Questions for Fatshark

What are your plans to address the map selection or difficulty customization?
What are you thinking of to add variety to the core gameplay?

People have been wanting customizable deeds in Vermintide 2 for a long time. Is there any plan for something like that, where the player can add layers of difficulty and each addition of difficulty (+horde, +ambient, +elite, +special, or other creative mutations like curses: twins, Khorne, Nurgle) adds a chance for better loot, or even another roll of emperors gift at the end of mission with chance being based on these mutators and difficulty?

Would you be able to give me insight as to how Ranged AI makes decisions when it comes to engaging in melee and suppression mechanics? Mainly the low tier gunners and elite gunners/shotgunners.

For example, usually if you engage a group of low tier gunners in melee they will attack with melee, and feels fine when there are only a few shooters, but there are occasionally times where some will keep shooting while a few engage melee. Clip for context, not my clip (Twitch) Also I understand this could be just a bug.
Most importantly how does the suppression mechanic work with these units? What are the variables and flags around it? Do grenades cause suppression, and could some classes like ogryn get a bonus to suppression and it simply bumps the duration something seeks cover for up? This ties into my next question, as I think having options for the melee classes to close the gap or give themselves time to deal with a different threat is great for giving options to how they want to play.

Is there any plan to either give melee classes a way to force enemies into melee or cover, via suppressions, talents, or passives?

Players I have talked to want a better way for melee to engage the ranged units, my ideas are give those classes bonus to suppression (I have watched a streamer play ogryn, shoot the Rumbler grenade, and around 6 dreg shooters within 5 to 10 meters of the explosion did not care and walked into the clear open to start shooting instantly) . I know this is a difficult and nuanced thing to adjust, as I wouldn’t expect 15 gunners with all the cover near them already taken to run far to find the cover, so this is why I’d like to know what the variables are affecting it. Or simply give the melee classes or just ogryn a sort of fear presence where gunners within a certain range of the ogryn will be forced to pull melee (and maybe even give them a pushable/breakable block like a shield rat/marauder out of fear of being chopped in half)

Last question: Is there a plan to add melee elites into more events (like the initial set of maps, silo cluster, etc.) or some hordes, whether that is on Tier 5, a new Tier 6, or ideally an optional thing like deeds mentioned above?

This is a compilation of questions and ideas I got from myself and other players who love the Vermintide games; and many of us make guides, mods, or stream the games. Thank you for reading.

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Haha you think fatshark will give you this kind of information when they cant even give you basic post game statistics. You make a bunch a great points but prepare to be disappointed.

I have 0 expectations and I take my cynicism elsewhere