Let's brainstorm some modifiers

The name of the game is in the title. Let’s keep it interesting and the simple “more of X, less of Y” to a minimum.

For example:
Cultist stronghold
In this modifier, the normal mobs would be supported by patrols lead by a lieutenant (i.e. a weaker variant of the current assassination missions). Ammo and resources would be plentiful, but so are the enemies.

Some spawn points could be fixed, like the enforcer stations bunkers would be actually manned by chaos troopers instead of being empty.

I don’t necessarily want to reduce dregs here, because that would just lessen encounter variety. No zombies I could accept thematically.

Nurgles Jolly Circus:

Increased infested enemy spawn overall. Periodically, Vision becomes heavily obscured by miasma, during which a horde of infested attack. Could also only trigger during ogryn/slug fights.

Bonus points for Fatshark if they add a secondary objective/obstacle, like nurgle plague infestations to destroy.

Needless to say, there are too few actual infested enemies and demons to make this really interesting.


Ogryn Horde - instead of a horde you get packs of Ogryns :see_no_evil:

ok more real and serious maybe

what about Mutants Chaos and Muties allways spawn as a pack of 4 one for each Agent?
When you hear them growl you know they are coming for each of you from different directions and you dont know if the one spawning close to you is the one who comes for you, but maybe someone else in the team.

Maze Confusion - i’d like a Map with all possible ways open and you can go back and forth and several sideways actually closed on all map variations are open.
You then have to find specific switches to activate one of 2 or 3 possible endstatages and need tofind the way to the end stage you have activated, but dont know exactly what is was as they are random.

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There was a modifier called “Acid Rain” mentioned in one of the interviews that we have so far seen nothing off.

My theory is that this is a area denial mechanic that causes you to take damage if you step into certain spots on the map so you have to take a specific path to avoid damage.

For what I would like for them to add: Take all the map stuff they have made so far and chop it up into blocks. Then procedurally generate maps using those blocks so no mission run is the same. Then on top of that apply the modifiers at random to each block so one block of map can get you extra dogs and another may have lights out.

Basically something like Chaos Wastes in VT2 or Warframe. If there was ever a setting fitting for procedural map generation like that, it’s a hive city the size of a continent.

This would also be a huge boost to potential player rentention as runs would be more unique.


Unstable Power: Every few minutes Light levels fluctuate. Randomly changing between Off, Low, and Normal.

Fresh Litter: Pox Hounds are replaced by Pox Puppies. Make the model 33% smaller, 50% slower, and 25% the HP.


Man, its such a huge misstep that they didn’t do this. It would make so much more sense from a narrative perspective too. Instead of going to the same manufactorum map to turn the generator on again, we could be going to a procedurally generated “somewhere in Tertium”. It would feel more like we’re going to a hive that is facing widespread corruption and not like, five specific neighborhoods.

Anyway, i think anything that would be more of a dynamic effect (periodic acid rain, random power outages throughout the map, collapsed or caved in pathways forcing you to take different routes, foggy shrouded rooms, etc) would all be good for adding some variety to the existing maps. I really want more things that the AI director can throw in to give us those “Aw sh*t, here we go” moments instead of just more or less of specific enemy types.


I think it would be neat of there were hidden modifiers that get revealed to the players about 5 minutes into the mission.

Ex: About 5 minutes in, you get a voice over saying the power generators for the region are under attack, your region may loose power soon so hurry up. Then a few minutes later power’s out and another voice over.

Or about 5 minutes in you get a voice over saying we’re getting reports there’s a moderately ranked chaos lieutenant in the area, try to kill if you can but don’t let it interfere with the mission at hand… Then give them a path like a patrol and let players either try to kill them or avoid before they walk off the map.


No thanks man, i hate lights out. i don’t want to have to bring a few selection of guns that have flashlights because the map might go dark.

Corruption Nest : Players take periodic corruption damage through the map. Shrines to the Emperor must be purified of corruption to remove it. Shrines are placed around each level and heal fully all players.

Lost Tech: Ennemy heavy patrols are carrying giant sarcophagus shaped boxes. They are dangerous and dont have to be killed, but sarcophagus contain lost tech fragments, which can be exchanged against plasteel and diamantine. Additionally, completed lost tech equipments are displayed around Hadron’s shop.


