Sienna's Release FAQ

Note: This is a re-posting of the FAQ thread that has been posted to Steam, found here: Sienna's Release FAQ :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions


I wanted to create a pinned thread to help address the multiple questions this forum gets regarding Sienna’s career. I’ve shared this info here, on Reddit, and on streams, but I’ve collected it all here for good measure.

I will add to this list as I’m greenlit to share more. If it is not answered here, it means I cannot share anything further yet.

I’ll be looking at questions in this thread periodically and bringing them back to the team so we can discuss what to answer as we prepare to share more info.

Does she have a release date?

Sienna is slated for Fall 2023!

How far along is her concept?

She is now in the final stretch of development and having finishing touches put on her.

Is she a Gold Wizard???

Maybe. Probably not… No, no she is not (sorry to dash all your hopes and dreams! :frowning: ). All your speculations are good, however! I can confirm she is still a [pretty cool] magic user, though!

It’s not Sienna without magic staves! Can she use staves???

Yup, this Sienna class can still use staves.

Final Update: May 25 , 2023


Sienna mains rejoice

sienna clap 1mb




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Sienna mains raise up :smile:

Can’t wait for the content of this year, I really enjoyed last years.
I hope of corse for more maps but im happy with anything new and shiny.

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Sienna Fuegonasus

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More reassuring stuff for the Vermintide side, I wonder what the “good chunk” might imply

I’m hoping for a weapon pack


Still putting my bet on Ice Witch Sienna :wink:

some changes and alterations i would like to see in vermintide 2. These are some ideas that I have and some friends of mine say.

Add the skins of the ranked plot as buyable skins with essence.

Add exclusive frames and skins of each career to the plot mode

New attack progression for some old weapons: ax Victor and bardin, two-handed sword Victor and bardin, 2-handed hammer kruber and bardin… kruber’s sword)

Balancing of some talents and items (I’ll comment in more detail below)

Add cataclysm difficulty choice (1,2,3)

Suggestion: Leave the game free and lower the price of winds of magic, and add a paid battle pass.

Choose feat modifiers.

Release the purchase made.

Change the looby? (Just to give the game a new face)

option to walk in third person in the looby.

Adjust helmet colors

option to change the helmets of the vermintide 1 skins

New skin pack for the new fourth careers

New skins purchasable with shillings (mainly helms)

Weapon skin pack.

New talents: on all equipment (at least 1)

“New” vermintide end times skin pack.

Buying low difficulty XP buffs at Lohner’s emporium (to help new players level up), the beginning on recruit and veteran difficulties are a bit overwhelming

New enemy faction and maps (in the future?)

Fifth character class?

Choosing picture frame?

Add training dummies of each class and armor

Add new enemies:
1skaven, 1chaos, 1minotaur

Bring some desert chaos passives to the normal game, example:
Passive: recover from a ledge, and add to accessory.

Add a new game monster, maybe a minotaur?

New weapons for characters:
Victor: Two-handed triple flail (zealot) / spiked battle club + censer (zealot and warrior priest) / scythe and bell (zealot)
Bardin: Hochland Long Rifle/Ax with chains (slayer exclusive)
Siena: …
Markus: Greatsword and Shield(Special: Guard Shield) / Double Barrel Pistol
Kerilian: shield and spear hagbane (kerilian pathguard exclusive)/ cursed sword (kerilian shadow exclusive)

Additions and changes I would like in Warhammer vermintide 2.

Balancing bosses and monsters:

Bille troll, increase HP to: 800/ 1200/ 1600/ 2400/ 4000/ 5200/ 6400

Skarrik Spinemanglr, increase HP to: 700/ 1050/ 1400/ 2400/ 3800/ 5000/ 6000

Bödvarr Ribspreader, increase HP to: 700/ 1050/ 1400/ 2800/ 3800/ 5000/ 6000

Gatekeeper Naglfahr, increase HP (or increase the life he has to lose to transform from 75% to 20%) to: 700/ 1500/ 2500/ 6000/ 16000/ 18000/ 20000.

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Just to say, but this isn’t the thread for that


Not gonna happen they already said so

Grail Knight - June 23, 2020
Outcast Engineer - November 19, 2020
Sister of the Thorn - June 3, 2021
Warrior Priest - December 10, 2021

It’s been 13 months. Everyone else only had to wait 5-7 months. WTF are you doing? Why is this taking so damned long? Why are Sienna mains being so atrociously neglected? FS, get your heads out of your asses. You openly admitted that Darktide is a broken piece of crap, and you made us wait for THAT?

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Hey there, as we mentioned last year, we had V2 devs temporarily move onto Darktide to help with launch, so that slowed V2 down some. These devs have returned to V2, so development on V2 can continue.

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but she’s worth it!

Edit: Clarification.


I’ll believe it when I see it. For the moment I refuse to believe Sienna’s 4th is coming. You started off with VS announcement which is clearly never happening and then you said Darktide wouldn’t affect Vermintide 2(diFfeRenT dEv TeAms ;-S) and then you delayed a Career that would of finished the game off and released the steaming pile that is Darktide(Is it actually a bad game like some reviews said? No. Is it playable for more than a weak. Also No.) I uninstalled all tide games as a result. Seriously so disappointed right now. We have been patient, so don’t act like we haven’t, it’s now 14 months and no 4th career. This is beyond un-acceptable and if it never releases I feel you will have burned your bridges with us; your fan base.


I admit I’d be surprised if it wasn’t coming. Maybe they delayed it a bit because they are still undecided if they want to commit on another 5?

Anyway I just hope when it releases they’ll have fixed the inventory issue, or I won’t be able to have her weapons in the red :confused:

Is there any ETA for A Trail of Treachery?

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Hey man chill that horse has suffered enough

@Aqshy any news for us? Maybe some teaser?

Not at the moment. She’ll be in testing a while longer, but she’s being worked on. Just keep your ear to the ground in the future. :slight_smile:


It’s okay to wait until the fifth Career DLC is released. I hope that when it comes out it won’t have the bugs of other careers and it won’t be too powerful compared to the others like the “Sister of Thorn” career did. In this case it would not be too acceptable by customers.

May we know if you plan to release it in Q2, Q3 or Q4 of 2023?