Expansion Questions


I preodered Wind of Magic, I’ve been playing it a lot,

we play weaves, grind the purple stuff, have the new weapons, new levels, etc

why can I and other players play the dlc if release date is next week?
and does this process carry over to “release” version? I hope so

I love the new map and weapons and winds of magic

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This is officially a Beta of the expansion, so that’s why you can already play it. Look at it more like early access though, because all your progress WILL be carried over. :smiley:



a beta means that there can be some fixes and tweaks but we are already playing the “full version”

thanks Bardin!

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Pretty much, yeah, in this case. There was an earlier Beta that didn’t carry over. It differs.


First of all i like beta VERY much, Weaves are just AWESOME, and thanks for that.

But do we geting some new stuff on official expansion relase? like few new cosmetics, new map maybe, hero maybe, new afix etc? Cauldron giefing me a clue that they may add new afix since leveling him above some point offer nothing.

The 2 things we didn’t see in the beta was the minotaur and the new map. I’d hazard that what you see now, is everything that the expansion has to offer.

Holding out hope for weapon skins for the new weapons though…


there are minotaurs in the beta
and there is a new map, dark omens

I spoke about the earlier beta, not this pre-order beta

This, weaves and rest of beastmen is all that DLC offer… not to much for 17€

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