Vermintide 2 - Q&A - Week 41


Welcome to the Q & A of week 41. In this post we will answer some of the frequent questions circling in the Vermintide 2 community.

The questions have been collected by searching through the Fatshark Forums, Social Media, Reddit and Discord, and they will be answered directly by the developers of Vermintide 2. Is your most burning question not answered here? Do not worry, we will continue to answer questions in the coming posts.

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Answering your questions this time is the Live Game Director, MĂĄrten and Game Designer, Kasper.

Q: From Patch 2.0.12
“Also fixed an issue for all breeds where different armor types for different body parts did not allocate properly. Headshotting standard bearers with ranged attacks should now deal significantly more damage.”

Do you mind elaborating a bit on this? I know standard bearers were supposed to have berserker heads and super armor bodies, but the changes seem to have affected other enemies too. Like how burn now affects super armor but bleed does 0 damage a tick and poison does 1 damage a tick.

A: (Kasper): In this case, we fixed an issue with some enemies that had different body armor types for different body parts only used their primary armor type. The most raised issue was that Standard Bearers were regarded as having full super armor, making them resistant to ranged attacks. Regarding super armor burning, it is something we are experimenting with for consistencies’ sake. There were cases where an enemy could visually look like they were affected by a burning effect, but did in fact not have a debuff, which clashed with some talents. Notes regarding this slipped through the cracks in the last patch due to some internal restructuring, my apologies about that.

Q: Hi Team! Are there any plans to buff the great sword aside from the cleave on armored units there is no reason to choose it on Kruber when Executioner sword is just plain better. I really like the Great swords look but its really lacking on the higher difficulties like legend or Cata the only career that can make it work that ive seen is Zealot because of the move speed talents but even then there are better weapons like axe + faclhion and Bill hook. Its move speed is slow on both attacks, damage is too low and the stagger time is too short.

A (Kasper): We are trying our best to stay on top of keeping all weapons roughly balanced against one another. Greatsword has always been a very polarizing topic of discussion. It is a rather difficult weapon to balance because it can quickly overtake other weapons that fulfill a similar role if it is made too strong. It can also become completely obsolete if it ends up too weak. Right now, it might be on the lower end of the spectrum, and we will monitor it closely for the next round of tuning.

Q: Why did you change your policy regarding accessibility of content ? I’m talking about Cataclysm being locked behind a price when it was free in VT1, and also it and weaves requiring every player to have made the purchase. Are there plans to introduce Cataclysm or Weaves to the wider audience (those who do not own the Expansion) and add alternate value to the expansion for those who already purchased it? It would go a long way to uniting the playerbase who find themselves fragmented based on DLC ownership. Thanks!

A (Mårten): We have received a lot of criticism in the past for how our DLC model worked where people felt that it was worthless to actually purchase them since we want to continue working on the game we need to find ways of paying the bills. If DLCs are not the way, maybe cosmetics is. We are not locked in by anything but what you and we feel is fair and right, so I wouldn’t rule out anything at this point… Cataclysm in VT1 and Cataclysm in VT2 are two completely different things. Legend is, to be fair, what used to be Cataclysm, so that is very much included in the base game (what we did was to remove the “easy”-difficulty between VT1 and VT2).

Q: How will you handle Beastmen and other additional races? Having them in 98% of the existing maps, for > 50% of the map is unacceptable for me. I realize not everyone will agree, but me and a lot of players like me enjoy these games first and foremost for the attentiveness to the story and the setting. Their introduction as it is (dark omens and weaves are ok) is quite immersion-breaking. I’d like new enemies to be in their own content, as well as make them spawn very sparingly in sections of maps where it really makes sense (like the first part of Athel, against the grain, the second part of engines, and just maybe some bit of fort, empire and festering ground - the wild bits).

A (MĂĄrten): There should definitely not be Beastmen in 98% of the existing missions for more than half the time. We need to find places where they fit in, like with all enemies, and reap the benefits from having three enemy factions to increase variation rather than reducing it.

Q: A fair number of players dislike the current THP system. Are you guys happy about it? There have been many suggestions, one of which is to entirely change damage/cleave so it’s a single talent based on damage dealt, and players don’t need to compete for the kills.

A (Kasper): THP was always a delicate problem to solve. Since Vermintide inherently is a game about attrition and pushing forwards against unbeatable odds, it is essential to keep the feeling of inexorability as the horde rolls in. Resource management requirements from a great team playing together are also important. THP inherently alleviates these problems for the player. At the same time, what THP enables is a very active and aggressive playstyle, which many people enjoy. We definitely regard THP as being in a better place than it was before the initial overhaul of the talents, but more things can be done in the future to make it feel better.

