Full Weapon Rebalance


Mod link posted above.

Unlike most balance posts, this post is not mentioning hypothetical changes. Instead, Pershing, Incandescent, Core, and myself (occasionally known as Team NA) have taken it upon ourselves to implement changes to the weapons.

Our theory behind the changes was to make every weapon meta, maximizing the amount of builds one could take into a Cata QP game with any given character.

We are posting this in feedback because we wish to get everyone’s legitimate feedback and then take our findings to Fatshark after some tweaks. We suspect that, if the community gets behind the idea, we can show a legitimate desire for balance among the weapons. We also hope to provide a rough starting point for a future balance beta.

I know that you will have to forego official progress to use this mod. Your time in feedback will be heard and responded to. Players of all skill level are encouraged to take this mod for a ride.

Patch notes will be posted soon.

Note that changes which affect armory numbers will be reflected in armory.


It feels great so far


What I think from this changes so far:

  • Removeing the “Animation Pause” is really good change.
  • Bardin’s 2h axe’s 3rd light attack should’ve stay as a sweep.
  • Shields’ (except elven one) movement speed while attacking should be increased more.

Holy crap! I’ve been waiting for kind of mod for a little while, so glad someone made it.

Just from a quick look, removing Heavy Linesman from A&F push attack is a pretty huge nerf IMO. Honestly, I don’t even think that weapon is overpowered, so I wouldn’t touch it.

Looks like this works with the armory mod - meaning the Armory mod displays the new weapon stats.

Before I give feedback - Are there any incompatibilities with the Sanctioned mods?

None that I am aware of

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Looks like switching the profile of the Burst of repeater pistol made it so it doesn’t work with Blessed Shots anymore, meaning it wastes the entire mag.
Also, it looks like Blessed Shots doesn’t make the burst shots crit.

That is strange, I don’t have that issue, blessed shots works just fine with repeater pistol for me with this mod. If you’re certain this is the case for you, it might be some weird mod interaction.

for the 1h sword with elf did you consider x2 shields or half the cost or so because shes pretty slippery with the sword and that could buff a defensive play without having to stack stamina and all that which i find you need to do to get out of sticky situations and that freeing up space for other things.

this is also really good you guys have done this, i reckon its the right idea and will easily spice up the game alot.

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Great work, reworking characters next?

I’ll give it a try. I think sienna weaps need more work.

Add a weak dot to her flail where enemies are ignited, and apply stagger where they are launched from hits…does any other weapon even send enemies flying because they dont seem too affected by it, just immediately getting up. Maybe add this to saltys flail if his should be slower and stronger? Chance for instakill on charged overhand for mansized.

Regular sword should do something, it isnt picked because fire sword is much better, give it flense or armor piercing or say its silver so extra chaos dmg? I think the attack patterns are better.

Crowbill should be slightly faster 5% and have 2 extra stam or dodge count


Flame , add stagger that is stronger at the front of the cone.

Fireball should stagger if it knocks someone down from explosion

Decrease conflagration charge speed 5%

Give passive 5% dmg against skaven on all staves bc fur

I’ll edit after playing curious what other sienna players think

I’m sure you’ll all get to laugh at how ignorant we’ll all sound until we get the reasoning behind your changes.

  • The Repeater Pistol can’t 1 shot headshot CWs on Cata which is sad.
  • The Volley almost feels like it reloads too fast. That combined with an RV for ammo sustain would have quite the dps. Obliterates massed non-CW elites too quickly. Can 1 shot headshot CWs. 10 shots from 1 crit is a lot on this thing. That’s a net loss of 5 arrows with Scrounger if you spam the entire clip every 6s.
  • The 1h Sword’s heavies are still mega slow. The headshot buff is great. Hard to headshot CW with the heavies but I don’t think that can be fixed (or I’m bad).
  • The Halberd and the 1h Axe feel right. Just beautiful.
  • Kerillian’s Greatsword is a very comfortable weapon with this. Nice anti-armour combo breakpoints.

Possible bugs:

  • (Fixed) The Axe & Falchion has a movement slow down after a dodge. Video: https://youtu.be/Pdk-rYmd1I8
    For comparison, here’s the Flail’s movement after a dodge: https://youtu.be/ZXhFwHzC4Ik
    Here’s the Axe & Falchion’s movement after a dodge without the mod (in the official realm): https://youtu.be/cGBMST1Xcbk
    All three tests had the same talents (I was using Cast Away and not Charmed Life) and with 5% crit chance\attack speed as properties.
    No such issues with the BIllhook.
    This also happens when switching from any melee weapon (while dodging) to the Repeater Pistol in the base game (not caused by this mod, but maybe it’s related somehow?).
    The Armory mod still shows the A&F as having Heavy Linesmen for me.
    There are a few other Armory issues (again on my end), like it showing the Falchion heavies as having 2.12 damage and stagger cleave. Edit: Pershing corrected me. This is not an issue.

