She only knows basic magical charms and her strength isn’t over the top due to her being turned so young. Not to mention, if Kruber, a normal human can cleave through a horde of rats with one swing, I think her power level would be on par. Then again, I think our characters have already entered the relm of heros. Also, she would be in this area during the end times.



Don’t you forget that Kruber, as well as every other character in party is blessed by Sigmar, for they are on holy mission. Don’t disrespect my man-main Kruber, he’s a hero after all.


While I have no interest in whatever a new hero would function like (abilities/talents aside) it would be awesome if they were Brettonian. I’ve always though they would make the best sort of ally to the team as they tend to be avidly opposed to evil.

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I’d guess new Careers or huge updates to the current ones. A new difficulty is another possibility. Anything beyond those would really be unexpected for me.

As an aside, I think speculation threads belong more in the Lounge, rather than Feedback.


All old maps coming, dedicated servers, and crossplay! FS🙏

New faction would prolly be Beastmen if anything, there is even a Herdstone on Engines of War so maybe thats a nod, i would love orcs and goblins but that wouldnt fit into the current thematic. A new hero would be great considering the current ones have gotten a bit boring, new weapon options are always a plus, class reworks or talent revamps would be welcome. Im hoping for the following.

  1. New maps
  2. New challenges
  3. Live supported game modes like onslaught
  4. Skins that aren’t just recolors
  5. New weapons
  6. better deed system

bug fixing


Would be cool as hell to see Genevieve, and she’d be basically the only Vampire who could actually fit into the group. Still might be hard to get Bardin and Kerillian on board, though - Dwarves and Asrai REALLY hate undead. So would Saltzpyre, but he seems quite pragmatic for a Witch Hunter (though it bears mentioning that he has a literal oath to destroy all undead). I really think the Genevieve reference is solely as an old lore nod, since the devs are hugely into lore, though.

Don’t get me wrong; while I think a vampire is hugely hard to work into the group, I’d love to see one.

I’ll be happy with anything they add that gives us new ways to experience old content - new enemies, careers, characters, or a bunch of new items (like healing slot, potions, and bomb types) would help to do that. Weapons are always a welcome addition. I kinda don’t expect everything we’ll get from here on out will be simple combo weapons. FS are really pretty creative with DLC weapons - and the dual weapons worked out pretty cool, all told.

Should we see new characters, of course, the top of my list is a Skink. :smiley: Along with a DLC where we go to Karak Zorn! I could picture three maps; a temple city, the Southlands jungle, and one in the ruins of Karak Zorn itself!


Here’s my top 5 things i’d like to see:

  1. New Characters/Careers: There’s plenty FS could do here. Imagine how great it’d be if FS added 1 new career to each pre-existing character and a whole new character in one update.

  2. Free DLC: Payday 2 mixes in free weapons, maps etc. in along with payed DLCs, so i don’t see why FS can’t do this either. Also it’d be nice if free players had a way to unlock payed weapons (like back to ubersreik) by completing a grindy challenge, like play 100 games on veteran or higher. This would be per character. Btw this is coming from someone who already owns Both DLCs.

  3. New Enemy Factions: I don’t care if it’s Beastmen, Orcs, Undead Etc. But it’d be nice to get some new enemies to fight. Maybe have a mini campaign (3 or 4 maps) tied to the new enemy faction as well.

  4. More Ways To Earn Cosmetics: It’d be nice if we had a dedicated cosmetic chest much like bogenhaven one, but for vanilla items/skins. You could earn these through weekly objectives.

  5. More Ranged Weapons: Javlins, throwing knives, throwing axes, new staffs etc. would be a great edition to the game.


For the next 10 EURO’s of DLC , i Expect atleast a Reskin of existing enemies.

I expect atleast a shitty UI that explains the Lore , and a cheap beastiary. So i have a idea why im playing this game.

I expect a Modstore like Bethesda with Custom campaigns aproved by fatshark for 3.99 each so i have a unlimited amount of actual content by fans.

I expect a new boss or special spawn , that makes the game more difficult.

If you want to write as great as me! Buy English for dummies for 9.99$ ! Just the Price to skip a DLC a day!

Cousin Okri


Quite unexpected, yeah.

Is it likely to see a named character in-game though? Even if she is kind of outdated and “irrelevant”.
Also, you make me want to read the other Genevieve books. I read “Drachenfels” when the dlc for Vermintide came out, but never got around to reading the other ones. (especially since most of the other Warhammer books I’ve read seem to be lackluster at best)

Even if the don’t add Genevieve, I was thinking they could at least do something similar.

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