[PC] Beta 2 of Winds of Magic is coming

We will be running Beta 2 between July 2 - July 9 (dates may change).

Be sure to sign up and get your friends involved as well! If you have been in a WOM beta before, you will automatically be invited for Beta Phase 2!



I noticed i have the closed beta into my library but i never received email from you. It’s that normal? On July 2 am i able to play the beta with that app?

Sorry for my poor english.

Will the same rules that applied to Beta 1 also apply to Beta 2? (e.g., are we still allowed to openly talk about it, stream it, and so on and so forth?).

well… if there were option that internal testers can invite players to play, then maybe we didn’t need beta phase 2
anyway more beta period is welcome and i really hope to see minotaur at least on beta phase 2

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So do internal beta testers need to sign up or are we automatically invited to the 2nd Beta without signup?

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If we are currently in the bate will we keep our progression or have to re-craft/re-roll everything?

i think we gonna get automatic invitation


Could we get a short summary of the conslusions the development team drew from the first phase of the beta testing?
Also a few words on the goals of the second phase? So that we don’t get additional surprises like the dodge adjustment amd the new stagger mechanic. :grin:


Or open wom forum now and reading?

in your original email, it would say Internal beta and the date till july 2nd

You probably have the Closed Test app which was used before launch of the game. The beta for Winds of Magic is called:

Warhammer: Vermintide 2: Winds of Magic - BETA

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What about people who got their keys from alienware arena, will their open beta access be renewed also?
And what about people who applied for the first beta phase but didn’t get the key. Do they have to apply again?

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Ok good.:+1:

It cant hurt, but we planned to invite those who didn’t make it in to Beta 1 as well. As for Alienware Arena folk, I suggest signing up as we don’t technically know who you are to invite you again. :slight_smile:


Should I be concerned if I never got an email? There’s nothing in spam or anywhere else and the original notifications for this beta went right to my inbox anyway. I assume we’re all getting invited back for the next one wether we got notified or not? I saw someone else posted what looked like a new email about the next beta.

I’ll need to confirm details on invites on Monday. I’ve faith the system will work though <3 if in doubt, sign up

Hello ^^
Will patch notes for this beta be released on the fourm here?

i really need a certain final answer: if i got a key from alienware will i be able to play in this next beta
i can launch the client and it says open beta is now closed thanks for participating.

If you have a key already for an earlier beta you’ll have access to this one as well.