Let's Talk About.... expected DLC content

Now we’ve stepped away from pitchforks and torches ready to lynch-mob FS employees in general and Hedge in particular, I think we need to discuss out expectations for future DLC content.

There’s no point going over what was the Bogenhafen DLC and whether you were happy or sad about it. Nothing can be done about that so let’s focus on a couple of things for the future;

  • What are your expectations for a good DLC package? (content > Maps, Weapons, Classes/Careers/Bosses etc)

  • What is your expected price point?

I hope to reach some kind of consensus as to what would be a good package that most players would consider buying and enjoy.

Some things to consider are;

Quick Play. There’s a whole OTHER topic about Quick Play for discussion, but within the confines of this thread it is assumed that FS will continue to promote QP to prevent people running the same map over and over (Horn of Magnus Style). Maps therefore need to be put into the QP rotation at some point.

I’ll go first, and hopefully I’ll edit this first post with an “ideal forumites DLC package.”

My choices are -

“Area” DLC ( like Bogenhafen/Drachenfels)

  • 3 maps

  • One new career specific frame for each career linked to the maps. RV gets a different frame than FK Kruber. I consider 2d art a bit easier to implement than 3d art. I’d like the frames to be earned through some part of the level design. Lorebook pages might be a good example here of something that could help earn the frames. A ten page diary of some character that the players could find? Get all ten pages to unlock your frame? You get the idea. Getting frames for simply completing the levels is a bit of a weak design.

  • A last-map-end-game boss fight. Krench/Spinemangler/Bodvar style

  • A new boss for the above fight. Even if it’s a reskinned Blightstormer with some new spells.

  • Particle Effects that you can unlock. I’d love something like flaming footsteps burned into the ground for Sienna as she runs, or a dark smoke effect for Shade (like a cloak of shadows) or a tree to fall on Waystalkers when they FF the hell out of you. Kruber could get some more purity seals or something. This kind of thing is much harder to add though I suspect.

  • Whatever happened to #KeepTheKeep ? I’d like to have themes for the Keep, that are part of the DLC. Bogenhafen Theme could have some bunting and things. I WANT THE SKULL THRONE KEEP BACK. Ahem. New DLC could have a theme for the keep that could be unlocked.

I’m quite happy for the weapons to continue with their theme of new colours for the DLC maps.

I’d pay £8.99 for the above.

A mini DLC could be a new class. A new class for Salty Boi (Sigmarite Priest) with a new talent tree and a selection of weapons could be £4.99. Much harder to implement though.

Ideal Forumite DLC Package;

(Averages from this thread)

  • 3 maps
  • 1 weapon
  • Recolours of Existing weapons for new DLC colour (like purple for BogH)
    -Any new cosmetics(hats and armour) should be a completely new model, for the hat - no missing eyebrows or added feathers.
    -An effective Lord/Boss finale - Blightreaper was a bit of a letdown :frowning:

My “ideal” DLC?
-1 campaign worth of new maps. Not only because I like new maps, but I also want there a story to be told. Bögenhafen has ALOT of potential to be a fully fledged campaign with 4 maps and a finale (okay, since all other campaigns share the same finale, I’d say 4 maps in total would be in order), but right now, it doesn’t feel like there’s much “shadow over” Bögenhafen, more like a getaway over the weekend.

  • 1 new weapon for each hero.
  • 1 MEANINGFUL new outfit for each hero (not each carreer, you can stack those up with further DLC.
  • 2 MEANINGFUL cosmetics for each hero.
  • maybe a new weapon trait

For something like that, I’d be willing to shell out 12 to 15 bucks.


have FS actually said there’s plans for more content?

I’m ready to support this game with more DLC purchases, as others have said the value in this game is insane compared to it’s price, I’ve spent almost twice as long in Vermintide 2 as in Farcry 5 (including Farcry’s underwhelming DLC’s).

