Will there be New Maps?


I really like this game and I think some new maps in the Empire or sorroundings, would be awesome.
and keep he server online for 1000 years
AAaahh! …I would totally buy new map dlc… or free,… it doesn’t matter!

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This game should lasts between 5 and 10 years, like developers said… So I think yep, there will be new maps.

That’s a bit optimistic. But here’s hoping!

Judging by the numbers we see, i think Maps are probably expensive and difficult recources, i assume we will see more remasters from Vermintide 1, but if even a 20$ DLC only comes with 1 new adventure map i doubt totally new ones will be common place,

More likely they will continue with ideas to reuse maps, like adding mirrored versions or new weather ect,

I’m down for that honestly. I’ll gladly pay to roam Karak Azgaraz once again. Beautiful scenery and awesome maps. My favourite VT1 DLC ever.


Count me in as hoping for new maps. :slight_smile:

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Bogenhafen was 5 months after release, 2 maps.
BtU was 4 months after Bogen, but here most of the design was already available, 3,5 maps.
WoM was 8 months after Btu, here a lot of Weaves had to be produced plus 1 map.
Drachenfels was another 8 months after WoM, 3 maps.

Looking at the production times and the fact that they said that a 3-map DLC is about 9 months, new maps are probably the only consistent content we can count on.
I expect they already started on the new onces, be it DLC or free and we can count on a new trio at the end of the year.

The much bigger question mark is WHAT THEY DO IN THE MEANTIME.

In the “Developer updates” I expected to get info on what is worked on in this meantime.

Insert ususal list of issues plaguing the game or stuff asked for by players for 2 years


New Maps not maps from vermintide 1, if you want to play maps from v1, then play v1, simple!

real new maps

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Yes, it was bad with BtU, where maps were 100% identical. As I had a lot of hours in V1, I enjoy the BtU maps the least, despite it being the best DLC.
It’s much better with Drachenfels, where I do recognize some sections as reused, but they mostly retained just the theme.
While I liked the Karak Azgaraz maps in V1 the most, if they decide to do that theme, then they should do something completely different and 100% new maps.

One thing tho to be considered.

Do 4 maps next, but make them short like the bookless runs in V1 - for example Rampart and Smuggler’s.


here’s two suggestions for Fatshark in new map packs, by the way. last time we got a Rotblood sorcerer so I figured we should get a Skaven or Beastman warrior as the next named villain.

Horror Woods

Set in the Reikwald and around the plot for a major sacrifice to Nurgle, its about a Beastlord who has taken controll over parts of the pactsworn, and beastmen if you’ve got WoM, and leads them to gather certain sacrifices from the temples of Shallya and magical artefacts so that he can conduct a great ritual and summon Nurgle’s Rot into the Reikland.

If you look at the map of the Reikland coming with WFRP 4th edition then you’ll notice that there’s a “Reikwald Circle” in the Reikwald and to me it sounds like somethikng like Stonehedge. My suggestion is that the ritual, and thus boss fight, takes place in a Stonehedge like enviroment. I’m thinking here of fighting the pactsworn in a forest dotted with various monoliths, overgrown stones with ancient carvings on them and so on with a final boss fight essentially inside Stonehedge under the glare of Morrslieb.

Legacy of Kings

About a new Skaven warlord who has taken part of the pact-sworn with him to claim a fallen Dwarf hold and plunder what treasures the Dwarfs left behind. In there he finds an ancient rune-crown, but the problem is that it was tampered with by the same corrupt runesmith that made the Blightreaper. Thus he is infused with Chaos power to make him more powerful and what sanity he has is breaking down at record speed.

One thing that I would find very cool, but others might not, would be a mini-faction in Night Goblins who could then be found both hanging around as well as fighting the pact-sworn, on these map levels. The idea is that the Skaven warlord is fighting his way into a hold held by Night Goblins to find rune items left by the Dwarfs and the actions of ther Ü5 accidentally open the way into the sealed tomb of the last king where the Skaven warlord finally claims the cursed rune-crown. Just before being taken down by the Ü5.

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I wanna chip in with a third one: Mordheim.
Or what’s left of it.


Yeah, Mordheim would be really cool.

If FS don’t want to run a single episode in Mordheim, and also if they do, then one could presumably move Vermintide III there as Clan Fester tries to shore up its situation by taking control of the warpstone found in that location.


PTSD intensifies

Having played Mordheim: City of the damned the idea of going back there is both amazing and terrifying.


We need new maps asap

That would be soooooo awesome, but the problem is probably with Games Workshop and their licensing…

Speaking of Mordheim by the way. If Vermintide 3 would go there, they could team up Clan Fester with some vampires and so run a Skaven + Undead faction duo for the Ü5 to fight in that cursed city. :wink:

I hope the devs release new maps! I’m a big fan of the weaves system of map generation, however, I would love to see them add more of the levels from Vermintide 1, as well as give players the options of controlling certain parameters for maps when setting up for a mission. Here’s a post I made for some ideas I had to increase the game’s replay value. Would love your thoughts! Thanks.

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