We want new adventure maps post-expansion

from PC gamer’s article : "Winds of Magic will likely offer an introductory story mission, but new adventure maps aren’t the focus. Rather, the main progression path for the expansion is a new mode. “I think the most similar game mode would be the Greater Rifts that Diablo III has,” says Wahlund, “where you go in and they scale in difficulty. We’re not doing the same thing, though. We’re doing it in our own way.”

Although I’m excited for the expansion, I just want to ask that we still get new adventure maps in the future, with at least bits and pieces of lore. That’s what will really keep the game interesting in the long run.

thank you guys for the hard work so far, the game is very fun, thank you.


I’m sure they will someday

The Winds of Magic are a quite big undertaking which will take some time to be finished, tested and ironed out. But it won’t be the end of things, and we can expect some new maps at one point, maybe in December or January (this is just my personal estimation).

I’d even say November if Winds of Magic works well and they do a two-map DLC like Bogen.

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I’d love to see maps that go further afield, utilizing the Bridge of Shadows. I think we should go find Karak Zorn, like Bardin has always wanted! Not only could we get a map or two in another Dwarf Hold (overrun with Skaven and Northlanders, naturally), but we could probably get an overrun Lizardman Temple City!


The possibilities are endless if they decide to follow that path. With the Bridge of Shadows we could go anywhere. Ice maps in Norsca or, as you said, in Kraka Drak. Desert maps in Land of the Dead… Beastmen maps in Border Princes…

Now THAT sounds exciting

Cound me in to support this idea. More mission maps would be wonderful.

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