New Career for Victor: Warrior Priest

I’ll preface this by saying that the idea of this might be close to what the Zealot is at first glance… But I still think this is more interesting and a very different concept.

I’d love to see a Warrior priest of Sigmar option for good ol’ salty.
A class with some alterable Auras (see foot knight auras) that bolster his friends, an ult that does something along those lines as well (the classic imbue everyone’s weapons with holy power would be kind of neat) and centered around making the entire party stronger, rather than just himself.

A support class, if you will.

I’d probably put him in the Medium class (125 HP) due to his heavier armour than Salty usually wears, (as well as the support role) have his ult recharge rather quickly (90 seconds? Depends on what it does.)
Base form of the ult would increase all nearby allies damage a bit (20%?) for 10-15 seconds. Maybe alterable to a defensive version (reduced damage taken by 20% for 10-15 seconds) at lvl 25. Make your allies all glowy (weapons or armour) during the ult.
At the moment this is a rather loose idea, but I would love to see a class that’s all about making your team stronger, which is what warrior priests of Sigmar do (as well as being bad-asses).

Making two-handed hammer available on Salty for this would of course be a prerequisite as well…


Honestly it’s what I excpect instead of Zealot in the first place.

Support with Auras is a good idea and fits the theme well.

Speaking of Hammers:
Dual Hammers were an option in WHFB as well :star_struck:


A Warriorpriest Wielding two Warhammers wuld be so awsome, it wuld of course also fit the szenario thats presented in Vermintide 2 becaus, who els culd be that rightouse to stand against the tides of darkness when its not a Warriorpriest. Personaly i wuld like it to be a career for Saltzpyre becaus hes my favorite but i also wuld not mind if Kruber, who had been to long under the influence of saltzpyre wuld become one.
I also wuld like to see a new Charater beeing introduced to the Cast. (that wuld make Mercenary Kruber finaly mad! :smiley: )


Even so i would love to see a warrior priest, it just wouldnt fit currently. Especially as saltys career, the warrior priest would be the only career ingame having exclusive weapons only which are also the only ones usable by him, because i doubt that Fatshark would make hammer also viable for salty only because of one career. Weapon wise, it would fit Kruber pretty well, but then we would have the lore problem, since Kruber is a Taal follower.

But now to the career itself. Since the warrior priest can only use hammer, it would fit to make him a pure melee like the slayer, but then he would be quite ineffective, except he has somewhat of a jump/charge ability, which doesnt fit. Thats why i would propose books as new form of range weapon, which are used for several kinds of spells, like the comet of sigmar or even healing hand.

Still, i dont think it will fit in the current game, especially lore wise. I suppose the zealot was the closest thing we will get to a warrior priest. I mean, Vermintide is not just a generic warhammer game where anything we wish for can happen. Fatshark has a specific story in mind, with specific heroes.

When other careers will actually be released in the future, then they have to fit into the story. The heroes just destroyed the skittergate and had first contact with warriors and abomniations of chaos. So the next logical career for saltzpyre would be Inquisitor.

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…Slayer has dual axes, Shade has repeater crossbow, Huntsman has Longbow, Ironbreaker has drakegun and drakefire pistols… All of those are career exclusive. Did you even think about it before posting this part?

Two-handed hammer already exists on both Kruber and Bardin. (and two-handed mace for Sienna) porting that over to saltzpyre for use with the WP I don’t see any problems with.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the book ranged weapon become a thing, but that would likely be a lot of work for a single career. could also work as some other sort of Talisman. But I see this as unlikely to happen.

The weapon options that should be available for WP by default are two-handed hammer, hammer and shield, and dual hammers. Whether he’s like Slayer and can only use melee weapons or not, that’s debatable I suppose. But even without a charge, that’s fine. Depending on your teammates is a thing in this game, and so it should remain. It would also justify him being a melee powerhouse, just like slayer.
Two of the weapons I listed are already a thing in the game, thus requiring little work to port over (new models essentially). dual hammers would require some work though.

