Idea for a new global condition: Brute squads

Basically, the Idea for this special condition is less “regular” size ranged enemies and increased melee specialists and “ogyrn” sized enemies. Bring your best melee tools. Also, if they add this as a game mode, it would be perfect opportunity to introduce another enemey ogryn specialist.


good idea

I’m always for more variety and mixed up missions.
Bring it, I say!

Love it

Love it

So glad to se an idea of mine get some approval. Funny fact, the name of this possible condition was actually inspired by certain line in a movie that had Andre the Giant.

Basically the Vermintide 2 modifier “all roaming enemies are replaced with elites”.
Could be quite interesting as long as not too many of them are ranged units.
Maybe melee roamers could be replaced with melee elites, while ranged roamers stay the way they are.

Reminds me of the time my buddy and i went to “The Pit” on cata with this modifier. We pulled all of the roaming elites on the beach and got a 64x stormvermin killffeed when dropping into the city and slaying them.

Its a good movie and a good idea. I love when a group of flak assault boys, ragers and maulers run in and try to beat us all to death. It’d be a fun mode to mix with lower ammo since shooters would be less commo.

bumping so this doesn’t get completely memory holed

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cant wait to see a flow of low intensity brute squad that i will never play!

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Imagine lights out brute squad though



Boy I sure do love completely RNG difficulty modifiers! It really enriches my gameplay experience! My gameplay can varry from not even bothering to boot up the game and doing chores around the house to riveting 30 minute sessions followed by closing the game again since there was no difficulty I was interested in!

Yeeeee hawwwwww. now THIS is peak intended design.

I’ll be honest - I find most of the elite melee enemies pretty underwhelming outside of masses of Ragers. I’d love to see another melee ogryn that did a charge move to close range and had some attacks that knocked the players around more.

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