Idea New career victor saltzpyre

sorry for the translation: these days i saw an image of an idea of ​​a new career of victor alchemist with skaven studies, and i found it interesting and thought of some ideas if this career existed… would bardin help victor to develop these items?

warpstone alchemist
victor saltzpyre

Potions: Victor cannot carry bombs, but he gains potions in his inventory.


Poisoned Wind Globe: Every 60 seconds a gas bomb appears in the bomb inventory. Stacks up to 3 times. (Gas bomb deals AoE damage based on enemy max health every 1 second for 10 seconds)

(Specials: 7% health, monsters: 1% health, another 5% health) (damage described at end of text)
(Green smoke effect)
(Damage is not stackable)

#####Stun potion: Every 80 seconds a paralyzing potion appears in Victor’s bomb inventory. Throws a paralyzing potion that slows and damages.
(12 seconds long)
(black tar effect on the floor)
(Deals damage every 0.2 seconds until skill ends)
(Interval: 50 seconds)
(60% slow)
(Stacks: 2 times)

#####Holy and Flammable: Every 80 seconds a Flammable Glass appears in the Bomb Inventory. Throws a flammable glass onto the floor that spills out that ignites when hit by Victor’s (spark) attack.
(Stacks: 2 times)
(Flammable Liquid: Lasts 15 seconds on the ground)
(Fire Lasts 12 seconds)
(Visual Effect: Yellow fire with blue flare)

career skill
Parallel Studies: Victor releases gas around him, slowly expending his skill, the skill slowly regenerates. (By pressing the career skill button the gas is released, by pressing the button again the gas stops and also stops consuming the skill bar and it recharges again)
(Total skill duration: 15 seconds)
(Total skill range: 1:30)
(Smoke lasts for 1.30 seconds after skill ends)
(The skill can only be activated again after 6 seconds after using it)


Reverse Engineering: Victor is completely immune to gas

Overflowing Poison: Every 20 seconds Victor’s melee weapon becomes warpstone (green and green smoke) dealing damage based on the health of enemy enemies hit. (buff duration: 6 seconds)
(Enemy health damage: 3.5% max health of enemies, and 1.5% max health of monsters and bosses)

Alchemy Study: Victor can mix his potions to create different effects:
✓Poison+Stun=Stun and Slower(70%)(green tar)
✓poison+flammable=Victor’s powder shot explodes smoke (orange smoke)
✓stun+flammable=1.5x more fire damage (green fire)

The commands to mix potions would be: click on the bomb and choose the potion you want to use, then press the aim button to leave it in your left hand and then choose another potion. It will mix and the mixed potions can be stored in the health and potion inventory.



✓ stun
✓ slaughter
✓area healing


  1. Toxic weapons: the perk overflowing poison is always active (damage to monsters and bosses reduced)

  2. same coin: for every poisoned enemy near Victor, his career skill charges 3% faster and if it is above 90% of career skill Victor gains 20% more healing received

  3. Leakage: Charged attacks apply passive overflowing poison in area, poison can stack twice (does not activate on monsters and bosses)

level 20

  1. Purification: Every enemy killed by “holy and flammable” fire increases Victor’s melee damage by 5%. Stacks up to 6 times. Lasts 15 seconds. Each kill resets the duration. If the fire is warpstone, the stack increases to 8.

2)Enemy Experience: Potions charge 40% faster

  1. Trap for Heretics: Enemies who die within the stun potion area increases the duration of the effect by 1 second.

Level 25:

  1. unshakable purpose: attacks from poisoned enemies only take 50% of the stamina of attacks and deal 20% less damage to Victor

  2. Versatile Alchemist: When at 30% less gas, movement is increased by 20%. And if the gas is above 90% the attack speed is increased by 10%. And from 20% to 90% reduces damage taken by 10%.

  3. on the right track: killing 20 poisoned enemies quickly Victor receives a ban from SIGMAR, automatically parrying 1 attack without having to block. After defending, he receives 30 damage reduction for 2 seconds.
    (Duration of the blessing: until withdrawn)
    (Stacks: 2 times)
    (Visual effect when parrying attacks active: mask eye is no longer green but yellow “reference to new class” )
    (visual effect when trimming automatically: yellow light quickly on top of victor)


  1. FOOTPRINTS OF FAITH: after using the gas for more than 3 seconds, Victor leaves contaminated footprints for 20 seconds. Footprints deals damage to nearby enemies equal to poisoned wind.

  2. filthy guinea pig: if the enemy dies with the parallel studies skill, Victor can take the enemy’s poisoned body, carry them and throw a toxic substance in the body when throwing. Enemies that pass near the body will fall for 2 seconds.
    (Victor can pick up the body in the interact button and it can take for unlimited time)
    (Victor carries the body on his shoulder)
    (He can only pick up infantry enemies)
    (The body is only active after the throw, Victor can get the body back after throwing)
    (Victor can only have 1 infected body at a time)
    (Falling effect does not apply to: chaoss Warriors, berserkers, bosses and monsters)

  3. take a deep breath: the gas persists on the enemy for 10 seconds after he leaves the gas, the infected enemy passes the gas to nearby enemies.
    (Gas area on enemy: 3 meters)


WARPSTONE FLAME THROWER: Victor carries a flamethrower that uses poison globe potions as ammo.
(Total duration: 12 seconds)
(Recharge time: 6 seconds)
(Range: 100% higher than Siena/bardin flamethrower)
(Width of flames: 50% smaller than Bardin/Siena’s flamethrower)
(Green flame effect)
(Special: 2x more damage and consume 50% faster) (warpstone alchemist exclusive weapon)

POISONED SHOT PISTOL: A pistol with 10 projectiles, with only one shot at a time. (The projectile does 30 damage and 170 damage over 10 seconds) (poison damage is stackable) (Special: Pistol swing) (only WH and AW can use)

Big Scythe Two-Handed: Nominal Scythe Blows
Special: Bleeding slash (only WH and AW “warpstone alchemist” can use)

Star mace and large poisonous whip: mace hits followed by poison scourge slashes. Scourge with high damage on unarmored enemies. (All classes can use less BH)

Victor saltzpyre damage:

Poisoned Wind Globe:
Based on enemy health %
recruit: 7%
veteran: 5%
Champion: 5%
Legend: 3.5%
Cat: 2%
Specials and infantry.

