Suggestions for winds of magic console

i thoroughly enjoy the game, and send thanks, however, it seems there is so much potential to make character classes more fun to play.
some quick major suggestions from my thoughts are:

  • please buff/boost under powered character weapons. it stinks that certain weapons are simply too weak to compete with a certain weapon type that is the meta. boosting the underpowered weapons would really make classes come to life more and again.
    example: siennas staffs need major buffs. the beam staff should be beefed up like i hear it used to be. making every weapon good in its own right incentivizes players to try the different play styles with weapons, knowing there are multiple successful routes with whichever weapon they choose to use.
  • i love the new talents, designed to fit ways players are using different play styles for characters, however, please likewise buff/boost pivotal talents that make these characters playstyle’s come alive. this drastically needs improvement, and will make characters much more fun to play.
    example: if ranger bardin can support by generating bombs and potions with talents, why not make him a stronger viable support character by allowing this talent to also generate health potions for the team?
    there are too many classes of characters that are far too underpowered. people would have more fun if they feel they are doing their team ‘role’ well for their team.
    the tanks should be tankier and majorly boosted (buff foot knight, shieldmaiden, and unchained mitigation), the support should support far stronger, and the glass cannon damage boosted while made squishier.
  • explosive barrel rats— pleeeeeasssse put these in normal missions and weaves, and make deeds for hordes with lots of these guys. they are so fun and funny, and this feature would seriously bring pure joy and novelty to the game.
  • make more cosmetics and skins for characters, and make a viable way to unlock them moreso. the cosmetic items for slayer bardin are so meager its sad. why not give him a loin cloth skin? or a fur coat viking looking skin? making more character skins seems like it would add a huge novely value to the game while letting people make their characters more personalized.
  • please consider allowing players to ‘control’ what kind of mission they launch for friends to play. i know we can sort of do this with deeds if we are lucky enough, however, if weaves and deeds can control these parameters, why not allow us to control modifiers for missions? i would love to be able to launch a mission with explody-barrel rats in hordes, with twice damage and health elites for my friends. maybe being able to control what kind of boss fight encounter there is would be very cool too! maybe we could end the mission with a 3 rat ogre fight? that sounds fun!

i hope devs/moderators and other players humor me with this post.
these ideas i feel could add lots of fun and bring the game to life in a lot of ways, where it has potential waiting!

also would be really neat to have fight test dummies that tell us breakpoints in an easy kinda way instead of using excel spreadsheets!

hope someone reads my post and shares their thoughts! these ideas i’d posted were heartfelt.
notice me dev/admin senpais and other friends!

I hope to keep this post alive still. Enjoying the cosmetic access provided in the recent patch! Kudos. I hope some of these ideas get read and are considered by devs. There is a lot of really good concepts in this post that could inspire some really amazing changes to the game possibly. Once again, I pay respects to the devs and the game as it is, however, just wanted to throw some ideas into the mix in addition!

I also added a couple of ideas. If adding new characters, please add another dwarf character. This would rule. \m/
Also, though I know this idea is a bit of a request, I also suggest a forge much like halo (my favorite, halo 3’s forge). Though this sounds impossible, the consideration of this feature in the long term within vermintide 2 would add replay value and customization for levels.

These ideas mainly contribute towards making vermintide 2’s replay value great. I know devs have a game manager or owner that decides which ideas go into development. I propose, as a player who has extensively played the game, these ideas as a great way to make the replay value wonderful, which in turn, makes vermintide 2 lots more popular and lucrative. Hope you consider my ideas! Thanks

Vermintide 2 is so revolutionary as an xbox one or console game for what it brings to the table already. First person, hack and slash, character abilities. My thoughts all foster making vermintide 2’s replay value great. If these changes were added or made, I know the game would gain popularity, and would become a staple game for all console or xbox one gamers to want to revisit. I hope I’m not silly for voicing these thoughts. Thanks for your consideration.

Yes agree.

So buffing or tweaking some talents? Agree.

Pls no, as a weekly or differen’t gamemode like weaves, sure, not in default games.


Has been suggested alot. Some players think that should be deed rework where you can select modifiers freely.

Overall more clarity on bp’s and more info about certain things would be great. Without removing bp’s overall as some players enjoy that minmax style.

Thanks for suggesting.

Pls no more post advertising

thanks for responding! appreciate it whole lots. sorry for post advertising! lol. its easy to get drowned out in the forums, and I felt passionate about trying to get noticed at least by someone to share these ideas. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game.

Your ideas are kind of cool for the most part even if explosive barrels rats a big “no” for me. I just hate them. They are novel, yes, and it was probably worth trying out but I can’t say that I am to impressed with what they bring to the game so no more of them, please.

First of all, “Suggestions for winds of magic CONSOLE”? We are playing the same game hence any improvement/change to the game itself should be accessible to all platforms.

Most of your concerns and ideas are valid(they are nothing new as these have been mentioned multiple times in the past) but the only one that really pokes me in the eyes is the entirety of the buff section.

That is a rather ambiguous statement. You could do an entire thread just on this alone.
For example: Full Weapon Rebalance - The mod may not be available for console but my point still stands.

We agree here.

You may not agree with me here, but they really don’t. Every single one of them specialises in a certain area and not one of them feel like it can do everything

I don’t know what the beam staff is used to be like but I can tell you what it can do now. It melts bosses. Literally. As long it is not used as Unchained anyway.

We agree again.

Another ambiguous idea worth an entire thread. Make no mistake, I agree. But where do your, my and everybody else’s ideas line up with this particluar topic. Not to mention we have no idea where FS in relation to talents. This would be a huge discussion.

This would be a nightmare to balance. A cata run with this talent already looks like we killed a sack rat at every 3rd corner. Even if it is just one 1 extra healing per boss trigger, this would still be substantial. There is a very good reason why potion rarity and difficulty go hand-in-hand.

Uhhh… no. At this moment in time EVERY SINGLE career is a viable choice for legend. Cata is a bit more problematic however. Huntsman focuses on killing specials and elites. His boss damage is not great. RV can get you a good number of potions so running concoction is advised. One pot per horde with some melee action means you can reliably ult twice per horde combined with “Ranger’s Parting Gift” and you are set. Unchained currently is a relatively high skill level career that can perform well on cata. There have been many threads on how to improve/change her talents so I am not going to go into that. The rest of the careers do well on cata without complication.


Once again, ambiguous ideas. Buff… but in what way? Here is an entire thread JUST on FK: [Rework] Footknight, like an AVALANCHE! Is this really so?
I don’t play Shieldmaiden so no comment on it’s viability. The only thing I know about it is that it sees little use outside of weaves.
Unchained’s damage mitigation can only be matched with zealot. 50% DR as a passive and you can get Barkskin(40% DR). That means an overhead on cata with Barkskin procced would do 15 points of damage to your hp. Not to mention that running Dissipate with 60% BCR allows you to tank an ungodly amount of damage.

Shade with a single decanter conc pot with some stacks from barrage can melt a boss, apart from a troll, on cata in about 10 seconds. The same for BH but without the barrage stacks. With pretty good aim, no pots, you can down any boss on cata under a minute with Waystalker’s Piercing Shot. And I’ve already mentioned how the beam staff melts on both Pyro and BW. So we may disagree but I’d say the squishy careers do some hefty damage.

all i can say is feel free to add me! ‘rubytuesdays#956’ i would love to have more friends to play champion or higher difficulty and coop strats together to have fun in game! let me know

:laughing: i support and appreciate your feedback. the explosive rats are hysterical for me still