Q: Do you plan to improve on existing content, like adding more dialogues, and/or tweaking existing DLCs? I’m mostly thinking about changing the unnecessary event at the end of the Blightreaper with a shorter but funnier bossfight to grab the sword from a chaos lord, or things along that line. There are a lot of suggestions around, some of which - change of books’ locations - are fairly easy to implement.

A (Mårten): Yes, we want to work on improving existing missions and DLC’s to keep them exciting and fresh. Everything from changing things around like fixing tedious and long-winded events to adding new and exciting random events and hidden levels within other levels. With every new adventure or game mode we add, we add thousands of new lines to the characters, both specific for the situation and the general game.

Q: Hey! Now you guys and girls have had some time to reflect on the release of the WoM Expansion, do you have any plans to shake things up for future seasons in regards to meeting the coop goals you set out to develop with Vermintide (1 and 2). There’s a general feeling that the leaderboards are counter to those goals (as well as restricting access to game modes through expansion ownership requirements). Sure, versus is a thing that’s coming and it would be a good place for those who want to exercise their competitive nature, but with Weaves we have a coop feature with competitive side lines, and they’re making the cheating portion of the community much more visible (honestly I never really saw proof of cheating before the leaderboards were put in the game so they never really bothered me until now). Thanks!

A (Mårten): The simple answer is; yes! We will continue to update and improve things for each season to come… Like the non-ranked quick-play feature and the ranked ladder mode for the weaves for Season 2. We will have another look at how we do with the leaderboards in the coming months, and we are working closely with EAC to find and ban everyone. All questions and concerns we receive from the community have an effect on what and how we do things in the future. We will not be able to please everyone all the time, but we listen and try our best.


I would very much like to be surprised by some changes in existing maps.

  • Those unfinished chaos tentacles could show up at the end of Blightreaper. Lohner even mentions them!

  • The Pit is a massive space that most players will never look at again outside of doing the challenges. Would be a waste of developer time if you didn’t put some kind of dynamic objective in there that leads players through different parts of it now and then. Obviously hard to design with the existing optimal route for book locations and the lenght of the map, but I’m sure you can figure something out. Heck it would be possible to repurpose that huge space for a special map like Fortunes of War, only BIGGER.

  • BrachsenbrĂĽcke, enemy balance aside, could be a lot more dynamic if each cannonball had to be carried to the cannon from some random location in any order instead of just the last one.

  • The initial ambush in Dark Omens is currently very easy and static so the alternate route doesn’t get that much of an incentive. Spice it up a little bit!

  • Some end events could use a random boss on Champion/Legend to spice things up (not sure what’s currently on Cataclysm)


All the answers follow the usual pattern, speaking, but not saying anything definitive.
If you keep this up, there is no reason for these Q&A.


Would be nice to fight the beast of bögenhafen at the end of the blightreaper event .The escaping with the sword would feel a bit more spectacular when you pick up the reaper and instead of a little hord you hear the beast scream and you got to fight it to get out , instead of running by a little hord. And it would give the dlc a unic bossfight and better fiting end imo.


This is the main difference between V1 and V2. You kinda remove that “life” attrition. And I think it’s a good thing, as difficulty comes from enemies coming and positionning rather than the lack of ammo and life. Which makes it indeed way more active.

Given the feedback on the latter weaves where absolutely no one loved the “no melee/only block” meta. You can guess that people do prefer an active play rather than an economical play.

From a gameplay standpoint, this is probably not what you had in mind at first, but this is something that works a lot and make V2 feels way more visceral than V1. So keep that in mind when making changes to get back the kind of attrition that slows up the pace.

Fairly easy to implement but changing location of books is a rather bad idea. Especially since when you go to full books run you want to actually know where they are.
So randomising them means no one will care about them anymore. And changing them “seasonly” will also not bring a good experience. So mostly drawbacks without any upside.
Changing them occasionnaly (because the jump is hard, or that you remade a part of the map) is okay though.


They should rework certain levels - like the pit, to what brachsenbrucke is like.
At certain points you get alternative routes the games randomly chooses, but on important locations they converge. These are the locations where books have to be placed, or they have to be spawned according to the actual route.
This way you get to use the whole map, not just the ideal route to pick up books.
I don’t even understand why it wasn’t designed this way in the first place.


Then as it comes to occasional change in your example (to improve the map), and I totally agree. It could be done as an improvement.

I prefer V1 in this regard. You had to play with finesse, not with brute force. You couldn’t just tank some damage with THP. You had to be resourceful with how you applied bandages and draughts. Sure, this way they couldn’t just introduce a bazillion enemies coming for you at the same time, but I didn’t see no hyperdensity either.


