Existing DLC — free add-ons

Hey guys, I’ve always wondered, and then decided to stop wandering, and just ask FS — is there a real, not a very slight one, possibility that some existing dlc get free add-ons to them?

Thinking mainly of Bogenhafen receiving a third map, and beasties getting a few more units to their roster, and maybe a few more maps (added to to WoM) too?


Bögenhafen getting a new map is unlikely. We’ve already completed that story canonically and moved on.

New units being added to Beastmen is possible, but I don’t see it being prioritized over other things.

New maps are almost definitely coming if Fatshark keeps their promise of supporting the game for the next 4 - 9 years, however, again, I don’t see it happening as free LC, and even if it does, I don’t think it will as permanent additions (as the anniversary map was timed).


Bog receiving a new map, that will probably not happen. if they were going to add a free map I don’t think they’d tie it to their less popular DLC.

Beast getting more units. Might happen down the line.

New free maps? Well ‘A Quiet Drink’ was a free map as a seasonal event so it has happened before. Under what context and when who could really say I think they’re still in the midst of working on WoM a the moment.


Notably, Fatshark released two free maps in VT1 (that were permanent). They used a fair amount of recycled assets, but no one minded (those two maps are Trial of the Foolhardy and Waylaid).

I would not mind at all seeing some more such maps.


Can we at least attempt to have some kind of bug-free game first?


Free DLC ? Never heard of that :thinking:

I prefer to wait 9 months inbetween every paid QUALITY content, releasing free stuff would put to much stress on bigger paid dlc and basicaly promote buggy releases :triumph:

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Sure. We’ve been attempting it from march, 2018 :slight_smile:.

Well, more like free update to paid DLC. Promoting more sales of said DLC, and happy previous owners.

And guys, I appreciate theories and guesswork, I really do — but my question was kinda aimed at the devs :flushed: . Specifically because I don’t want to guess anymore %-)

We were fairly close to getting bug free sometime may-june 2019.

Oh well.

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