Vermintide 2 - 'Back to Ubersreik' DLC Announcement

Brace yourself, it is time to return to Ubersreik.

The second DLC for Vermintide 2, ‘Back to Ubersreik’, coming in December 2018.

Teaser Trailer:

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Ok 3 maps nice.

3 maps are good. V1 maps are good. Price tag? Not sure, but we’ll see, depends what else the DLC will offer (Portraits are not included as having any worth, at all, ever).


So I’ll guess it’ll be HoM, MtR (possibly remastered into a full map) and Garden. I dearly, dearly wish for Engines, but I think that the EoW fan club consists of, uh, me.

Thinkfacing at having to pay for old levels, to be honest, but hey… maybe this is something that you people will find hard to screw up! Can’t wait to see how horrible the levels look with the disgusting LoD pop-in you’ve implemented in V2.

I do wonder if there’s any lore reason we come back to find everything almost exactly the same (up to and including bodies and rubble). I hope not, honestly, it’d just be contrived as all hell. I’d rather this be non-canon the same way Waylaid technically wasn’t canon (as story-wise the heroes have all assumed their new careers by then). I mean, had there been a smarter plot reason, the DLC’s title would have been a little less disarmingly lame.

A surprise eh? Some new skins perhaps? And not just recolours, that would be nice :wink:


There’s a lore reason we’re going back according to hedges post there.

Well, that’s moderately exciting… though something tells me it’s going to be a challenge trying to explain how nobody even bothered to clean the bodies off the streets in the months that passed since the city was cleared of the skaven. Unless everyone was just so nice to go and die in the exact same positions all over again when they attacked, uh, again.

Ubersreik actually fell after U5 was caught and trapped by Rasknitt so I don’t think anyone bothered to clean bodies and mess, especially with Nurgle followers coming soon.

The Back to Ubersreik DLC will cost 9.99 USD / 6.99 GBP / 7.99 EUR

Well, Bogenhafen also cost 10 bucks, or I just forget something?

Can we get another raipier red illusion?
Rapier has only one red illusion and it is ugly basoc skin

From art of beginning mission, it seems noble’s epee is saltz’s favorite one
I hope this as new red design for raipier

Thank you, but I know there is a price tag. My question was to indicate that I’m not sure it’s good that they are attaching a price tag to these maps.

Although it was an unrealistic expectation, but I did expect them to port over V1 maps for free, just for replay and variety’s sake. Speaking of free stuff, V1 had a FLC-DLC-FLC-DLC cycle, which seems will not be coming back in V2 and all we’ll be getting are DLCs. As long as quality and content are good, I’m all aboard, but considering how many promised features were missing on launch, I would’ve expected some form of compensation. But I’ve long since exhaled the breath I was planning to hold.


it’s 8€ to thank for all the months of free beta testing.
I’m going to buy it, but, I guess, this time I’ll wait a little bit, thinking about the launch and Bogen, still annoys me.


beta testing w/ $40 entry fee*

the more time passes since the announcement, the more I realize there’d better be something really outstanding in this DLC if we’re meant to be okay with 3 levels that are at least 50% existing content, especially if we assume that this gets the same weaponless ‘’‘cosmetics’’’ treatment SoB got.


Slowly i start thinking JLB is just a Fatshark employee disguised as alltime upset customer, so we feel sorry for Fatshark.


Yep. Yep yep yep. We could have a full dlc of finding Okri on a lone dwarven hold, or Searching for the barron of ussingen or many things exiting… But we get map that we can already play… Not very much enthusiastic. But maybe there will be something nice … we’ll see [there better be]


I’m actually looking forward to this one. I never played the original Vermintide so I get a glimpse at that while exploring the new story.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed the bodies or put skeletons in their places. Perhaps the place will seem more dilapidated in general, since I imagine the city was abandoned not long after the invasion ended.

Obviously we see Horn of Magnus. I’m actually with you here @JLB - I’d love to see Engines of War, that was definitely one of my favorite maps. Garden of Morr would be another excellent choice. I think a lot of people would love to see Man the Ramparts, but it’d be hard to make work with the new loot schema. Without books, people won’t want to play it. Supply and Demand, The Wizard’s Tower, and Enemy Below all also seem quite possible, though.

Hopefully there will be some FLC at this point. I’m not convinced yet that we should take this as a clear sign of DLC release schedule/pattern.

I’m hoping the super secret surprise is a warrior priest character that we get to unlock and play as. The CEO of FS even said they have and are working on plans for a new character

Cool man. Credit cards ready.

So… new/old maps? Cool. I never played V1, so gimme newish old stuff. I’ll take it. Its new to me and probably many other people because we never played V1.

Actually I’ll take whatever I can get. I have the same appetite as my Huskie. He will literally eat anything.

I don’t mind skipping going to Mcdonalds once (twice?) this week.

Give me a break guys. They want 10 bucks for this content. Does it really hurt that much? Dude get a grip. Skip Mcdonalds or Wendys or BK this week and boom theres your capital for this monumentally large purchase. Have to think hard about it?

Anyways, I am in line with my 10.00 bucks. I want stuff.

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