There is, by the way, no lore reason prohibiting warrior priests of Sigmar from using ranged weapons, they just don’t often do. Saltzpyre being trained in a multitude of them however, might do so. They’re also not limited to hammer weapons, by the way. They can use any melee weapons, they just prefer hammer due to their religious significance as Sigmar had a hammer (Ghal Maraz).

Warrior priests of Ulric however, as contrast, ARE forbidden from using gunpowder and crossbow weaponry. But that’s sort of irrelevant since they’re not what we’re talking about here.

First off, FS has already “broken” lore to make careers happen in the past. This particular one wouldn’t even be breaking lore all that much, since salty is already a devout follower of sigmar.

  1. Slayers are dwarves who have given up on living for various reasons (committing some act that is unforgivable). Once you go slayer, you can’t go back.
  2. Shades are Dark elves, Kerillian is a wood elf. Thus she cannot be a shade. Shades in particular aren’t even part of regular Dark elven society, they live outside of it as nomads in the mountains, so it’s even stranger…
  3. Ditto for handmaiden, but high elf. Handmaidens are also very specific guardians of the everqueen. and there certainly isn’t any everqueen in Helmgart.

There is also absolutely nothing that suggests that future careers will have to be related to the “DLC storylines” or anything like that. Especially since they’ll also be usable in the base game.
But if they really want that anyway, I’m sure they could make up some “valid” reason just like they made up “valid” reasons why kerillian can suddenly be a dark elf shade for no good reason when her careers could have simply all been wood elven ones such as Glade guard (waystalker), Eternal guard (Handmaiden) and Waywatcher (Shade).

Inquisitors do not exist in warhammer fantasy, that’s a warhammer 40k thing. The closest fantasy equivalent is the witch hunter. And salty already has a witch hunter career.

Please don’t further sully my suggestion with reasons as to why it wouldn’t work if those reasons are as poorly informed as the ones you’ve provided so far.


I guess you didnt really understand. The warrior priest would be the only career having ONLY exclusive items, because other salty careers wouldnt really be able to use hammers in the first place, since Fatshark wont enable them, because Kruber and Bardin already have them as weapon of choice. Siennas mace doesnt count, since it is not a hammer. There is a reason, why only two heroes can have the same type pf weapon, because of diversity with an already small amount of weapon choices.

A pure melee career without a charge is absolutely pointless in this game, since it would always be limited to be effective against hordes and maybe against elites like cw but they will already be dealt with by other careers. So the warrior priest would eventually be only a support for the anti-horde character.

Fatshark also didnt break the lore, do you even know anything about the background of the careers or the lore of warhammer itself? Obviously not, or else you would know that elves are elves and they only differ in their Society and culture. Dark elves arent another race than Wood elves.

Inquisitors do exist in Warhammer Fantasy, but not as miniatures. Thus its clear, that you dont have an idea about warhammer lore.

Also, your suggestion is extremly bad, it shows that you dont even have an idea about the balance of the game at all. I already saw way better warrior priest suggestions before release.

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I would love to see new careers added at some point that go into an even more “what if” direction so they could be a bit more far-fetched. Warrior Priest for Saltzpyre, Master Engineer for Bardin, Spellsinger for Kerillian, Hedge Wizard for Sienna (couldn’t think of anything else, heh), and Priest of Taal for Kruber.

As I said, there is nothing limiting WP’s from having all the other saltzpyre weapons, they simply prefer hammer ones.
As to the weapons being limited to two characters, one-handed sword is available on Kruber, Kerillian and Sienna, though admittedly with slightly differing movesets. And in any case I’d consider that a poor argument for not letting salty have access to hammers if WP became a thing.

Pure melee with no charge Pointless? no.
Hard to play? Yes.
But again, that’s just one of the ways to go. as we both did agree that having some interesting ranged spell option would certainly be interesting, and I also stated that Warrior priests are not forbidden from using ranged weapons, so salty’s ranged weaponry could stay if FS chose to go that route.
Personally I would prefer him not being all melee, but if they were to go that route, there’s ways to make that viable.

I know plenty of fantasy lore. Including some (though admittedly not all) of the character lore for VT. While it is true that “elves are elves” racially, at this point after many thousands of years, they are so wildly different that they might as well be considered separate races.

