New Maps Please

Hi Fatshark,

I would be great to have some new maps, it would increase replayability greatly, as paid dlc or free it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

damn the game just came out, give the devs a rest rofl

like, 17 days ago


Dude there are 2 new maps coming in April…


Perhaps changing the algorithm so the game selects the least played map in common by the 4 players?

Its been what? 2 weeks since the game released? A bit more? How quickly do you want them to manufacture new maps??


There are several dlc planned for this year alone. The first one for april. Dlc in V1 generally had 2-3 new maps with a similar theme. The april one will have 2 iirc.

That aside, its been a bit over 2 weeks from launch. You gotta sit down and swallow a chill pill my dude. The devs deserve a small break after probably going through the usual crunch period thats all too common in the industry just before a games release and being busy fixing all the messy bugs that are still haunting the game.

I understand the wish for more content but if you want quality content and not a quick cash grab trash dlc, patience is your best friend.

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