Modifier ideas, some original, mostly copied from other games :)

Player critical strikes deal no extra damage, but release a small staggering shockwave around each enemy hit (with an internal cooldown or weak stagger effect)

As players slay elites and specials, each gives 1 stack, at 100 stacks, a demonhost is summoned, upon killing the demonhost players are given increased attack speed and movement speed for a short time.

Give all trash units, non elite/special/boss more hp

When slain, all enemies leave behind a blood pool based on size, which heals or damages all units within.

Pox enemies fart toxic clouds occasionally or on death

Because I like the khorne modifiers from vermintide so much, Marked elites which empower units near them with bonus hp. Or gain hp from killing things, lose hp when not killing things

Friendly fire is enabled, and deals lethal damage for both allies and enemies

Force a monster at nearly every trigger

players deal x times more damage and have x% hp xdd

only one type of enemy per tier will spawn (horde, shooter, marauder, elite, special)

Every enemy gains stagger resistance

Every enemy loses stagger resistance, but moves much faster

Specials have much lower hp but deal more damage or have a much higher max count

All enemies take 0 damage except on weakspots

Monsters cannot be Stunned
20% more Monster Life

Monsters deal 15% increased Damage
Monsters have 20% increased attack speed

Monsters gain carapace armor everywhere except the weak spot

Increased Monster movespeed

Ground effects like burning or poison scattered through the map randomly, maybe even a lightning or “holy” effect which drains toughness or stamina in exchange for bonus damage

No healing stations, but medpacks heal the party to full OR players very slowly regen hp (1% every 4 or 5 sec)

Locked boxes with guaranteed supplies in a few places through the map, opening it summons large horde, patrol, double monster etc.

Storms of chaos or winds of magic randomly appear through the map, spinning like a small, harmless cyclone, then collapsing and applying a random buff or debuff to all units within

Okay time for my skeptic joke, I’d love to be able to at will throw mutations like these on to spice up the gameplay loop, but sadly it would probably result in too much information bloat and reading for our primal ogryn brains, and would probably create more crashes and bugs than are financially viable and logical :slight_smile: just a joke, trust me bro xdd

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