Shades in particular are nomads who live outside the boundaries of even dark elven society, culture and rules since they were ousted from power. Hell even the rest of the dark elves don’t know what they’re up to or how they’re so good at what they do.
I can’t imagine how Kerillian would suddenly have intimate knowledge of their practices just because she decided to devote herself Khaine. Shades aren’t even decidedly Khaine worshippers (at least not any more than your average dark elf). That would be the cult of Khaine, with its assassins, executioners and witch elves.
In any case there was no reason to make Kerillian adopt racial philosophies and stuff she couldn’t possibly learn without a tutor from said “race”, when she could have just as easily used the Asrai equivalent.

If you find me a cite-able official resource that tells me that inquisitors (not the inquisition) are an established part of warhammer lore, separate from witch hunters, who are a part of the inquisition, then I will gladly retract my statement about inquisitors being a 40k thing.

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I’d also love to see some more varied things, much like you stated. and I’d have to agree with you that Sienna is probably the most difficult one here… A bright wizard is a bright wizard… so unless they gave her some way to switch lores (unlikely and doesn’t feel like she ever would), she’s a tricky one to figure out.
Only so much you can do with fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Kerillian I’d love to see a Wardancer career. Spellsinger might work as well given that it’s been implied she has at least a little bit of magic in her (prophetic dreams and such)

Yeah, I think any of these careers would basically be like a re-write of their history - a total “what-if” scenario. Hence the only thing I could think of for Sienna was that she never got formally educated and simply became a Hedge Wizard. No idea how it could play, but there are options.

Sure, they can use other weapons, like basically everyone could use any weapon at this point. But hammers are the signature weapon of the priests and i doubt they would fight with a rapier. Still, enabling hammers to saltzpyres other careers would be just too much and they simply dont fit. Can you imagine a whc with a 2h hammer? Looks silly. Like huntsman with 2h hammer already looks silly. Not to mention, that we could just enable every weapon to everyone at this point.

Pure melee without charge would be indeed pointless, since he would never be able to reach ranged specialists in time, which would be a huge disadvantage to every other career in the game. Having a damage reduction or damage buff aura as passive wouldnt help, especially because they already exist on other careers. But with a ranged option, he would be indeed viable, in my opinion.

The thing is, Kerillian didnt adopt the racial philosophies or whatever. She is basically still a wood elf in every other career, but follows specific gods which could make her into the specific careers as an elf. You also have to consider, that every career stands for another path, basically another reality. Thats why the slayer option is also not a broken lore, because in the reality where Bardin becomes a slayer, he stays a slayer until the end.

The easiest source i found now, is from the lexicanum. I quote: Inquisitors are basically witch hunters with advanced rights. They wear the edict of the Grand theogonist and have the holy right to judge witches, wizards and chaos whorshippers.

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I believe you misunderstood. Understandable, I was a bit unclear.
What I meant was that the WP would be able to use any of saltzpyre’s weapons, but in addition to those, would also be able to use the three suggested hammer weapons.
The hammer weapons would only be available to saltzpyre if he was on the WP career, however.

I guess we will simply have to agree to disagree to him being pointless/useless as pure melee with no charge. Our opinions simply differ too much there. And that’s fine. But I do agree that essentially any career becomes a lot more viable with a ranged option.

Well if you go by that logic, Salty being a WP in one of these alternate paths is also entirely reasonable.

I would argue that those are essentially still witch hunters by that quote, as well as noting that the lexicanum is a fan-based wikipedia type site. But very well, I’ll tentatively concede the point that inquisitors are a thing, even if they are just witch hunters with increased authority.
But I will stand by my statement that saltzpyre already has a career for that in the witch hunter captain. I don’t believe that an inquisitor would be much different, since, again, they’re just witch hunters with more rights.

