Victor saltzpyre rework?

victor saltzpyre
Rework and balances in careers and weapons.

I play Victor since the end times until today warhammer vermintide 2, and I realize that he can receive some changes to improve the gameplay or make some talents cooler without being OP. These are just ideas to make some more fun or thematic things.

:red_circle:WITCH HUNTER


Level 10) Riposte: buff, blocking an attack about to hit you makes your next 2 melee AND RANGE attacks within 4 seconds critical, if the blocked attack is from an enemy marked with inquisition, the next two attacks gain 80% critical power.

Level 20)

Templar’s Knowledge: Witch Hunt damage bonus is increased to 40%.
witch hunt no longer increases allies’ damage.

Wild Fervour: Witch-Hunt grants 5% increased critical hit chance to the entire party for 5 seconds when taggable enemies die. maximum of 2 stocks.

Level 25)

Charmed Life: hits to the head increase critical chance by 3%, hits to other parts remove a stock. max: 5 stocks.
dodge increased by 20%

Always Prepared: Increases max ammunition by 30%.
Dodging close-to-hit attacks ensures that the next long-range attack causes bleeding.

level 30)

I will judge everyone: rework/buff, applies inquisition to all enemies hit by hostility, if the enemy already had inquisition when hit by hostility the damage of inquisition increases by 10% on that enemy.

Infinite Hunt: buff, when hitting 10 or more enemies with hostility refunds 40% of the cooldown, if it hits twice as much (20 enemies) refunds 50%

PASSIVE: Witch Hunt: Adjustment, marked enemy has a different color or marking than the game’s default (orange) or or an icon, similar to Chaos Weastes’ taal tusk.

:red_circle:BOUNTY HUNTER

some of my latest ideas for BH, post balance patch:



*New advantage:
A Purpose: Victor takes 4 sacred equipment that can be equipped by healing, bomb and potions and weapon change items. Each item has a different bonus.

BELL: Activates the bell and earn +2 Flaming Faith Accumulations for 10 seconds (interval 40 seconds)
(Equipable in the healing inventory)

SIGMAR BANNER: During use of the Victor standard it reduces the interval of iron heart (passive immortality), 1% per second.

Azorrague (whip): Causes damage to itself by removing 15 life by attack, and increasing the healing received by 15% with each hit, accumulating up to 6, loses an accumulation to each hit with the melee weapon in the enemy.
(Equipable in the bomb inventory)

TurĂ­bulo (censer): Victor passes his censer forward, releasing smoke or essence. When Victor passes through the smoke, his next melee attacks within 6 seconds cause bleeding, the more accumulations of flaming faith Victor has, the more damage is caused by bleeding.
(while Victor uses the turĂ­bulo in front of him to release the smoke, it automatically blocks up to 1 stamina)
Interval: 40s
(Equipable in bomb Inventory)


Level 10

A inflexible purpose: It can carry a sacred item while carrying a gun from a hand. Sacred items bonuses improve by 50%. (With two -hand weapon applies only the 50%bonus)

Level 25

Taking damage increases movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. Getting attacked no longer slows movement speed.
:bell: Using the bell gains 15% movement for 4 seconds and reduces the bell cooldown to 20 seconds.

Redemption through Blood:
Receive damage restores vigor completely.
:scroll:increases regeneration of “Heart of Iron” using sigmar banner, 2% per second

Calloused Without and Within:
Damage taken reduced by 10%.
:drop_of_blood:The smoke from the censer now stuns passing enemies and the smoke lasts twice as long.

Level 30

Faith of Faith: Buff, attacks during sacred fervor increase power 2% and damage to armor enemies by 1.5% for 8 seconds. Accumulates up to 10x.

FERROVER OF THE FLAGING: BUFF, EACH I HIT UNFORTING UNFORTING DURING SACRED FERRE GRANTS ANCUMULATION UP TO 30. Each accumulation reduces by 2% the recharging time of the sacred fervor when the bonus ends. If accumulations exceed 30 during the duration, Victor receives a sigmar blessing, gaining sacred fury that causes large damage to the next melee attack and armor penetration (+35%).

New weapon zealot?:point_down:
WHF08_Career_ProphetDoom (1)

:red_circle:Warrior Priest

new ideas after the patch notes, about the warrior priest:

:white_circle::white_circle::white_circle::white_circle::white_circle:Weapons :black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle:

add counterattack special same as catachan sword Mk IV “demon’s claw” darktide.

headshot damage increased by 80%.
All attacks of the ax break shields.
Push attack with armor drilling.
Add a special attack, hit with the other side of the ax, stunning enemies in front (similar to darktide’s ax).

Two -handed sword: Improvements to Victor and Kruber's two-handed swords


Hammer Funde Skulls:
+5 dmg all attacks or rework?

Pistol coupler:
Special recharges 1 ammunition.
Normal firing damage increased by 5%

Repetition Pistol:

7 damage by projectile
Or on the parasite he recovers 5% of the projectile ammunition in the alternative shot (equal to the bunch beast)

griffin foot:
Reduce damage by projectile or rework.

And finally, I would love to see these Victor’s helmets back in the worm: Reikwald Hat, Vermillion Tidings, Purifying Light and Sigmar service.
And the paid skins of Vermintide End Times also in Verminide 2, I bought Victor’s red and would love to be able to play with her at 2.

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Hard to give feedback when I don’t understand a word of it.

Now …

You could use something like this to match the talents/passive names properly at the very least. Its really hard to really understand if something is supposed to be an replacment or outright buff.

For Witch hunter captain i can at least say.
Level 10 talent having tagging requirement is completly unnecassary.
30 talents, first one is absolutely redundant 10% dmg buff and the other one does not need more cdr.

@Ensrick zealot flail