Steam reviews at 53%

We are at the “how low can it go” moment and the only thing that keeps me (and one friend that didnt give up this game), playing is the fun gameplay, the only thing this game does right atm, so plz Fatshark Buff/Rework the psyker, buff the Zealots melee weapons (and i mean the Thunder Hammer and the Heavy sword) and please for the love of god dont listen to the sweats who demand nerfs. Nerfing a class/weapon that is fun to use wont improve the state of the weak/unenjoyable weapons/classes. It will just create more unenjoyable weapons/classes.

Not everyone has the time to sit at the store all day waiting for good rolls or min/max with the little crafting that there is on offer. The game hangs by a thread, dont ruin the last good thing it offers and plz work towards improving things instead of making everything ultra mediocre because of some tryhard vocal minority.


They are probably all on holiday until the new year. I expect there will be some sort of response sooner or later.


Well thunder Hammer is still owed the increased armour penetration buff that failed to make it into the last patch. Only other thing I’d ask for is reduced self stun time after landing the special. There’s a cheesy work around to cancel it but I’d prefer that was removed and the stun was made less debilitating at base. Thunder Hammer is mostly fine though.

Heavy sword is actually extremely usable at higher difficulties due to the absurdly high values head taker rolls in it at the moment (up to +62.5% power just for hitting things). Ideally it gets a base fee buff then that blessing is fixed to more sensible values it gets on other weapons. Just wanted to point out buffing heavy sword without also bringing head taker into line would be a mistake.

Anyway once they’re back from holidays main thing I want to maintain interest is the rest of crafting being implemented ASAP. Some shop adjustments would certainly also be welcome.

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They deserved a vacation but release a game not finished before christmas to boost sales… tencent had to put pressure on the developers. Story just like CDPROJEKT. On their return we expect a lot of change, optimization and fluidity it’s not normal to lower the graphics with an RTX 3xxx series damn it, improvement in quality of life and content again and again

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Balance will be balance with these games. There are still dozens of weapons that are mediocre to awful in Vermintide 2, meanwhile the javelin still exists.

The more pressing issues concern the unfinished state of crafting, the inability to get weapons and stats exactly as you want them, and the lack of mission and difficulty selection.


It is probably gonna get worse, the recent reviews are only showing the last 30 days of reviews, and once we roll over to january, all the beta reviews will no longer influence the recent review percentage.


Fatshark has always released broken games, tencent has nothing to do with that.


Their opinion of the poeple who play their games is pretty clear. We are cattle. Thats it.


The issue with the Thunder Hammer is that its a one trick pony boss killer and thats not an overstatement, the only thing it has going for it is amazing SEM damage but all the negatives just make it a hassle to play. Slow, unwieldy, the heavy cleave barely kills 2 -3 poxwalkers while staggering 3 more, the overhead light attack cant kill a single low mob on Heresy and above so you have to keep hitting some scab over the head like you’re striking him with a circus mallet. The charged attack has zero AOE and gets stuck on every little trash mob and opens you up. Its horrible. I literally try to play every single weapon but its only one run per time with the Thunder Hammer for me. Its just not pleasant to use.

The Heavy Sword feels extremely underwhelming especially on higher difficulties where it can barelly kill low level mobs, and if it cant even horde clear effectively (which the Crusher, the Flamer, the Eviscerator, the Devils Claw MK1 etc do much, much better) nor can it do enough single entity damage to elites and monsters it really needs help. Also if they allowed it to cut poxwalkers in half (just the poxwalkers) i would take it for the satisfaction alone.


They should release roadmap and give some promises to community

Regarding Thunder Hammer maybe chat to people in the Zealot section of the Darktide Discord if you’re struggling to work out what it’s good for. Saw some great Damnation footage with someone using it there just the other day.

Not gonna reiterate what I said about Heavy Sword because if you’re struggling to kill things with it you’re definitely not using one with a decent head taker roll. It seriously kills everything other than crushers fast on Heresy with that blessing (noticeably higher DPS than Devil’s Claw can put out).

