Winds of magic is crying for help

Hi guys!
I bought the ,expansion" because I love this game and I have 1800 hours in it. But now I am sad to say but its a dissapointment.
It seems another semi-finished project. Simply I dont understand where these ideas came from?
I am a warhammer fan, I love beastmen, but their implementation is not what I can call a full new race.

  • 1 special? really? where are the bray shamans?
  • 1 monster ? hmmm…ok but I’d like jabberslythe too
  • No Boss in an expansion which based on a new race?
    Despite of these, I like the new units thats right, but I think its too few.
    Maps! Sorry, 1 map :smiley: are you kidding? I expected 3-5 new maps with their story and an endboss for example a Beastlord who is gathering his brayherd to pillage nearby villages, towns. But Noo we get a repetitive weave based already existed map parts to upgrade our character forever for nothing. You should implent these weaves to new maps not in a separated game mode.

New Stagger mechanic? Why? to make game harder? Thats why you made cataclysm what is cool. But whit this stagger you just killed single target weapons and with this a lot of carriers. Why cant you just add this mechanic to properties or traits for shielded weapons? What can I do now with elf’s two handed and Kruber’s executioner cause my playstyle was fencing like. Staying far from enemy and striking them then dodge back. Now I have to wait till the full horde encircle me. Because hyperdensity especially when you fight against beastmen stagger is sometimes useless.

New talents? Why? fully reworked talent tree? Why? You almost made the talents fully balanced and now forgot everything and make absolutelly new ones and besides lot of them totally pointless. Why cant you just replace some useless (by the community) talents to new ones to keep talent tree fresh?
Now talk about the time what a single map need. Lot of time. But as I see balancing stagger mechanic for every weapon and the new talent tree for every character and career will be 3x times longer nevermind.

New weapons are great! But no illusions for them? what?
Cosmetics? Even the new weapons didnot get illusions. No new cosmetic in an expansion. Instead of cosmetics we get dozens of commendation chest as ,rewards" for new challenges. What Can I do with them? I have every cosmetics which are in the game. Opening chests is no longer useful for me anymore. Why cant you add an illusion for every unique named weapon like the dragon head styled dwarven one handed hammer to add some variety for the game?
Weave rewards are :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: portraits with different colour, and season reward commendation chests. It is simply lazyness, sorry I cant find any better explanation for this.

I am really really afraid of the future of this game. If you try to make dlc for expansion to more and missing content thats a dead case. I only accept free updates for the expansion. If you put cosmetic and illusion rewards for weaves forcing players to play a game mod what they dont want to only for keeping alive the weaves is not option for me. As I said weaves are so calculable, enemies spawning at the same places. Game looses what makes it fun after so much hours, the random spawning the new situations like in missions.
Weaves mod will lost its interest after a month or two, no matter of seasons. Think only fortunes of war. Same spawning points, challenge only for once!

New 5 level to get 50 more power? In the last patch you replace the last talent point to lvl30 so why? I have 500+ level on Kruber. Kill all bosses to open cataclysm? really? Just another stuff fo new players I killed them thousands of time. It could make sanse with a new boss but no we didnot get a new boss. Hearthbreak!!!

First and last! what did I get for the half of the full game’s price?

  • 5 beastmen units, half as I expected
  • 1 new map, 1 new map I said only 1 new map
  • Cataclysm with unplayable difficulty without reward.
  • 4 new weapons (mechanics absolutelly ok, I like playing with them) which looks like a collection of a peasant rebellion.
  • Weaves. I have talked enough of it
  • Katrina or who. One annoying voiceline in the keep without any reason why did you put it into the game. If you have future plans with her, just keep her for the future.

So I am really disappointed with the new expansion. I am so sad I was so hyped for this but nevermind I paid it so you get what you want. I am sorry If I was rude but thats the truth.


Beastmen need more specials and monsters

new weapons are awesome, shield+spear need to do mor damage to all enemies, specially armored enemies

only one new map is a bit disappointing, ys, I expected more than one.
Hopefully they release new maps dlc’s

Oof, it’s almost like history is repeating itself…

A bit? This is a HUGE disappointment!
I’m pretty sure that most of us expected a new mini campaign with several maps and a boss fight at the end.

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I dont own the expansion. I am a hardcore fan of V2, but NOT 2.0. Imo 2.0 has REALLY had a NEGATIVE effect on gameplay. I actually have no problem with the ‘lack of content’ you are describing, bascause as some friends have said, its worth the money just for the whole weaves thing. They say its fun. I WISH I could say the same about the one complaint you have that is SO on the MONEY here…

^ SO on point

The STAGGER-TO-DAMAGE model IS the SOLE reason that 2.0 is failing and you hear complaint after complaint from your friends. Regardless of the elitists who say things like ‘the game is way to easy now’, or ‘git gud, you suck’ and silliness like that. Some are fanboys, and some are just uninformed or inexperienced

Your issue is content, I realize that. Its less than people expected yes… and I do NOT own the expansion (and I WONT until they REMOVE stagger to damage completely) but honestly… most of the complaints I hear from players are centered around the stagger to damage mechanic and very few have said ‘I dont like the expansion content’. I am sure there are lots who would say ‘I wish there was more’ though

I wouldnt endorse the expansion, but not for the same reasons. Heck since 2.0, I wouldnt endorse Vermintide 2! HUGE downgrade in almost every way, and notably in the most important way… fun factor


That’s what we want, but Fatshark knows what we need. And it’s weaves, apparantly.

Basically it isn’t. It’s just an expansion on Chaos faction.

The idea with weaves is not bad in itself, but it is poorly thought out and badly made. They only have beautyfull appereance.
In addition, this mode should ONLY be an addition to the core of the game, which is the adventure mode.

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