What I would like to see in the upcoming "Winds of Magic" DLC

New Maps
New Enemies
New Weapons
Level 30 Talent
New Costumes For Each Hero (Not New Color)
More variations in General
New Hero (Warrior Priest Maybe)
More Skins for the New Dual Weapons
Some New “Modes”
New Social Area (Especially New Social Area) Breath of Fresh air when coming back to a new place after a Mission , Also The Devs could do new things With the Social Area Like Trophies hanging on the Wall (Slayed enemies of level 1000)
and Instead of a Harder Difficulty , rather a Destiny Like Raid - Fighting stronger and stronger enemies and solving some jump puzzles Until The Main Super Boss Fight or something like that

I like most of the suggestions and in particular would like to see more trophies and more maps.

But just getting a whole new Beastman faction to fight against as well as this stuff with the winds of chaos maps sounds like it could keep us busy for some time.

Even if I hope for more to the game after that.

I want a really challenging new difficulty that really brings back the apocalyptic survival feel.

I would really wish for some good balance tweaks.

And I can’t wait to see the Beastmen.


We’re getting a new “adventure level” (which is basically Fatshark-lingo for a new map), according to the Steam page.

Uhm, in case you haven’t heard about it, that’s the main selling point of this
entire expansion - the inclusion of the Beastmen.

It’s already been confirmed there will be new weapons; a Spear & Shield for Kerillian, a Flaming Flail for Sienna, Throwing Axes for Bardin, a Billhook for Saltzpyre, and a Heavy Spear for Kruber. All of these can be seen on the Steam page.

Not confirmed, but it’s definitely possible considering the level cap will be increased, higher difficulty is going to be introduced, and new enemies will be added, meaning we might need some additional pep to help us against all of that.

Not impossible, but I find it unlikely. Shadows over Bögenhafen (and, to an extent, Back to Ubersreik) was basically the “cosmetics” DLC, and since it isn’t advertised on the Steam page, I doubt there will be many, if any, cosmetics in the upcoming expansion.

Highly unlikely. Introducing a brand new hero to the game is a ton of work, and is better suited as a DLC on it’s own.

Also, and this is a bit more of a personal opinion, but a stand-alone Warrior Priest hero would be a pretty mediocre choice for a new hero.

  • He wouldn’t have an original personality, as Saltzpyre already fills the role of “the screaming religious person”. His conversations with the others would largely consist of things that Saltzpyre already say.

  • Leaning a bit off of the above, he wouldn’t have an original aesthetic either. Kruber already fills the “armoured warrior” look, whilst Saltzpyre already fills the “religious and holy” look.

  • He wouldn’t be able to bring much to the table. Sure, he would be able to have prayers and holy powers and such, but it would be difficult to stretch that idea out across three careers. His weapon choices would also be largely similar to what Kruber and Saltzpyre already have access to.

If a Warrior Priest was ever added to the game, it would be better suited as a fourth career for Saltzpyre, finally giving him a “tanky support-oriented” career.

Again, another major selling point of the expansion is the introduction of the Winds of Magic mode. It’s also stated on the Steam page, in greater detail.

Though I agree with it, I doubt it, especially if you mean it as an entirely new “social area”, rather than just updates to the Keep.

The introduction of a “social area” would most likely also require dedicated servers, so if we’re not getting those, we’re most likely not getting these “social areas” either.

They’ve already announced (you can probably guess where they did so at this point) that there will be a new difficulty in the expansion, so the idea of a “Raid Boss” like level, especially considering the Winds of Magic mode that they’re also releasing, is unlikely for now.


Where did they announce the new difficulity? I cant cee

On the Steam Page, below where it says New Faction: Beastmen, it says that Winds of Magic will also include a New Higher Difficulty.

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Yeah. Suppose to be called Cataclysm.

“End Times” would sound good as well but both don’t fit into the already established order:


Hows about Apocalypse Now?
Pact sworn dont surf!
Skaven dont surf!

Hanzy the Legend
is now
Hanzy the Skaven dont surf!

I hope the slight difference I wanted to point out surfaces.

Some actual bug fixes to the hundreds plaguing the game.

Are you making fun of me sir? :wink:

Tempted to change my Steam ID to “Hanzy the Skaven don’t surf!”
A bit long though…

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I’d quite like one of the minor things to be blocking players on steam blocks them in-game.

They said they’re working on it…

I’ve been Mayfly Lumberfoot for a nearly a year now. I met Mayfly Von Lumberfoot and Mayfly McLumberfoot the other day. Good times.

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