Modifier ideas! What's yours?

Here’s mine.

  1. All scab or all dreg modifiers. A modifier where you either face off against solely against the Moebian VIth, or conversely one against the dregs of Tertium.

  2. The opposite of elite resistance (twice as many elites with half the health and power). “Cover just makes it fun!”.

  3. Silent muties. Add a little lights out or ventilation purge and pretend it’s GTFO.

  4. Trapped barrels and landmines (Tzeentch says hello)

  5. Roaming demonhosts (on predetermined routes)

  6. Randomised equipment (for a taste of Chaos Wastes)

  7. Crusher and Mauler patrols in the style of Hunting Grounds

  8. Atoman Steel. Elites are few in number, but each are wreathed in Carapace armour.

Might be a tad annoying maybe instead upgrade the armour rating of the armours (Flak and Carapace)

That would be better if it’ kept for it’s own mode (So Chaos Waste in Darktide, maybe in the second Hive)

Monster specific ones:

  • Monster Menagerie: Increased Monster Spawn
  • Twin Monster: Monster spawn in pair, but are slightly weaker (Can happen with increased Monster Spawn)
  • Grudge Marked Monster
    → Cursed Aura
    → Warchief
    → Invincible/Rampart (Reworked into bubble shield)

Enemy specific ones:

  • Pack Master (Trapper): Increase frequency of Trapper spawn, Trapper can also pull netted Rejects
  • 'Zerker (Mutant and Ragers): Increase frequency of Mutant and Ragers spawn, spawn in groups, will start to go faster and deal more damage the more health it’s missing
  • Kamikaze (Flamer and Grenadier): When Flamer and Grenadier are close to the Rejects or near death, they will kamikaze attack the Rejects
  • Heavy Troop (Mauler, Crusher, Bulwark, maybe the Gunner and Shotgunner): Increase spawn rate of these units and make them faster


  • Twin Lord (Assassination): Self explanatory


  • Sandstorm (Hourglass, and any future exterior Sector): Sandstorm obscure the area, increase spawn of DH and such (Basically Light Out/Vent Purge)
  • Heat Purge (Metalfab): Certain areas of the mission will have overheated vapours that can damage enemies and the Rejects
  • Nurglite Bloom (Torrent, Hourglass and Throneside): Huge Flower of Nurgles spawn in the mission, those flower will regenerate enemies and corrupt the Rejects, can be destroyed

I would like extra hordes, and larger hordes. Gotta work for your lunch.

vermintide did it better. copy those modifiers. imagine TWINS in darktide
-send in the next wave: perma horde mode
-vanguard: elites everywhere replacing alot of trash mobs
-onslaught: everything all the time
-TWINS: killing stronger enemies spawns 2 lesser enemies until u reach weakest tier

Was already datamined (and accessed via mods) but for the Flash missions, though it is a modified one.

Those were modded difficulties

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