A request that I’ve been seeing a lot lately is that every character should have some form of light source so that the gun light is more of an upgrade than a necessity on dark missions. Personally I’d like to see something like DRG style throwable flares.


Love these. Wish the power one was your version tbh. Especially since some people can’t bring flashlights.

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Honestly in terms of Special Conditions, they should focus on first adding ALL the “more of X specials” style conditions. If we had that at launch, then conditions could’ve rotated much more often.

Many conditions just require a lot of dev work to implement the polished version of it, so it’s harder to see an argument for them focusing on that until much later.

  • Combat Stims. Enemy presence is heightened, so we’ve pumped stimulants into the atmosphere, giving you 15% faster move and attack speed.
  • Unusually Corrupt. We’ve redirected power to the local Medicae, but you’ll need those extra charges because being struck by enemies here seems to cause more corruption than we’ve previously seen.
  • Scholar Slaughter. Scholars were slaughtered in this Throneside mission, so you’ll find far more scriptures than normal. You can carry twice as many as normal, and the rewards are doubled. (And this is paired with a patch that adds Plasteel/Diamantine rewards for ALL scripts., in every mission)
  • Big Game Hunting. At 2-3 locations throughout this mission, you can use some technical doohickey to cause a Monstrosity to spawn. Monstrosity rewards are doubled. (And this is paired with Plas/Dia rewards for ALL monstrosity kills in every mission)

Powers at Work: Nurgle’s hold grows over the region, all damage causes corruption, which is double the usual amount. The emperor’s blessing also comes to the aid of the inquistion, curing corruption and healing either per damage dealt or per enemy slain. Medicae are disabled.

Corrupted Ammo: Triple ammo spawns, each bullet fired adds a small amount of corruption based on base damage.

Purified Vestments: The taint lingers in the air here, your basic armour has been replaced with blessed cloth undergarments, take 50% less corruption, but 30% more damage, or whatever balances it.


This joke thread had some good ones: [Joke] new conditions suggestions - Warhammer 40,000: Darktide / General Discussion - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com)

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awkward hand gestures in the direction of Chaos Wastes

For those who haven’t played it. Which, if you haven’t… go play it. There’s also more basic map modifiers as well, such as +/- hordes, +/- specials, etc. So one map might be +Hordes, +Healing items, Curse of Nurgle. Still bizarre to me that they didn’t use any of the concepts from Chaos Wastes in Darktide, I was sure it was prototyping for the game. Similar for using tileset based maps over the current generic ones, I remember in the beta friends and I going “Wait, this is the same, isn’t it…?” because we were under the impression it would be more randomly generated.


Agreed, it is really strange just how much stuff they have excluded from Darktide that was in VT2, or had the groundwork for it lain in VT2.

This game really needs a soft relaunch that fulfils its true potential. Almost everything in VT2 should have its equivalent or better in Darktide.

Gimme nurglings


Need to keep in mind DT was forked from VT2 long before CW was released. They made some major changes to the engine and I doubt it will be a copy paste job to move stuff over.

DT-CW would be awesome.

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Elite Opposition - No hordes, fewer enemies, but they all have double health.

Chemical Assault
Chaos and PDF forces have initiated limited chemical warfare. Affected areas of the map have a fog that varies in intensity based on the density of agent used. Players and basic mobs entering these areas suffer a progressively worsening debuff to mobility, stability, and melee damage as well as reduced health and toughness values. Leaving the gas will start reducing these penalties as will medical packs and stations completely remove it.

Are you brave enough to risk the gas to use it against your enemies?


Melee only high intensity, no gunner enemies.

Chaos Storm
Cultists activities have resulted in a localized surge of warp power and activity, in turn causing a number of tears to the Immaterium.
Any elite, specialist, or monstrosity has a chance to trigger a warp tear upon their death. These tears will in turn spawn a random number and type of enemies. The chance of any enemy spawning a tear depends on their individual power (specialist < elite < monstrosity) and how many specialist/ elite/ mostrosites have been killed since the last tear spawned. Yes it is possible for a spawned enemy to trigger another tear…
Note that players becoming incapacitated can also cause a tear which results in the player returning to where they “died” with full health but 1 wounds worth of corruption that can not be cleansed.