Condition - replace 80% of ranged enemies with melee

AS title says, a condition that spawns +X% of enemies in general BUT - 70% + of enemies that would normally spawn as ranged, they spawn as melee.

Why? To get into Melee which this game does best and just wroom them down

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This person for president!

I hope the devs can make this happen. Would be fun to also have many more melee elites in exchange for the elite gunners and reapers and snipers.

Edit: Ragers, Crushers and Bulwarks oh my!

This is not VT bruh xD

I’m generall all for new modifiers but…
Wouldn’t this just devolved into Vermintide 2?


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And thats bad because?
Plus this would be either a condition OR a mutator that you choose.
I mean zealot D5 difficulty is as follows

  1. pick lasgun/hh autogun/bolter
  2. get into an area and play as veteran, picking off ranged enemies (specials obviously too)
  3. when those are dead go into melee and enjoy your class

It IS fun to play it like this, a tactical approach using cover plus gun mechanics are really solid.
However there is not much to gun combat since there are no attachments.
Melee however is where the REAL fun is at,

  1. frantically dodging, moving, sliding and keeping track of enemies.
  2. Knowing your weapon and how to maximize it properly, how to keep on-chain blessings going as far as possible and when is it good to sacrifice some toughness or life to keep going.

I think that’s bad because this is 40K, where the theme is modern combat. The settings itself is space wars, much like star wars.

In VT, it’s about people who hates civilization advancement. Therefore, most of them stuck in their civilization. Thus, melee.

The lore would not make sense.
It’s different theme settings.

I think
Not sure if the lore that I understand is correct or not, lol.
They already have that fighting style in VT, FS want to make something different than VT

You arent wrong but this is easily solved by FS actually starting to put some story into it.
There is a mission where we steal ammunition from them, you can easily make the argument that for these X missions there are less ranged enemies cuz they dont have the ammo.
BUT there are more infested cuz they spread the taint.

There are many ways how to do explain this lore wise.
And gameplaywise I would really love to just go ham in melee.

I mean, khorn army, chaos deamon, tyranide and orks are pretty close combat oriented, even some space marines chapter focus on it. So fighting in a hive region where people are having a harder time to provide ranged weapon and focus on wave of close combat ennemies could absolutly be a thing.

I think having it so that maybe even ranged enemies have their guns swapped out for different types such as auto pistols, stub revolvers, or las pistols + being able to use melee at the same time would seal the deal somewhat.

Generally imply that it’s a group that couldn’t get their hands on heavier weapons or it’s an assault group modifier that swaps slower firing weapons that force them to stay at range for weapons that let them run and gun a lot more. In addition maybe swap out your gunners so instead of heavy weapons they are using recon las guns and braced autoguns but are far more aggressive about getting in your face. Reapers are using kickbacks and clubs instead of their usual setup.

They all are actually able to melee already.
If you come close to Dregs, they switch to a shovel to pummel you with. Scabs will start poking you with the bayonet on their rifles.

This is true but inconsistent. Many a times a blob of enemies in melee range (I was able to hit the cloest one with an eviscerator) just continued to shoot.
It was MUCH worse in december than it is now, but it still happens

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