Any NEWS on Future DLC?

New Content and so on ?

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Completely a guess here, but seeing as VT2 is in the humble bundle monthly this month (which claims to have 450000 subscribers). Also, just guessing here, but people might be more willing to buy DLC closer to when they buy/receive the game. I think that a new dlc is probably imminent. I would guess we’ll hear something within the next month. Again, this is a guess, so there’s no real authority in what I’m saying.


The last definitive thing we heard was before Back to Ubersreik was even announced, in the interview with the CEO of Fatshark. He said that they had two DLCs they were working on, one “classic” (which I am almost certain meant Back to Ubersreik, since they’re remastered maps), and something “more original”.

I suspect we’ll hear something soon(ish).


VT2’s 1-year anniversary is coming up pretty soon. I’d be a little surprised if we got a new DLC before then (March 8th), but not at all surprised to see some new content to mark the anniversary.


I hope they come out with something soon because the game is getting stale. There are unfixed bugs that existed before the balance beta and other bugs that appeared during it that still haven’t been fixed.


Yeah, I agree. TBH, I thought we’d have had another beta balance patch by now. I think they probably aim for something big around March 8th, but I doubt they’re gonna say it’s a DLC until they’re certain it’ll be ready in time.

I think it bears noting that if we do get a DLC around March, it will have been three months since BtU. Three months between paid DLCs seems an industry standard.

Another big patch is my first feeling. Rework of Deeds and a long look at traits. 1 year anniversary DLC where for 1 week only you can play as Wigglemancer, OP Halberd FK, or even the beta WS truelight bow (not ult). Also Troll health is buffed into space again. As a final bonus you can use the HS hangun as a machine gun. Again.

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I really wish they would do more frequent smaller patches in between DLCs. Instead of dropping 10+ balance tweaks for every class and weapon all at once and dozens of bugfixes. Maybe do 1-2 balance changes per class every week/month and fix bugs a few at a time so we can actually confirm the fixes work and give feedback on what we think.

I imagine the reason they don’t do that is (and this is conjecture on my part) that there’s a lot of background work that goes into making beta patches. More, smaller patches is probably more work than bigger, less-frequent patches.

Bigger patches and sweeping changes allow for a broader picture of how the game-meta will change. As an example, we’ve seen the change from THP meta, to the current Dodge-meta. Every sweeping change has fixed quite a lot, addressed quite a lot and allowed the devs to see fairly quickly where the player-base will gravitate to quicker than trickle-feed patches.

I feel they’ve gone from reactionary bug-fixes and panic-balance-fixes to considered and well planned changes which can only be a good thing.

DLC will be Eilhart I reckon, or Something like Blackstone Post or a subsidiary of Karak Ziflin. Would be cool to go back to a Dwarf settlement again.

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They need a new difficulty asap. There is no challenge anymore with update after update introducing power creep. 2 of the hard-core players I play with have left already for this reason.

A massive balance patch that is thrown out of the window by adding OP DLC only weapons into the game straight after. New content will be a temporary incentive but the underlying game needs balanced.


Yeah, there seem to be a lot of people asking for a higher difficulty from what I’ve seen. I think in one of FS’s Twitch streams they mentioned they were looking at ways to add challenge, though they didn’t say much more than that. The mutator mode they were talking about adding might add some challenge. If that doesn’t scratch the itch, there are a small number of mods on the steam workshop for VT2 that claim to add difficulty (i.e. Onslaught). I hope that helps.

A new difficulty would be nice, however I’m not sure it’s high on their priority list.
I feels like most of the people complaining about Legend being too easy are either hardcore or otherwise veteran players, and while those are probably the ones that play the game the most, they do not speak for the silent masses of the “casual” players. Most of my friends play from time to time and feel Legend is mostly fine.

My point is not to debate wether a new difficulty setting would be a good idea (I would also love to get a more challenging mode), but rather that maybe it’s not worth the devs’ time as it might only impact a small portion of the community. Then again, most of the regular players don’t even bother to come to the forums, so it’s hard to know what they feel like.

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Yeah plus if you are a hardcore veteran you can always go to the modded realm for extra kicks making it even less of a pressing issue IMO

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Problem is you wont be able to brag about it that much because nothing saves on the modded realm.
Otherwise people wouldn’t constantly throw “its too easy” in every thread and topic, related or not, to ensure everyone does know they are in fact that: 8==============> big of a pro but instead just go on with mods.

Same happened with Cataclysm in V1. There was not really something to win from, it was just way harder than nightmare so just a few played it regularly. Not to mention mutation etc.

Now without wanting to denounce someone over this, you don’t see people like j_sat coming on here and talking about the game being too easy (which imho it simply isn’t, it is just for the very few truly veteran players, but anything will become too easy for them, eventually), he just plays in the modded realm with onslaught and deathwish and whatnot and seems to be having a blast. Watching his videos is heaps of fun already.

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Well I would play on modded realm if it had as many regular players as cata did in V1 but the modded real is basically completely empty.
I care about challenge and ease of access and on the modded real you can’t play unless you have a group together.


I agree that this is very important, but I guess at a certain level of skill, you’ll just have to gather into some sort of community and make your effort there. Not saying that this is how it should be, but it seems to be the best way.

Yeah but he specializes in Soloing he doesn’t need nor want teammates.

I am specifically talking about him playing with others, I should have made that clearer. But of course you do have a point, he has found his niche in the soloing experience, good for him. But at the end of the day, while I have accomplished FoW on my first try with “random pubs” (who were very skilled, I will not deny that), I encounter so many people asking me to help them with this map that it makes me believe FoW is already stretching the boundaries of what is “possible” for the “average player” in a public game. This sort of game, you would want to tackle with a pre-made team, anyhow. And to be fair: even before the BBB, playing with a pre-made made Legend pretty trivial if everyone knew what they were doing.

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