Some ideas for more mission modifiers!

The ‘more hordes and specials’ modifier is nice (albeint a little overused) but I really wish we had some elite-based modifiers similar to the ones we had in VT2 deeds. I loved plowing through waves of heavily armored melee enemies like stormvermin.

So here’s some ideas for future mission modifiers:

Shock troopers: Mission has more melee elites (crushers, maulers, ragers, bulwarks).

Armed resistance: Mission has more ranged weapon elites (scav shotgunners, dreg gunners and reapers).

Armored hordes: Heavily armored melee enemies (the ones with carapice armor and clubs, and the shirtless ones with helmets) are more commonly mixed in with the infested zombies and poxwalker hordes. Or maybe they can outright replace poxwalkers.

Noxious Fumes reduces toughness and stamina regen
Flooded some of the corridors are like waist deep with water.
Gangers one of the gangs takes the opportunity to hit the party periodically along the way.
Trapped cultists have set booby traps throught the complex
Rich This map has more materials to gather than other maps, but the materials are guarded by elites
Slippery it’s slippery.
Lit Fuse Mission is on a timer.
Slaneesh Cult Everyone is naked. bomb D.Va from overwatch shows off and blows up her mech before flying away.
Dungeons and Dragons the players just sit around in a room and say what they’re doing. Sometimes players wont show up though.
An angry shark There’s an angry shark.

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Oh, also a modifier where all of the barrels on the map are either red or yellow would be really funny

Don’t forget

Reverse Where you go through the map in reverse, without any help getting back up points of no return.