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Today exactly one year and a month ago from the launch of V2. I understand that with the release of Winds of Magic we will have new enemies, weapons, game mechanics … everything is great! But, and new maps?

I don´t consider the maps of Back to Ubersreik because are recycled maps (I love them, but they are recycled).

Are we going to have a DLC with new maps before the launch of Winds of Magic? It would really be great. I think that just having two new maps in a year and a half is something that they can be improved.

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Most of Fatsharks resources are probably going into the expansion (and I guess the release of Dreadlands is taking up some time as well?). I don’t think you should expect any new maps before it hits.

From what I’ve seen, there goes an insane amount of detail into even just one map, so two new maps is not something they’d be able to just cook up in a month or two, I think.

My friend, there is already some delays with Lohner’s emporium of wonders, so I don’t think we should expect anything apart from what we are already promised. I’m used to their slow type of development and you should do as well.

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Those of us here from the beginning remember when they put out patches sometimes one or twice a week. Rushing things often completely broke something attempting to fix something else. I’m really glad they’re taking their time now rather than just spanking things out in a patch.

Also, in a year and one month they’ve released 13(?) maps with the base game, 2 maps with Bogenhafen and 3 maps with Ubersreik (I agree about the money for old rope thing for the Ubersreik DLC), although you’re saying only the Bogenhafen maps were “new”. Don’t forget the Drinking Map too…

As the expansion is half the price of the original game, I would hope that it has half the amount of maps - call it 6.

I’d much rather FS put out something that is the rework of deeds and the mechanism to use up all my crafting stuff rather than maps.

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There’s gonna be one map in expantion. It’s been said several times now.
You can see it here

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Also Fatshark counts the tutorial as a mission, so for them its 20 missions as of now.

Legit, I’d pay for the Tutorial to be turned into it’s own fully-fledged map.


As @SaintPhilipp pointed out, there will be only one new map. Fat Shark stated that most of their focus is on the “Winds”, the parameter which will change the look and feel of the existing maps. So basically, 13 existing maps x 8 variations = 104 variations of the core maps.

I’ve corrected my self in a new post.

Nice math, pal. But maps with winds will be smaller and we’ll have to deal with new objectives. So it’s not exactly “maps” more like FoW.

You’re right, after reading the article again…

Each stage of Winds of Magic’s new mode is called a Weave, although that term—as with many things in the expansion, which only recently entered full production—is subject to change. Each Weave will take place on a chunk of an existing level marked by one of the eight Winds—the currents of magical energy that flow across the Warhammer universe.

So basically it will be a map which consists of chunks of the existing maps, so the the number of possible variations which includes 13 maps and 8 winds is much much bigger than 104 :smiley:

Can this man get a job in your promotion, Fatshark?

You are sarcastic, but I like sarcasm, so I guess I like you as well.

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Then the new maps are even more important. Simply 3 new maps can have 8 different appearances, that’s great!

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