Paralyzing Potion:
recruit: 0.50
veteran: 0.70
champion: 0.90
legend: 1
Cata: 1.25

Sacred and Flammable:
Recruit: 4
veteran: 6
legend: 11
Cata: 13

Parallel studies (career skill):
Same damage from poisoned wind globe. Damage from parallel studies stacks with Poisoned Windglobe but reduces damage from parallel studies by 30%.

Overflowing Poison:
3.5% enemy maximum health
1.5% of max health Boss/monsters

Damage over time all at once at the time of the explosion

Same damage as stun

Holy and Flammable damage increased by 1.5x


15 damage per hit

Star apple and great poisonous whip:
Mace damage similar to Siena’s.
Scourge Damage: 30 damage over 6 seconds

Big Two-Handed Scythe: New scythe damage and attack progression. Special: lunge, 40 damage over 2 seconds

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cool idea and concept, tho i think it needs streamlining
compared to all the other careers this class is too complex,
another problem i see with his gas aura ability even tho i like the concept i dread the implication, why?
visibility, a mage with coruscation staff is already a nightmare to play along.

next are the dmg values, you went with percentages
whats the problem with % you ask?
they scale with enemy stats, the less health an enemy has the worse it gets wich makes no sense a weaker enemy should die faster from the same effect not equally fast

you mention 16.5s total career skill duration and 2% total max hp dmg per second, that would mean that this skill would deal 33% dmg in 16.5s duration to slave rats, (cata) that’s awfully bad
i feel like a aoe gas attack should be best at dealing with trash the best. and then scales worse and worse against stronger enemies, but this concept has this reversed (maybe on purpose?)

if that’s the case wouldn’t want a career that is deleting elites with his ability playing with a famished flames BW is already a snorefest don’t want another entry in my book of grudges


Respondendo oque você falou, vamos ver se o tradutor vai ajudar lol.

  1. sim o objetivo dessa classe era ser complexa

  2. eu não acho que iria atrapalhar tanto a visibilidade, até porque o efeito visual poderia ser bem transparente, ficar um pouco baixo, e seguir o Victor em vez de ficar acumulando várias nuvens

3)eu não fiz perguntas sobre porcentagens, deve ser um erro de tradução

  1. na questão do dano na vida dos inimigos… A ideia da classe não seria de um cara que joga gás e mata tudo que tem pouco Hp, e sim uma classe que danifica inimigos igualmente. A porcentagem de vida vai diminuindo de acordo com a dificuldade porque, um rato na dificuldade baixa morre com 1 ou 2 hits… Agora imagina um rato com 15 de Hp tomando 2% da vida… Seria simplesmente frustrante, por isso o gás iria punir muito mais nas dificuldades mais baixas, agora imagina as armas do Victor batendo numa horda com elites no cataclisma junto com o gás da habilidade carreira e sua vantagem veneno transbordando… É uma soma de danos ótima até mesmo porque ele iria acumular gases caso a horda seja muito densa.

  2. sobre o dano em elites, ele teria um dano médio-baixo porém esse dano se manteria constante mesmo contra inimigos blindados, com seu dano na vida, um guerreiro do chaoss tem 340 de Hp, se ele estiver no gás ele perde 5% do Hp por segundo… E você pode pensar, um zealot, wh ou wp consegue fazer muito mais dano que isso nesse período de tempo, e aí eu te falo, verdade, e se for 5 guerreiros do chaoss, o dano do novo Victor seria muito maior, fora suas poções e passivas de dano em área. Então como eu disse é um dano baixo porém continuo e numa grande área e sem poluição visual.

A gameplay dele lembraria um pouco o cáustic do apex, só que com menos poluição visual. O gás seria um dano auxiliar. E o sagrado e inflamável seria uma poção com dano fixo e não % de vida, com mais dano que o gás para despachar hordas densas e menos dano que o gás contra elites e inimigos com mais vida.

Very cool idea which certainly breaks from the Sigmarite theme to the character and takes him in a new possible direction.

I like it alot as it would broaden Victor from mentioned Sigmarite theme and perhaps also open the possibility to other “applied science” careers for him in the future.

EDITED: The details can be discussed and modified and such, but its perhaps the best idea I’ve seen for Victor in a fan suggestion so far.

EDITED II: One could easily see how this career could do to potions what the Outcast Engineer does to bombs and range weapons.

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@doomderp .

Cool idea, but I wonder if an Alchemist wouldn’t be practicing witchcraft according to Witch Hunters.

Also, I don’t know of any existing Warhammer careers that fit this. Every career the characters have in Vermintide 2 are so embedded in the lore you could find many miniature figurines with the same career (well Zealot is basically a Flagellant). I can’t really find any imperial battlefield alchemist types or anything close.

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