Beastmen were quite impress, but wheres new hero?

btw, level cap raised?
does this mean we could show our true level or new item rarity will be coming to us?
no more griding please especially dev dont know any about anti-dupe lock.

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This expansion will be release in summer. So i think we must wait some for more informations.
But you’re right, the lack of a new hero or careers sims disappointing.

Summer?! 7 days if you live in the UK :smiley:

I have to disappoint you. Winds of Magic will be released in the summer. There is a clear information about this in the article.
In 7 days will be an anniversary and then maybe we will get something else.

^^^^^ THIS

Honestly, all the details revealed on PC Gamer sound cool, but I am extremely disappointed that there isn’t a new hero.

If anything new careers would be preferable to a new hero IMHO.
And as always we get a sweet announcement about a whole bunch of awesome new stuff…but no new hero!
Oh noooooooo.
Cant please everyone.


What the problem pal?

I’m guessing the problem is that no matter what Fatshark does someone is going to complain about it.
There is no doubt in my mind that if they do add a new hero some day people are going to rage about it not being the hero they wanted.
There’s no winning on the internet.


You know… any new content will be appreciated and always someone will complain, that’s true. But you can not be surprised, everyone has different expectations about the game. Some ppl want new heroes/careers other want new campaign and some other want new cosmetics. The trick is to make everyone feel happy. How will this expansion handle with that? We will find out in summer.


Honestly, I agree with this. I personally appreciate the fact that new content is coming out.

Though I would appreciate a new hero even more.

The new content is great - especially the new supposed weapons.

But giving me the ability to see some new skills of a new class or hero, and allowing me to incorporate that into the current Hero meta is gold to me.

Giving me a new way to play the new updates would be nice.

We are different people - we like different things. Some people like new maps, others like new skins. Some like new weapons, others new heroes.

Different strokes for different folks. A good vendor finds ways to cater to most of their customer personas.

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My take on this is that if VT2 is going to receive new content and support for the 5-10 years that it has been mentioned the project is planned to continue for. Then eventually, we’ll probably get a new hero or perhaps new careers for existing heroes. We just have to be patient, and it’s important to note that adding a new hero would be a lot of work. So I doubt we’ll get more than 2-3 new heroes over the lifespan of VT2. If I had to guess, FS is probably mulling over whether it is possible at some point in the future, due to the sheer number of people asking for one. Though, I would imagine that given how much work it would be, it may be a while, and I doubt FS will want to shoehorn a new hero in without the new hero fitting in with the other characters, the story, and a host of other considerations we may not know about yet.


Cant wait to put hammer or axe between their horns :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more. This is a huge patch announcement with so much stuff and yet the comments are loaded with complaints because there wasn’t more … sheesh

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Fact of the matter is that this is HUGE support on a product that still looks to have an ongoing life cycle.

There is no news that will ever satisfy the Internet.

With all the new stuff its honestly going to be a pretty huge masterpiece of a game, in its entirety.


I’d love a new hero, too, but I’m not gonna complain about what they’re making. It sounds amazing and game-changing. XD

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You sound like you were promised a new character, when everybody says that is a bad idea and it’ll never added.

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Phew… Guess the definition of everyone only count yourself to you at the very least.

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I do love whats comimg in this summer but id rather glade to see a new hero evenmore.

You have severely disappointed me good sir/madam. I read the release of the magazine as the release of the DLC. There goes my temporary hype, for now at least.

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