The 2 are pretty different games, and I really think it should stay that way rather than “closing the gap”. V2 did works a lot more because of this new gameplay, and even if I like V1, I have hard time coming back to the slower paced V1 (even if I do it occasionaly, because I have not hundreds of hours on the first one).
I kinda disagree with the brute force part, as it’s more a reactive gameplay rather than an attrition gameplay, which comes with differents strategies, but also have its depth.


I kinda agree with brute force part. V1 offered a lot more playstyle diversity, ironically, because of the way, the weapons traits and talents work now in v2, it has favored a lot the left click spam side of the game.
Indeed v1 is slower paced, but not by a huge margin, and it actually allowed to enjoy characters banter, maps, Teamplay, mechanics. The game was harder and had a lot more depth.

I am not sure the price paid, to get a faster paced game, was worthy. The game lost a bit of its core essence.

It struck me while playing borderlands 3 lately as the two game were kind of alike, in the go forward and kill everything design.

Was playing v1 and borderlands 2 at the same time ironically, and I did not have this impression at that time


And here you are, playing V2 instead of V1 =D

That’s not an argument, there are several factors in to that. And as a matter of fact, you should know I not that much around anymore lately. Yet, I have thousands of hours in both games.
Factors: new, friends, download motivation, …


Probably because part of the community has already proven they can’t handle definitive.

Yes, please. This would be fantastic.


Just as they proved that they should improve communication - which they still didn’t have done, even tho it was promised after the beta.
We’re going now 2 weeks without any patches, we know nothing about what to expect in Season 2 beside the content shilling.
And even back then people were talking sh*t because nobody said why promised stuff didn’t happen, they just tried to hide it and hope it will be forgotten.

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Back then FS casually mentioned/hinted at X coming to the game at some point. X was not included in the next patch, people lost their “leavings” and raged about lies and broken promises.

I’m not trying to say their communication is great right now. I’m just saying it’s not a mystery as to why they’re not as open as we’d like them to be.

As for Season 2, maybe the stuff mentioned in the blog is what you should expect? If there’s more, yay! If not, you got what you expected. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s also been mentioned that there’s a patch coming next week.

@Froh That was a suggestion of mine, and i was mostly thinking of the pit map: moving the books that make up the meta route in the first bit to before and after it, like the guy that did the back to bogenhafen post, suggested. I don’t think they are planning random books or anything, just refering to minor changes where it’ll make the game better.

I agree with you about THP though: while i probably prefer VT1, what makes the difference between one and two, is that the second game has so many more enemies, that THP becomes a necessity.

Now I like that you’re doing some Q/A and we can get a bit of insight but like others stated your answers are very PR and not very decisive.

There is a bit of a gameplay discussion going on here so I’ll trow my hat in and restate what I always said:

V1 vs V2

V2 superiority:

  • Enemy diversity
  • Charterer diversity
  • Character ults
  • Talent trees (if taken as replacement of V1 traits and trinkets absolute inferiority)

V1 superiority:

  • Gameplay (Skill, pace, balance, no temp hp, “the feeling of actually being good and not just cheesing or spamming” - basically everything)

  • Weapon traits

  • Trinkets (Maybe not very balanced but they made huge impacts, very interesting, fun and fashionable.)

  • Progression (done by simply getting better yourself and higher tier items. Not grinding convoluting heropower)

  • Crafting (While the loot was too scarce to make it good or fun, fundamentally there was nothing wrong with the use of rng here.)

  • Map modes (while we didn’t get short move the objective, we got carry and deliver, well watch, etc. that required actual team work - because of somebody being reasonably busy/unable to fight or actually loosing if the objective was not met)

  • Bounty board (while technically just a part of the loot system, compared V2 dailies well…)

None gets:

  • Loot system (Because they are both very very very bad, exempt for visuals the dice for example where a nice touch.)
  • Maps and graphics (are completely on par)

I’m sorry but gameplay is not superior in V1 it’s just a different one overall, pace is slower in V1, temp hp is actually good for stated reasons above (make gameplay faster), and spamming only happens at lower difficulties, where you actually can do it. If you want V1, play V1, it’s the best V1 you’ll ever have :confused: V2 is a different beast and SHOULD stay a different beast.

Now on weapons traits, they are indeed more interesting and different in V1. Even if some became talents in v2, it would be great to have more traits that redefine your gameplay overall. More impacting ones.


I wonder what would happen if we were to strip all careers of THP talent tree, and to compensate - increase the health of every hero by x1.5-x2 (and increase healing recieved by same amount from supplies) (with maybe some more map points for meds to spawn).

The more i think of this sudden thought, the more i like it.

No more cheesy feeling of thp farming, no killstealing, less balancing issues of careers, the attrition would actually mean something, and better immersion.

Aggressive playstyles are relying on thp because enemy damage from each attack is too damn high relative to heros health. But what if we were to soften the impact of each enemy hit, while making that every hit count towards attrition?