I would like to see a new boss and some new weapons, although i’m not really sure what they would be tbh.

Throwing knives for Kerillian or Saltzpyre? i’m gravitating toward ninja weapons like Nunchucks and Bo staff but they don’t seem to have a place in this universe.

I would however be disappointed if those DLC’s contain skins you have to spend money on to get and i’m pretty sure that would split the playerbase.

New maps is always welcome.

I’d be willing to pay another 15 EU for some quality content.

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To be honest, I expect the future DLCs to be pretty similar in content to Bögenhafen. A couple of maps and a bunch of cosmetics, possibly with other minor content. Although I do wish that the future cosmetics were something more than recolors.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t expect or hope for anything else. I just hope and expect for any possible new weapons and Careers to be separate from the usual DLCs, hopefully (and likely, I think) released for free. Afaik, the way the DLC weapons were obtainable in VT1 didn’t go over that well with either the players or the devs, and I vaguely remember them stating in one stream or another that they’d like for new Careers and weapons (if/when they come) to be equally accessible to everyone, and not limited to DLC owners. The sentiment is supported by releasing the Bögenhafen maps into Quickplay rotation for everyone.

For new maps, I’d like to see another Lord fight and some other interesting things. What would be new and interesting though, I cannot really say. I do think the darkness in The Blightreaper works well (better than in Drachenfels, as you’re not helpless with a torch, and better than in Hunger as you can control the lighting more effectively), and something like that (but not just more of the same) would be appreciated.

As for thoughts about new Careers and weapons… Well, weapon thoughts have been discussed several times already, but I don’t think there are that many more options that aren’t just visual differences or otherwise repeat the feel or function of existing weapons. Quarterstaff, Dual Hammers (or Axe and Hammer), and a new melee weapon for Unchained would be interesting. For Careers I really can’t say anything specific, as I’m not that familiar with WH lore. But as the current ones are all paths the respective characters could’ve taken at some point after VT1’s events, that theme is likely to continue. I suspect that limits the options for future Careers quite a lot, though, and as such I’d like to see some wilder differences; something even more “what if” than the current ones. We are unlikely to see Sienna use anything but fire, though, as that would require a completely new set of weapons for her.

I really can’t say anything about the price I’d be willing to pay, but I did buy Bögenhafen even if I do consider its price a bit high for the amount of content it brings. Draw your own conclusions.

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This is the key. The value in this game is the amazing gameplay. Good DLC enhances, expands or extends the things that make the base game good. I want new weapons, new enemies, new maps, new careers. Things that keep the gameplay itself fresh and engaging.

As for the OP’s question: I don’t really know what to expect. The backlash on the recent DLC was pretty harsh. I expect that the devs will think hard about what to include in the next DLC before they release. I hope they don’t focus on cosmetics again.

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In order of desire. (The content I’d like to see DLC or just updates in general.)

  • Maps/Story/lore. (keep defense map/mission)
  • Character backstories fleshed out further in in game content.
  • Illusion system improvements.
  • Weapons
  • Red dust (red - weapon crafting)
  • Keep area’s completed, access to the tower, access to the rooms near the waterwheel.
  • cosmetics/keep decorations/ale served in the keep for a good old game of fisticuffs.
  • Missed bomb taunts.
  • Character vocal lines/interactions (new ones)
  • Item/ content filters (unique, dupes, power level, )
  • Item/inventory cap raised.
  • Hourglass explained.

Things I actively don’t want to some degree or other, in no particular order.

  • New careers or classes. (I’m not interested in the balance arguments or effects)
  • Account item trading (Auction house. or similar)
  • Micro transactions (Paid cosmetics. Paid keep skins. etc)

As much as I’d like it, I don’t think there’s a chance of getting additional careers/characters to play with in this iteration of the game. I’d say yes even to a single character with only one career. There no actual need for a new character to have 3 career paths.

