[PC] Beta 2 of Winds of Magic is coming

thank you for crarification! was a huge worry for me. another thing many ppl are wandering now is exactly when the beta is aceessible as in how many houts till it opens

I really enjoyed the first WoM beta but didn’t expect a second one. So…

I might have done something stupid by deleting the email (with all activation information) you guys sent me to invite me to the first beta in June. Then, I did something even more stupid: I removed the WoM beta ‘game’ from my Steam library after it was supposedly done to ‘clean up my library’.

Now, I think I locked myself out of getting ‘back’ into the beta. Should I contact Fatshark Support?

EDIT: I used Steam Support to restore the beta to my Steam library. I guess I’m good to go now.

I currently still have WoM beta 1 installed.

Will beta 1 update to beta 2 or will it be a seperate download?

Thank you

Same app, we’ll just patch it

Great, nothing to worry about then. Thank you.

Thank you.

Nvm there’s a timer on the launcher :nauseated_face: :rat: :goat: :cow:

Its comming! little patch update 20 minutes ago


Thank you for the invitation :slight_smile:

@Fatshark_Hedge Thanks for the invite to the forum. But i was wondering do I get a beta key? Because the sign up mentioned a lot of stuff about betas and legal disclosures etc.

Thanks for the invitation Hedge! Very exciting :smiley:

any way to get a key, i took part at all previous betas that were released with 1000 hours spent ingame, but for the new winds of magic addon i wasnt lucky to get any, although i have tried out 4 diffrent ways of application. would be rely glad if there was any way to get into the fun for a dedicated fan of fatsharks artwork :slight_smile:

Check your inbox :slight_smile: PM’ed you something

Patiently waiting for my beta invite. Can’t wait for this next chapter in Vermintide’s history and i can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store for us!


Thanks for the invite, I’d hoped that there would be an invite to the beta aswell :slight_smile:

Cheers for the invite! Awaiting my beta code :wink:

Check the promotions tab in your gmail buddy! We sent you a code about 6 days ago :slight_smile: