Thank you FS

Just this post to say, THANK YOU FATSHARK !

Cause not doing professional job engaging pro tester team to adjust evrything you want.
Trying to gain some money using feedbacks is just spliting community.
Cause you dont do your dev job, ppls fight each other on forums !

What will you do now ? Are 40k lore fanboy wrongs ? Are ppls wanting more challenging game wrong ? Will you do something ? Or just blow on the discord embers ?


I’m tired about all of that, you v made a gem game, and here we are, game is dead, community is dead and on the tooth, please ! Do ! Your ! JOB !

cant wait for space marine 2 to come out so i can move on


Sadly, get same reflexion today, still be a darktide fanboy but atm the result is really really so sad .

Yeah kinda sad to see the ‘stalling with small bug fixes until the console port’ tale come into being. Can’t even throw a bone with the crafting system, like a week+ out from another blog about it. Still throwing Rejects at the top of every communication and the experience is fitting. Rejected redheaded stepchildren of the emperor. The future is indeed grim and dark.

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Yea it’s a really bad com idea, specially when you are in deep s-it like they are, they should show players more respect and they absolutly dont.

I also dislike very much that ‘Rejects’, but it is consistent with their previous communication, e.g. ‘Heroes’ in VT2. I disliked it there too, but not much.

They called us acolytes in the earlier blog posts, they should have just kept it at that.


Bump topic. THANKS FS !

Threads like this unfortunately do not help either… Do it like everyone else and just look for a new game/hobby, nothing relevant will happen here for the next few months anyway. There are enough games that welcome you with open arms and offer massive amounts of content to not feel rejected for some time :hugs: just give them a chance.

It should …

dont worry for me my friend :two_hearts:

That s why i post to point wrong things, and fight against stupidity here, wasting my time unfortunatly …
Cause i really love the CORE game, it s the most 40k of all 40k games released, it s a very huge envolvment of vermintide, and i really hope in this game in particular.

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When i say, without PRO job FS blow on the discord embers :

Today we can see that some ppls are insulted (not really directly but insulted) on the forum, and when you answer to the harasser you are flagged and post is hidden.
Also thos ppls are ppls who just want NERF NERF NERF with arguments ok but we open debat and give em counter arguments, we put on the desk some alternatives to add more content to fix problems making evry1 happy, but no, we dont want nerf, we are flag.

Thanks FS it’s a great job.

Ready for Disappointment round two?

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As it is mentioned on an other topic in this forum, it is the dark age of gaming, se yeah, we r ready … and it’s sad.