@Fatshark, are there any plans for new V2 content after the release of the 4th sienna career

As the title already says, i am curious if there are any plans for new V2 content after the sienna release. Do you consider to give V2 a long term content support, or is V2 already at the end of the life circle?

Thank you very much for the rich content you have already delivered!

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Yes, we have plans for it. V2 is no longer in a launch cycle, but we’re not in sunsetting mode yet either. We call this “maintenance” in the industry; it’s the in-between stage between the former two. :slight_smile: I’ve seen some new content being developed, and once we’re in a solid spot and ready to promote it, we’ll be able to tell you all more.


Does this mean that while content is still expected nothing in the sort of a weapon Dlc or something of the sort ?

I’m afraid I’m not allowed to reveal what our future content will be; you’ll just have to wait and see :wink:

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Talking about current DLCS, I noticed in the challenges tab karak azgaraz appears before a treacherous adventure (otherwise the order is correct): did you sharks perhaps planned to release these 2 dlcs in this order? Is the canonical order KA then ATA? I ask this because the necromancer seems closely tied to that DLC, and I haven’t noticed voice lines in KA referring that map-pack

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Hey there;

So TA was planned before KA, but there was some debate if one should come before the other since they were developed somewhat close to each other. However, TA was completed first. I suppose if you had to have a canonical order, it would be KA then TA, but Lohner’s Chronicles somewhat dispute that.


Ahhhh, good point!

I’m very happy to hear that more stuff will be coming for the Vermintide game we all, or most, here love. :smiley:


This is so nice to hear! Ambiguity is so much better when it’s optimistic. Would love another weapon pack one day, will poor Kruber ever get a dlc ranged weapon?

My OCD will forever be aggravated if we don’t get some more outfits to balance it out. I was expecting the last pack to give the 2nd outfit to the last 5 careers who didn’t have one, but instead we got DLC skins and a 3rd outfit for others…

It’s nice to know that VT2 will not be shelved and will still enjoy support.

I think we could use a moderate balance patch to address some of the feedback voiced by community, that wasn’t the top priority but rather a “nice to have”. Examples:

  • Assassins being a bit overdone and weird in general

  • Pyromancer could use some love.

  • Huntsman was considered underperfoming and generic before Big Balance Beta, got souped up with a talent guaranteeing a headshot and then reverted back to original state. The old Big Balance Threads are locked, but here is a citation by proxy. In other words: he needs some love.

  • Threads pointing out that Outcast Engineer is too hard, clunky or poor on Cata are periodically making a return in the forum, so I will spare myself a citation :slight_smile:

  • Weaves lacking any kind of sensible gameplay due to sadistic damage scaling.

Last but not least:

More hats/helmets needs to match colors with the armors. My Kruber in his white GK armor with the yellow-clothed helmet looks like a construction worker on a hot day.

But I have to say that Vermintide 2 is IMO already in a very good place, balance and gameplay-wise.

I created that thread to try and understand the intentions behind the rework; to pick Fatshark’s brain.
Ultimately he’s in a decent spot, far from underperforming; the changes they did implement from that beta improved his accessibility and “fun” factor.

I have gripes with Huntsman because he’s my favorite career, it’s not unusual to nitpick things we wish to be perfect. But it’s mostly over talent row imbalances, weapon QoL, some poor synergies etc.
Just small things, not flashy new gimmicks.

Hi James, just to clarify, as I am aware that it might not be clear from my post. I’ve cited your post as it was only availible source of original developer statements regarding huntsman I have found on forum.
Sadly, the old threads with BBB feedback and status updates are already gone.

Speaking from memory, I remember that Huntsman was considered underperforming, got buffed a lot (with the Sureshot mechanics) and then reverted more or less to the original state with only “band-aid” improvements. I also can recall that he was scheduled for further balancing changes along the Big Balance Beta Volume 2. That is also the core of my message: he was reworked, rolled back and finally improved in a way that still leaves him open for further polish, regardless of the Sure Shot mechanic or not.

I like to stick to facts so I tried to find some quotes backing that up, but your post was the only one I could find that had some traces of original material in it as you have thankfully quoted the devs reasoning behind the huntsman rework. Nothing more, nothing less.

We don’t speak of Sure Shot here. :eyes:

It was a broken mess but also killed a lot of build/trait diversity due to the removal of Waste Not, Want Not, annoying people that liked those builds and annoyed the people that enjoyed actually aiming.

Unsure if FS is in the same opinion boat as I am but I feel like continued service for V2 makes a lot more sense than a potential V3, the difference in graphics would probably be fairly negligible but the likely content drought from shipping a new game compared to v2s like 30+ levels and 20 careers would most certainly be a punch in the gut.

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I think the reason for switching to a new game should be technological rather than anything else, but should serve to sever the story in some way.

VT2 is already bursting at the seams, and that’s the reason they have to restrict the enemies (Variants, but also no new enemies iirc what Aqshy said at some point). But we are also starting to be at the end of what the U5 can give, at least in their current aspects, now if instead they did VT3 in AoS, maybe after the soon to be Skaven revamp for it, or did it with a new hero group to explore new thematics I think it would be better.

Or alternatively, doing a fantasy tide, against a new horde and with a new hero group (Dreadtide, Lizardtide, Greentide, Nagashtide…)

I’d like to add that Lizardmen are on the Good Guys’ side in Warhammer so them being enemies in a tide games makes no sense to me.

Either having us play as Chaos Warrior or Explorators in Lustria would 100% work lorewise

That would probably be true although I will confess that I would prefer to keep being good guys than villains…

That said. If such a tide game was released I would play it until my fingers were bleeding. :stuck_out_tongue:

But Chaos are the good guys…

I played a Chaos miniature army back in the day, including during the Storm of Chaos online campaign. Oh, memories…

But you’ve got alot of talking to do if you want to convince me that Chaos are the good guys in Warhammer.