Future DLC

Hey guys. So i’ve been playing vermintide 2 for a bit now and have been enjoying it soooo much, i love it.
Recently i came across the roadmap and i was very surprised (in a good way) due to the mod support, i think is a great idea, but i saw some dlc (maps). I would like to give my opinion regarding this theme.
I dont think dlc (paid) maps are a good idea instead it will be great to add (paid) new heroes and make free map updates, i am completly willing to pay for more heroes since i think that are a great way to increase the games life and fun.
Since the only downsite ithink the game has is the lack of maps, i would’ve liked to have more maps since day 1.

This is only a suggestion, i really like the game and i love the way you have approched progression and heroes, i appreciate the fatc you have not implemented lootCrates (paid ones) and i think that for 27$ is one hell of a game.

Any more suggestions guys??


new Hero will be nice, but Fatshark will not go this way i think!
he make the same like in V1 (with Fails)…
DLC Maps come and this is okay.

I wish more new DLC style, not just Maps! (like stuff for Castle) or Versus Mode as DLC.

I’m a bit tired in this community, the Social Engineering is to less! (so just a little Feedback)
to let the Labor Rat run in circles with like Basic Bugs and not realy work with Community is not my Style. This hart “NaziSS-Style” in the Game is the deep Quality on different Topic not worthy!
(ok Nazis was some noobs^^)

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I wish they’d release the “fixed” dlc soon.

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More maps (a lot more)… More heroes !
A male High Elf and a male Dark Elf assassin

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