On a more realist approach, I hope future DLCs will have at least:

  • 3 maps
  • 1 new weapon
  • new challenges from Cousin Okri
  • zombies - it’s not a full game without zombies appearing at some time. And since it’s End Times, they could do a mission where you have to stop a Skaven/Northlander diplomat from making contact with the vampires. As a preparation for game 3. :blush:

This would be amazing. A campaign with character specific missions. Bardin finding Karak Zorn. Kruber getting revenge on that necromancer. Grimgi finding his long lost eye! Sienna… er… setting things on fire?
Seriously though, this would be absolutely swell.


At least 3 new maps per DLC, 1 new weapon, new illusions(Different colours). As was said before, wouldn’t mind them continuing a story for Bögenhafen.

As a stand alone DLC, a new character, this chick here, make it happen FS. I’d be willing to pay full price DLC just for new characters. Other games have done this and were successful with it. Dungeon Defenders the first one for example. You had to buy all the additional characters.

I’ve no idea what I could expect to get for a different price, so let’s just say, for 9-10€, I’d expect :

-3 new maps with a Lord finale.
-New cosmetics linked with the DLC theme, so 1-3 skins for careers related to the DLC plot, red weapon skin, frames and hat, etc…
-New achievements

On other update not DLC, improvement to Illusion system, new weapons and career (according they don’t want to split the community), Keep customization (could be updated with other DLC, but start as a free update), lorebook with rewards…
I don’t wish new characters cause the amount of work it demand would, I fear, put FS in a bad state while they work on it.

Oh and definitively VT1 maps, but even tho I’d pay for it, I’ll be far better to offer it to owner of VT1. And it’d add some cosmetics (a red moon inn Keep :3)

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Another tier of weapon rarity higher than red. These roll with higher values than current reds, i.e.: 7% crit chance/ AS, 15 or 20% damage vs, etc…

Trying to make Legend like veteran? That would make the game extremely easy. You can already hit breakpoints with the current gear to 1 shot SV and all specials.


Rather than another tier of weapons, I would probably prefer more variety on the traits. Make weapons a little more customisable based on your preferred playstyle, rather than more powerful.


I’d say 3 new maps per DLC would be great. But the game also need someting to keep the players interested. You can add 2-3 maps but even these new maps will get repetitive in a while, and, you may not see them very often when you are running QP.

This means that FS needs to add something to the game that will make the players enjoy the old maps as well (prolonging the game’s life).
Adding a new character,-or-two would be, IMO, really nice, but also super expensive and taxing to the team. They could, however, add new weapons/weapon traits and talents for each class (this would bring the much needed “fresh air” while playing the old maps).

In terms of cosmetics I’d like to see new armors for each hero and all their careers, and by this I don’t mean recolors (there are so many awesome looking armors in WH you can choose from).
They could also do something with the Keep. There’s so much potential for customisation, unlocking new rooms (you remember that cool tower that is locked?) The keeps just looks so… empty. Just take a look back at V1 where you had all the trophies for maps and dlc completion placed on the walls. Here we have nothing (and imo that one upcoming room won’t change much)

If you give me a DLC with 3 new maps+weapons+armors (not recolors) I’ll gladly pay 15-20 euros… but I want to see effort, passion and progress.

EDIT: oh, and a new difficulty option, but that’s not really a dlc thing.

EDIT2: and add new interesting orki’s challenges with cool rewards which will give us some long-term goal. Maybe bring back the lore-page colletion from V1 (I guess not everybody’s into that, but as a WH lore tryhard I’d love to see that again)… and a map… and Ulthuan…


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Except the obvious like Challenges, etc…

New Enemies
Chaos in form of Nurgle, not that i despise the other Gods but it makes it easier for the Team to use assets they already have and can build upon it

  • Nurglings
  • Aspiring Champions ((rare Breed, but very tough( Miniboss) One per Horde maybe))
  • Nurgle Chaos Spawn ( (tougher but weakness to Fire) Buboes and disgusting stuff all over him))
  • Chaos Warriors with Halberds, Sword/ Axe and Shield
  • Nurgle Avatar (when slayn, <nurglings come out of his Stomach aswell)


