Patch coming out tomorrow

And they seemingly are just ignoring the many balance issues that currently plague the game. There clearly is no point in giving Fatshark feedback so I’m not sure why this sub-forum even exists.

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Well funnily enough some of those changes do look like they come from feedback on these forums. Elf 2h sword heavy 1 I seem to remember someone posting here with a hitbox visualiser to show how short it was. Similarly halberd not cleaving armour has been discussed here a decent bit. So they do seem to respond to things, just a very long time after the fact.

Also they’re clearly trying to hype people up for the Halloween patch/CW update. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to throw a bunch of nerfs in which tend to sour things for a good portion of the community. I’m still hopeful that balance changes are coming, even if it’s not till after all the DLC careers have been released.


This looks like a smaller technical patch to go along with the Halloween event. If I had to guess I would say that balance changes will come along with a larger content update in the future.

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Here’s hoping for November balance patch alongside Victor’s new career

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Any idea to what extent it’s supposed to cleave armour?

Well in the original mod the halberd had the armour sliding property on its heavy sweep. This property mysteriously didn’t make it into the BBB, despite the attack still getting heavy linesman, which is a little pointless without the armour sliding property.

Although they don’t specify what attacks now have armour sliding, it seems safe to assume it will specifically apply to the heavy sweep as originally intended for the weapon in the mod.

How well will it cleave armour now? I’m not that intimately familiar with its cleave values, but I imagine on Merc at least it will now do a good job keeping paced strikes active in most situations. I plan to make a full build with it for FK once the patch comes through. Gonna be very curious how it performs.

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If it can stagger multiple Elites it’ll actually be worth using.

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Looking at the stagger breakpoints guide:

Staggering multiple SV or similar definitely looks feasible with Opportunist and a bit of power. Unfortunately staggering plague monks at all is a bit out of reach for it.

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