I dunno what to tell you, I get the feeling you’re not open to being convinced these weapons are good, but there are people using them effectively in Damnation. The weapon balance isn’t fantastic (mostly the different MK variants are hit and miss and often have clear winners), but at the moment for Zealot at least weapon balance feels mostly in the right place -everything is at least very usable with weaknesses compensated by other strengths.

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Being usable in Damnation isnt an argument on how enjoyable a weapon is. A good player can make literally anything work. Are you talking about the video where the person is using Thunder Hammer with Revolver? Even there you can see people commenting how painful it was to watch him charge the hammer multiple times only for some trash poxwalker to intercept his blow.

Lets temper our expectations here lest you risk disappointment. This developer is slow at fixing things even without holiday.


I don’t want to transform this tread in a thunder hammer balance one but i say this: weapon feels mostly fine but i find it very hard to justify his presence on Heresy+ unless you have a coordinated team. Feels like an high risks high reward weapon highly specialized but very big weaknesses. Honestly i love the design of the weapon but unfortunately all my friends already gave up on the game. Experience with randoms have not been the best.

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The fact that you have to stipulate that weapons can be good with specific feats/blessings indicates the weapon is, in fact, subpar.

Couple that with the terrible RNG systems of the game, few people are going to see “good” versions of those weapons.


Sure but if I see people enjoying and effectively using a weapon on top difficulty I don’t just write that off as them being good, it makes me want to play around with it more and figure out what I’m missing. I’ve been using it more recently and I’ve found its solid crowd control and the ability to delete bosses extremely quickly pretty valuable as I get more used to it. Had someone accidentally aggro a demon host the other day and I appreciated being able to smack it down in no time and avert any deaths. It’s also one of only 2 Zealot weapons that roll momentum blessing (restore toughness on cleave) and a solid +power on kill blessing that helps it clear hordes a little faster.

I think this is the core of what can turn people off about it, it definitely forces you into a less flexible role than you can have with more mobile weapons. I personally am perfectly happy with weapons like that in a cooperative game, though I appreciate that will always be contentious.

I don’t disagree with the core idea that weapons should be good out the box and blessings should be nice tweaks to a weapon not make or break. However that isn’t the game we’re currently playing so it doesn’t seem prudent to discuss the merit of a weapon in isolation from its transformative blessings. Trust me, I’m also frustrated by the lack of ability to build the weapons I want especially in regard to blessings, but if we’re gonna talk about heavy Sword I’m not just gonna ignore that it can get a blessing that gives it +62.5% effectively all the time. That is a real factor in its balance currently whether or not we like it. I even said I agree heavy sword’s damage should be buffed, I just also stipulated that its randomly high head taker blessing should be tuned down in equal measure. So not sure what we’re actually arguing there.

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When I am looking at/for a game on Steam and come across a game that sounds interesting, I look at the reviews, and I can say that I never even give a second look at a game with “mixed” (recent) reviews because I know something got borked there.
Now, with almost 200h with DT, I can honestly say that I’ve got my money’s worth of gaming for the price, and I would buy it again, but if I just came upon DT in the Steam store, I would never have played it.

This is what’s sad. We could have had more non-tides people join and while it could be a frustrating leveling experience for tides veterans, in the end the community would settle on a larger “hard-core” playerbase.
With this (and other reviews on internet), sadly, I fear DT will remain a tides niche game and we will never (until next game at least) see if there may be a wider appeal for the genre.

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Which is horrible because this game had literally the 40k franchise behind it. They really messed it up, and i hope they dont mess it up further by listening to tryhards and making every class “balanced” (aka a hassle to play as the psyker) instead of buffing said unenjoyable things.

Hm maybe.

We will see soon enough :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m not arguing at all. Just pointing out that if a weapon isn’t good on its own merits, it’s not actually good.

It is (very) possible that someone at Fatshark decided that some weapons would only be good/great with specific perks/blessings. In fact, it might even be probable considering they’ve bought into the gacha RNG system whole hog.