  • Skin Wolves Unarmoured, and Armored
  • Fimir Warriors

These can be used by all Classes hopefully

  • Throwing Axes
  • One Handed Hammer Combo
  • Hammer and Axe Combo
  • Trollhammer Torpedo


  • Swift Shiver Shards Bow
  • Handbow Sword
  • Spear and Shield
  • Whip
  • Doomfire ( one Hand a Sword the other is shootinmg Doomfire)


  • Sabre and Pisto_l (Free Company Militia (Kruber), but maybe the shooting should be incorporated into Light attack combos aswell as Special Fire Hotkey_
  • Flamberg which is a better 2 Handed Sword but with Bleeding effect


  • Double one Handed Hammer/ Priest


  • Lightning Staff
  • Conjuring Creatures as Pawns

New Maps of course

New Careers or a New Character
Well i heard Bretonnian Knight which is cool and all, but i think we have Kruber already so…

They are Force of Order like alkl the other Protagonists


  • Kroxigor

Temple Guard

*Chameleon Skink

  • Slaan Mage Priest

I think the decision they made to not split the player base by giving the actual content of the DLC (in this case the levels), to all players was a smart one. The extra content for paying players is neat, but is not that amazing considering the price. I kind of like how it works now, weekly quests with rewards from a exclusive loottable, quality of the loot could be better/more unique, but hopefully that is something they realize.

I think they should consider make the overall DLC updates bigger, but giving the paying players a lot more of convenience and access to exclusive items, be it lootboxes, challenges or cosmetics features as skins, potraits or keeps.

If for example we take a ‘big’ DLC of the first game, we have three maps that everyone can play through QP, but paying players can host. They get access to new lootboxes that contain cosmetics rewards by completing challenges and weeklies. Some challenges could reward a new item instead of just a lootbox. If they would add a new weapon, all players should be able to have it drop on the new levels, but paying costumers get a blue print when they purchase the DLC.

Gameplay enhancing features like lorebook, new enemies, weapons and more should not be locked behind a paywall, but be added to add value to the overall game. Something like a career/class could be behind a paywall, but that is more my opinion.

A ideal DLC for which I would pay 15 euro or some more would be more like a map expansion than a specific area we visit.

  • have 5-ish maps, with a boss battle.

  • Add a new enemy faction, where the new map is their hometurf, like their chapter.

  • Have these enemies roam around the older maps, adding a lot of value to the overall game

  • Give paying players the obvious like new lootboxes and such, but also give them unique challenges for cool items. If for example beastmen would be added, having beat all the levels on legend with a certain career would reward that career with the skull of a beastmen as a cosmetic helmet.

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ok - great replies!

@Licious-D when you say MEANINFUL - what do you mean? What makes the outfits meaninful

@ImKingFlippyNips And for you, what makes Quality Content?

@ballbats @SmokerT69 do you mean 1 new weapon full stop? Or one weapon for each character?

I happen to agree with @Yzneftamz in that my expectations are quite low. 2 maps, a bunch of recolours and possibly a new weapon for one character. I suppose a lot of what we have here is a bit more of a wishlist than realistic expectations.

A mechanic that makes you revisit older maps with new eyes would be really clever.

In what way do you see this being implemented? Something similar to say Fort Battenberg where the level has a small sections where the path can diverge between a few routes or something a little more drastic like exploring the same map before and after being completely ruined by chaos?

My apologies, I should have made that more clear: No simple recolours or lame redesigns like just adding a feather to a hat.

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What I Expect:

  • 1-3 maps
  • One hat per career
  • One recolored skin per career
  • One illusion per weapon glowing like the strength potion

What I Want:

New maps, hats, weapons and careers would be great but aren’t that high on my personal priority list.

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