Warrior Priest rework? Post patch

:yellow_circle:What would be needed for the Victor saltzpyre warrior Priest was:

new advantage:
:red_circle:The WP would gain a relic (similar to the darktide zealot, or even the chaos wastes candle from Nurgle’s mission) that he could use every 1 min, this relic he would take in his hand and receive a sigmar blessing, gaining 50% fury.
When using the relic, gain an effect based on which prayer Victor is using in the level 25 talent.
He would be equipped with bombs.
(use the defend command when you have the relic in your hand, gain 50% fury, 1 minute cooldown.
using the attack command activates the prayer bonus of level 25 talents.)

Talent level 10:
:red_circle:The “old” “Divine Excoriation” talent merges with the “Unstoppable Force” talent. This would make “both” more interesting and viable.

Talents level 20:
:red_circle: The new Blazing Bright talent is being reformulated and has another functionality, one idea is: Each hit on an enemy charges 1% of the appropriate fury. Enemies that Victor stuns receive 2 damage and reduce the relic’s cooldown by 0.1% (damage is also caused by the level 30 “unshakable blessing” and level 10 “divine excoriation” stun.)

“Basically this talent would be useful for level 10 buff and stun during rage since she would stab multiple times.”

:red_circle:Empowered Smite: increases fury damage to 40%, certain crits charge 3% fury and the passive “Enemy of Chaos” has its damage bonus increased to 60%.

Talents level 25:
:red_circle:The Prayer of Vengeance talent would give allies 10% power against monsters and 30% critical power.
:low_brightness:When using the relic, it causes 5 shock waves that damage all nearby enemies. Cooldown: 1min

:red_circle:Prayer of Might: Blesses the party with 25% increased Stagger Power.
:low_brightness:When using the relic, it causes a shock wave that knocks down all nearby enemies. Cooldown: 3min

:red_circle:Prayer of Hardiness: Blesses the party with 15% increased Max Health.
:low_brightness:Using the relic reduces allies’ curse by 50% and area damage reduction by 50% for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 30s

:red_circle:increase the time before fury begins to fall by 8 seconds. That way the fury stocks won’t dissipate so quickly.

:red_circle:HP: from 150 to 125.
( With this reduction in base hp, along with the buffs I proposed, the character would get much closer to a support dps, losing a little damage resistance but increasing his damage and support for the team.)

:yellow_circle:All talents that are not mentioned here will not have changes, like all talents at level 5, 15 and 30 that will remain with the changes after the patch.

In the end, these changes would be super useful, such as: holy fury more often without the need to spend ult to gain fury, diverse builds, balanced and versatile

Opinion… Post patch
(Maybe there are some translation errors.)
Honestly, I didn’t like the changes to the WP, I always had an easy time stocking up (mainly due to the game modes I play where a lot of enemies come nonstop) the passive in matches, but I understand that even in the cataclysm, sometimes the timing was a little weird. in which the passive was stocked, and fatshark wanted to give the player a little more freedom to choose when to activate the passive and not depend on “finishing a boss” or clearing an entire horde…
:white_circle: Now I’m going to comment on why I got the weird and competitive changes in WP, I’m main victor, so I wanted to give my point of view on how WP should be working and because he is clumsy. :white_circle:
The idea of WP is to be a DPS support, with power spikes (which would be passive).
So the first problem we had in WP is that he seemed like an incomplete character (similar to bardin OE),
WP had a talent pipeline that had a synergy with other talent pipelines such as:

“Sigmar’s Executioner” along with the talent “Prayer of Vengeance”, plus the talent “Empowered Smite” and “United in Prayer” (dps).
With these talents you could make a powerful dps build “focused” on criticals.

“Unstoppable Force” along with the talent “Divine Excoriation”, “Prayer of Might” and “The Comet’s Gift” (to lift, heal, and prevent damage to allies) or “Unyielding Blessing” (to save allies who are trapped) .
This sequence of talents was already used more for controlling hordes and being more attentive to supporting allies, both with divine excoriation and with the shield.

In addition to these two, there were a few others to heal allies, cause damage without being critical…
But what was the defect of all the builds? The passive…
The dps one didn’t have much dps because the passive never stocked up at the right time, the support with divine excoriation wasn’t always ready when we needed it…
So fatshark made some changes…

Added advantages of gaining fury by taking damage, killing enemies for 2% per kill and releasing the ultimate recovering 60% of fury.
Looking at it for a quick moment, it looks good, but it’s not as cool as it seems…
Let’s see the changes:
the first talent at level 20, if I don’t take damage the only advantage it has is gaining a shield during suitable rage… Was this necessary? Is this what WP needed?
The second talent at level 20 now recovers 60% of fury with the ultimate, this is a big problem, as using the situational ultimate just to keep charging up fury doesn’t seem interesting at all. Just imagine, I would like to activate fury to cause more damage, but now I can no longer save my friends because I have already spent my ultimate in a completely random way, this takes away the entire essence of WP’s ultimate and becomes just a “little book of green circles”
And the third level 20 talent was the only one that was interesting, and this way of stocking the passive was very interesting. This one was good.

However, the problems don’t stop there, with the removal of the divine excoriation from level 20, what will be the effective and fun use of the “Unstoppable Force” talent? What will I get 50% push reduction for? Just to give a little push here and there? This makes no sense, before this talent was very useful because if you hit 3 enemies, you would spam the divine excoriation, knocking down all enemies and opening up space for allies depending on the location.

And the Sigmar’s Executioner talent, what talent will I match it with? Before I had critical chance and a critical damage bonus, now I just have a solitary perk.

The power against monster enemies is ridiculously strong, I played with my friends and they annihilated the Boss.

We cannot forget Victor’s troll power, gaining fury and shield with healing just for taking damage in the middle of the patrol.

I don’t think it was that good, but now it’s clumsy.