No issues on my end with blessed shots and the Repeater Shotgun.

Subjective thoughts:

  • Not a big fan of turning the Repeater Pistol into a shotgun/BoP hybrid. Seems like a worse Bluntsmen/Grudge RV because of it’s worse ammo sustain.

Fixed A&F
“There are a few other Armory issues (again on my end), like it showing the Falchion heavies as having 2.12 damage and stagger cleave.”
Falchion:“Heavy attacks 1 & 2 now have the same damage profile as Elf 1H Sword Heavy 1”
They do have that much cleave: the damage profile change includes the cleave.


Would you consider making a “no nerf” version of this mod? A version of the mod that only buffs under-performing weapons without nerfing the good ones.

It could also be cool if you could post the source files on Github, so that way maybe I could make such a version of the mod myself :slight_smile:

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Flaming flail dot was very difficult to add. Basically, the only way we could get a dot added made the dot way too strong. Like silly strong. But it’s definitely something we wanted to do.

As far as rest of her weapons, 1H sword, beam staff, dagger, and made all received buffs of some kind. Personally, I thought all of her other staves were in a good place. I’m a wiz main btw :).

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Appreciate the detailed feedback. I’ll look into A+F later today. As for repeater and volley, the idea was to give BH a horde clearing option. The ammo capacity of repeater was increased by 50% to attempt to cope with the changes. Volley Xbow was reworked to perform essentially the same function as repeater used to perform. I.e. doing big one shots.

How do you think volley feels as far as damage? Also, the reload speed was chosen Bc that’s the same speed as elf volley. It went from 5 to 3. How much slower do you feel it should be? I agree that we need to find a way to change the way scrounger interacts with volley Xbow to make it like the old repeater. Tbh, I only tested with Hunter lol.

Now, hire this wonderful person, Fatshark.



  • Greataxe push-attack should be looked into, it is very slow and has a very big and unnecessary delay.
    The speed on it is quite insane, and together with Linesman, I feel like it’s just a better greathammer at this point.
    I think there should be a small delay between L3 and L1, to signify the beginning of a new combo, cause it feels weird and kind of janky to me.
  • I don’t agree with making Halberd H1 a single-target attack, it already has push-attack->H2 or push-attack->L3, I’d much rather make give it Heavy Linesman and high cleave as an entry hit for hordes.
    I also think H2 should have a crit modifier like executioner.
  • Why would I ever use 1h axe heavy attacks? A quick dummy test shows that light attacks blow them out of the water. The attack speed on them is insane, and there’s practically 0 delay between attacks (or it feels like it).
    Push-attack is still the same as it was, should get looked into. (of course a lot of these you just haven’t gotten around to yet)
  • I would switch the roles of repeater pistol and volley crossbow. It makes a lot more sense to me that the repeater pistol would be more about single-target elite killing with BH and supplementary horde clear/good special killing potential and the volley crossbow would be more about horde clear. What I would want for volley crossbow is to increase it’s ammo pool by a big amount (50% or more), so that it has insane ammo sustain with Scrounger, reduce it’s reload speed back to vanilla and give it more cleave for horde clear. Basically I want it to be like drakefire pistols, decent horde clear, nearly infinite ammo, slow DPS and average special-killing potential with slow reload speed.
  • Was it necessary to remove the unique attacks from 1h mace light attack combo? You already had push-attack->L1->L2.

There are a few things that I really don’t like about this mod. One big thing is how the mobility of all weapons is vastly increased, and in some cases the movement penalty is entirely removed. I personally really dislike this. Another thing is how huge of an attack speed buff some weapons and and how the delay on a lot of the attacks got almost removed entirely. Regardless of the fact that it makes some weapons really powerful, it just doesn’t feel very good or impactful to use. Some weapons start to feel more samey as well, like mace & shield with sword & shield. Of course, mace & shield in base game is straight up outclassed by sword & shield, but they definitely felt different and offered a different playstyle.

Of course, there are many good things too, like the buff to handgun and underperforming weapons in general, some weapons definitely needed (and still need) an attack speed buff, but the near removal of attack delays really feels weird.

could someone explain to me how certain stats work? Specifically, what is finesse and what does it do? Some weapons like greathammer have tank property and can cleave multiple elites, while something like mace & shield have the same, but can’t. What determines whether or not an attack can cleave multiple elites?


Finesse refers to headshot damage (multiplier in this case).
AFAIK whether or not a weapon can cleave multiple elites is actually separate to the mass modifier.

Late edit: Finesse also refers to critical damage sorry.


Huge :+1: to all of you involved in making this mod.

Hopefully we can all remain civilized and get some useful data out of this to set a good foundation for another big balance patch.

I have not spent a lot of time with the mod yet, but after going through the patch notes and smashing a decent number of heretics as Kruber I find myself agreeing with some of Rebel’s feedback.





I liked that part most

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