Thank you Fatshark, for not listening to tryhards and not making the game worse

When Fatshark said they would touch weapon balance i was afraid they would do the stupid thing and nerf things, because some “people” cant stand that W40k weapons act like they should, which would degrade the awesome gameplay. But lo and behold Fatshark actually, for once, did the right thing and ignored them, buffing the weak weapons instead, Headhunter, Kickback(finally) and a horizontal cleave attack to the Chainaxe are all actually great tweaks that expand the pool of fun and enjoyable weapons.

Keep at it Fatshark and i’ll start buying your skins again.


Just say “no” to microtransactions!

Don’t forget that the more money a game makes off of its microtransactions, the smaller the portion of their profit which comes from game sales is. By buying microtransactions, you are “voting with your wallet” to tell them you don’t want more game content, you just want cosmetics. If enough people do this, the incentives for game development shift to being more about microtransactions and less about making a good game.

Please, for the sake of the entire gaming community, don’t support predatory game development by buying microtransactions! Thank you! :smiley:


I’m not a big microtransactions fan myself, and the prices Fatshark has set are ridiculous to say the least, that being said, im not categorically against them IF the company
a) Provides content
b) Makes SOUND decisions like we saw today, no weapon nerfs but weapons buffs (where necessary of course).

I’ve already bought the Bullgryn with my Imperial edition, the Catachan and the Steel Legion packs for the Vet and i will continue to do so as long as i see them actually working on the game and not listening to sweatlords that screech for nerfs.



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Yeah i have now my op flamer.
It makes damnation looks like an heresy game.


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Good for you. You’re a great player. You can always challenge yourself by not using it. No need to nerf it for the rest of us. I have Zealot, Vet and Ogryn all 30, with 224 hours atm and have beaten Damnation about 4 times and that was with the low intensity modifier (i think?). I guess im just an average player.

And dont worry, im sure there will be another difficulty for amazing players like yourself down the line.


Well yeah, i havent bough every skin available. Nor will i ever buy leopard pants :face_vomiting:
But yeah if the skins are great and the company makes sound decisions in the right direction like today, i will reward that with my wallet.


Buffed the chain axe ? woptydo ! Still dont have any single reason why someone use that instead of the Power Sword…


The reason is not being a metaslave. If you’re going to use only “optimal” weapons exclusively, a) its a you problem and b) You’d jump to the next optimal meta weapon anyway. Them nerfing the PS wouldnt suddenly make the Chainaxe good, that is only possible by buffing the Chainaxe itself. As they did, and very slightly i might add. Just a few animation changes.


Wholeheartedly agree.

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Dude, they’re making two shameless steps over the line, then they take a step back and it’s all they need to do for you to praise them? Seriously dude…

I ceartin your brain wired backward…

  1. Why you assuming everyone is a meta slave who wants nerf obvious OP gears ? Nerfing something is opposite for metaslaveing cuz clearly WE want to other options at least be a side garde lvl in the usability scale. So if we engaging assumption, i assume the true reason you whine about buff everything so religiously cuz you dont want to lose your OP crutch PA / other weaponry .

Therefore you can engage higher difficulty (which you wouldn’t be able to do anyway without OP crutch gears ) with brainless ROFLStomp power fantasy mindset. Cuz you dont want to be challenged

  1. Nerf part of the balance just as Buffing thing. Like i said earlier Chani axe buff whortless if PA stays unnerfed, cuz PA doing everything better…And before you start the muH jUsT uSe siTtH WeApOns if YoU wAnt ChaLleNge I have a news flash for you. Staying the same difficulty and purposely gimping yourself is lesser a challeng than elevate yourself into a higer diffculty and overcome greater challenges.

OP weapons trivializing that kind of challeng which is clearly to me you dont want to lose the trivialization part which the OP crutch weapons offering to you…


I mean microtransaction the way Vtide did them are mostly fine.

The game content is free so everyone can play with everyone.
Micro transactions usually arrive next to a content drop so you can take them as a way to support the game.

Cosmetic purchase in exange for free interesting content is a faire trade.


How do you expect that FS is going to Develop games if they put all the money into this and Continue so withtout Microtransactions?
If the price is right, the Stuff is Good, why not.
Wheres the Content Coming from?
Some Content is already Calulated in payig the game, but later on its not and then you need income Buddy. This is a comparatively small Company. Who pays 100 Devs?
As of Now FS has put everthing into Darktide and if people call out more BS the Game is gonna die and they get sold to who knows who…

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I will try to decipher this post as best as i can.

Because the thing that we hear all the time is OMG FATSHARK THIS WEAPON MAKES IT EASY!!
And the obvious solution is DONT USE THEM.
Why should they be nerfed for everyone?

Ok lets indulge this cave-dweller toxic take and say yeah i suck so i use Bolter/Powersword/Flamer/Eviscerator to win difficult for me matches. AND? How does that harm you exactly? Im not sure you have noticed but a) This is a PVE game and b) Not everyone is a min-maxxing sweatlord that wants to excel spreasheet their builds. Some people just want to play. Whats your problem with that?

welcome to 40k and welcome to horde shooters. where you’re supposed to (gasp!) kill hordes of enemies.

Nothing needs nerfing.

Nothing, no build or weapon in Darktide right now trivializes higher difficulties. If you cant kite, cant prioritize specials and revives, time your reloads, and dance around hordes if you are the last man standing, nothing will save you from dying.

So please, stop the faux non arguments and stop the toxic sweatlord “GIT GUT” attitude.

There are plenty of other games that cater to this mindset and a PVE COOP game isnt one of them.


I completely understand, if you check my post history im no stranger to criticizing Fatshark, though im a great proponent of rewarding positive behavior, and the fact that they didn’t bend the knee to sweatlords is kinda crazy for Fatshark lets be honest here. If they continue on this path and add more content and regularly i will be supporting them.


Its a never ending Story. I posted many Pros and Cons and still people call out OP cause they ondt know what the word means.
There was only one Weapon more or less OP, but only in terms of survvivability and that was knife with Bloodstacks.

Still Players call Powersword OP when it was not in the beginning and still not is at all. You have no defence at all with powersword and cutting 6 Zombies certainly doesnt make it OP at all. They are fraking Zombies, Chaff, Fodder whatever you wanna call them.
They dont learn tthey dont understan, they dont compare Pros and Cons.
So let tm talk rubbish about stuff being “OP” lol


What Catachan exactly? there ws only a leaked Catachan Skin for Ogryn and thats not out yet?!


The Blind Man from the first rotation with the Headband and the camo green shotgun, its not actually Catachan but me and my friends call it that, sorry if i got your hopes up :smiley:

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hehhe, i thought you ment the first skin for Vet. Yeah kinda looks like it , but too much armor.
I thought they released a new set of Skins. Not sure if wanna buy Ogryn catachan since i have the other too. I wait for he cool looking Vets and one of the Zealots probably.
The Vet with bionics looks certainly Dope!