How do you see the new career of Saltzpyre?

Gentlemen and ladies. In the future, we are waiting for the Wasteland of Chaos and of course new careers. In this respect, I’m not really interested in the elf, but Saltzpyre makes me tremble.
I think a lot about what it might be like, given that we already have an Engineer and some information about the elf.
What mechanics do you think the new Victor will use? Which career is most desirable for you/and which is most likely?
And in general, what new role in the team would little Victor have to take?

Honestly I’m not sure how to answer any of those questions, but I do know that whatever they go with it’s gonna be hard to make it stand out from WHC and Zealot, which are extremely strong “do everything” classes in their current state.

TBH we don’t really need another melee only class, so I hope they can come up with something else that would be unique from his current classes. Saltz is probably most lacking a stagger oriented tank class, so I think that could be fun. As stated though, however you do that sort of class as it stands Zealot will likely outdo him in everything unless they make the new class super OP (which they’ve avoided doing pretty well so far).

So yeah I’m kinda hoping we at least see some Zealot balance before the new Saltz career or they’re gonna put themselves in a difficult spot.

The Warrior Priest is quite obvious and probable.

  1. This is a Warhammer icon, an absolutely recognizable image.
  2. May be a “beta test” for the Priestess with hammer in Darktide.
  3. Hammertime! :hammer_and_pick:

Personally though, I’d prefer the Steam Tank Driver. He could have access to the Hohland Long Rifle. I need handguns for each of my bot.


Still holding out a faint hope for Vampire Saltzpyre, with all the Genevieve teasers.

As for what his special could be?

Salty= WH: Stagger Bubble, BH: Damage Shot= Zealot: Rush
Kerry= Waystalker: Damage Shot, Handmaiden: Rush, Shade: Stealth
Bardin= Ranger: Stealth, Ironbreaker: Taunt Stagger Bubble, Slayer: Rush/Jump Stagger Bubble, Engineer: Damage Shots
Sienna= BW: Rush/Teleport, Pyro: Damage Shot, Unchained: Slight Damage Stagger Bubble.
Markus= Merc: Healing Stagger Bubble, Huntsman: Stealth, FootKnight: Rush, Grail Knight: Damage Hit.

Saltzpyre is missing Stealth completely, as does Sienna.

For his new Career, I’d think he’d get either Stealth, or Taunt, as the other Careers already have those abilities. I could see Stealth as that slim-to-none chance at Vampire. Warrior Priest? I think it may get a Taunt.

Though, if he got a Healing Taunt, I would question the potential for pairing with Ironbreaker. Would it override, depending on who did it last? Would it be a straight addition of temp-hp like Merc, or maybe a minor temp-hp regen function, stopping decay and giving you a bit at a time?

I would terribly love a Damage Hit like the Grail Knight’s for a vamp, though. Doubly so if it gave you temp/green HP back on kill.

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  1. Dear god please no more invisibility in this game there’s more than enough already.
  2. While I see what you’re getting at with these archetypes, I really hope FS is being a bit more creative than that in their approach to creating new classes.

Given the two new careers we’ve gotten so far, especially engi, I don’t believe you have much to worry about on the creativity front.


It’s true that Saltzpyre and Sienna are missing stealth career skills, but I would hope that the remaining careers are going to be more than just a grid-filling exercise.


Saltzpyre’s new career will obviously be warrior priest, there’s no other class that makes more sense.

I think new career is indeed going to be Warrior Priest and a steath one at the same time. How? Hear me out.
I’m 95% sure that his career skill is going to be a prayer. Saltzpyre will scream something like “Hear me, Sigmar, you shmuck!”, and it will create really bright light area around him, effectively blinding enemies around. Flashbang that makes entire party invisible because why not. Maybe some other effects too, like healing or buffs.
Does it fit the big career skill scheme? Yes. Does it meet expectations of the community? Yes. Problem solved, case closed.

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Personally my biggest fear is career overlap and competing with a finesse career, ranged career and melee brawler career. Just look at RV and Outcast Engineer.

What is it with the weird Vampire obsession? But I would totally look forward to all the new dialogues.

Team is trying to cross the River in Fort Brachsenbrücke:

Kruber: Sir, why are you standing there? Are you not coming with us?
Vampyre: I … think I should stay here … in case reinforcements are coming.
Kruber: But Sir, we murdered everything on that side of the River.
Vampyre: - Pointing towards a random bush - Is that a Skaven Ambush? RUN. I will keep them back. - Frantically jumping out of sight -

Grail Knight and Vampyre being in the same team and slowly losing health

Vampyre: Uhhh … aaaaa…
GK: Peasant, you look kinda pale today. Everything’s fine?
Vampyre: Yes Kruber … ahhh. Everything’s fine … but could you stand more over there?
GK: You mean me being the Vanguard and you being the Rearguard?
Vampyre: Yes … OF COURSE. YES KRUBER. That is exactly what I meant!


Not to mention Vampire Saltzpyre spontaneously combusting every time you start a new mission that takes place in daylight.

Anything else but a WP of Sigmar would surprise me at this point. It would fit into is overall theme, it would give him a true “tank” carreer, and mechanics-wise, they could focus in his divine lore, because weapons would only need new models: Great-hammer, hammer and shield, single hammer, dual hammers, everything’s already there, and Salty in a huge friggin armour wielding dual hammers would just be the bee’s knees.

Secondary slot would be prayer-books that give him two different prayers (primary and secondary fire), with his active ability bar being the “ammo”, making use of the mechanics introduced by Engineer, albeit with passive regeneration.

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I can somewhat imagine a nobility based career for saltz where he ramps up his swordplay skills to the max, just to spite Kruber and Bardin taking shots at his poor form.

Rapier or another thin blade+parrying dagger would be a choice weapon, could also share the Brett longsword parry into attack combo.

Lord Saltzpyre.

Would make for some potentially fun dialogue with both Grail and Footknight Kruber.

A vigilante styled assassin career where he goes off to murder imperial authority holders he deems corrupt or incompetent does not seem impossible either.’

…I personally do not like warrior priest much as it seems much too similar to zealot.

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I got the feeling both elf and Saltz will get a career which will only allow Melee weapons.

Bladedancer for elf and Warrior Priest for Victor are my best bets.

I think what most people want out of Warrior Priest is a heavily armored bastion of faith focused on protection, rather than a lunatic frothing at the mouth who charges at the enemy with super speed. Are Ironbreaker and Slayer too similar to each other? That’s the same kind of distinction I’d like to see. Not that Warrior Priest should be a carbon copy of the Ironbreaker – it’s just an analogy.

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Kerillian would be a shadowdancer, not a mere bladedancer.

Also it would be absolutely hilarious if Saltzpyre became a Priest of Ulric instead of Warrior Priest :smirk:

Bladesinger* my mistake.
Shadowdancer, Wardancer, Bladesinger what the hell!

As Bardin already hinted, seems like Kerillian will be prancing about in some way anyhow!

Bladesingers are elite wardancers, shadowdancers are even more elite priestesses of Loec that serve as hero versions of wardancers.

I don’t think both Saltz and Keri will get melee only career, since they are even going to be right after each other

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