New Maps after Winds


I will buy Winds of Magic, and I’d love to have new maps, real new maps after the expansion
new areas of the empire or dwarf or elf kingdoms, anything

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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In what i hear, there will be only one map which will be introduction for winds of magic

WOM will use existed map adding 8 magic lore flavored effect

Would be nice if we got a beastman campaign DLC with 3 regular maps, a “lord” map, 1 new weapon for each existing heroe and some new skins/frames etc.

Perhaps this will happen after WoM, although i’d prefer to see a new hero/new careers added to the game first. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what FS decides to do.


Honestly, I’d just like to see more maps from the original game be adapted to the new one.

Back to Ubersreik was great, but it only had 3 maps (4, if you count the secret one).

I’d like to play maps such as Castle Drachenfels or Karak Azgaraz, but this time with all the new features of Vermintide 2.

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5 years of content for the game with an additional 5 years if people are still interested. I’m sure we’re gonna get some more maps and a new hero in that time :wink:


I think the Weave itself will be the new map, which in turn will consist of map chunks taken from the current map roster. These will be the weaves that will be affected by one of the 8 winds.

Edit: Entirely new maps (3 at a time, hopefully) will be reserved for later DLCs, I presume.

This makes no sense, because those maps were not designed for this game and it takes just as much time as creating new maps.
As for one, I don’t ant to see any more old maps, whoever wants that, should go and play the first game.

The Weave mode and the new adventure map were announced as separate features on the Steam page.

The new adventure map is going to be the heroes investigating the town we saw get destroyed by a meteor in the trailer, as hinted at towards the end of said trailer.

Likewise, the Weave mode won’t be one entire map that has taken chunks from each existing map. The Weave mode will span across several of the existing maps, but only include parts of them (hence, chunks).

It makes just as much sense as the Back to Ubersreik DLC did, which, need I point out, got 80% positive reviews on Steam, meaning there is indeed sense in adapting the older maps for the new game (ironic considering the other DLC for the game, Shadows of Bögenhafen, which contains entirely new maps, got mixed reviews, with a majority leaning towards negative).

It does not take as much time adapting an old map as it does creating an entirely new one. Sure, the old map has to be made again from the ground up, but unlike the new map, it doesn’t have to pass through a creative process first, and I would assume most of the props can easily be accessed in the engine.

I’m not saying adapting old maps should be the number one priority when it comes to new content, of course, but considering how Fatshark have said that they are planning to support the game for at least 5 years, and 5 more years if there’s still interest in it at that time, I can definitely see them recycling some older content at some point.

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We all know the most important thing Fatshark needs to work on is my vampire babe, Geneviève Dieudonné. Then I can finally let someone else use the elf in my games…



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