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Hello fellow rat-catchers…I have been thinking of the warrior priest style support class out of nowhere lately myself as well…(support class/ team buff/ trickle heal on radius thru some tankish holy hammer swinging).
Perhaps flashbacks of the class in ‘Age of Reckoning MMO’ coming back to me? WAR: Age of Reckoning introduced me to the concept of “healing yourself and nearby teammates by Anointing thy foes with a Big Hammer” (WH, IB, BW, Slayer, Elf classes ALL there too…) made the Healer class a little more fun.

Anyhow, I think this would serve better as a future DLC “6th” character personally, complete with maybe “Sigmar Hammer style” ult 360 aoe push/dmg/+8 sec of fast revive? (similar to holy burst from statue hammer at end of act 1?) Maybe scale it up in magnitude gently on a buildup meter governed by how effective the Warrior Priest has been trickle healing/buffing/revive/protecting the party up to that moment? Maybe a natural self-only boost in curse resist against grimoires as passive/talent option? I think it would be a huge boost to the dynamic of the party structure and choice of play style.
Don’t pile this new job onto ol’ Victor’s already troubled brow. Besides, the zealot is about penance and the punishment of the sinners in Victor’s feverish perspective, not healing.

Couple that with some new DLC content levels introducing the Greenskins enemies (parallel units to Chaos Warr, trash mob rats etc are already in the lore) goblin trash mobs, Black Orc elites ready to declare WAAAAAGH! upon anything that moves. Sprinkle some visits by a Goblin Shaman Special (alternate Mork/nme buff or Gork/attack flavor) or a counter ranging Squig Herder Goblin special with angry pet and you have some real rocket fuel!!

Please Fatshark, have Sigmar hear my prayer!

See you all out on the battlefield… :smiley:


Well, there is still a big difference between witch hunter and Inquisitor. Witch hunters are basically henchmen to the Inquisitors. Even a witch hunter captain is still below an Inquisitor. If salty would have been an Inquisitor all along, Sienna would be long dead, since he would have the right to jugde and execute her right on the spot. Thus, Inquisitor would logically be the next career, if the witch hunter path is the one Fatshark is going to go with in V3, which will most likely happen.

The witch hunter captain is the same as Inquisitor as zealot is the same as warrior priest.

Also, the lexicanum was just the fastest and easiest source. They were also mentioned in White dwarfs and several books.

I vote NOT to mess with Victor’s classes, Warrior Priest = Yes.
Duct Taping on a variation of class over Victor’s flawed and punitive nature? =No.

Trying not to get too bogged down in " What If’s" and Maybe/Possibly debates in the muck of the lore is all.

While I would love a 6th character (or more) as well, given the amount of work that would be to implement (multiple careers, hundreds of voice lines both from the new VA and the existing ones, adding lore for an entirely new character etc.) I highly doubt this will ever happen. There’s been talk of new characters since the release of VT1, but it never happened. And likely never will, sadly.

Thus, new career options are probably the much more likely option to ever happen, and Salty’s aching bones are likely to be the best option for this particular choice given his already deep devotion to Sigmar. Kruber being a secondary choice. But he’s never felt to me like the devoted type as much as Salty has.

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Hey there Shadow, I understand what resource it would take to implement such a change in the game but you never know, a person can dream. Maybe in the vein of infusing new momentum in the game when it has been rolling for another year or two …hoping lol. Im fairly certain nobody truly knows.
If they are adding subclasses to existing classes, I am open to it. If they are replacing existing subclasses i.e. -zealot, I would be opposed.
Yeh, Kruber has Taal slanting anyhow…

As to all the WAR references, I’ve long been a proponent for introducing some sort of healer/support wizard (Jade college perhaps?) into the game, and implementing a mechanic similar to the greenskin shaman from WAR where you did damage to then do heals. But it appears that FS wants to move away from healing outside of items, other than temp health in this game so again unlikely to happen.
I’d be all for having some sort of “bash things heads in to grant temp hp to your fellow teammates” kind of thing for a WP.

As to the aoe push ult with revives, that’s pretty much covered already by kruber’s merc ult.
A curse resist trait/talent is something I think should be a thing for all “tank” characters, but that’s a separate issue that I believe has been discussed in another thread already.

As to greenskins, again, probably a time/cost issue. as I believe they’d have to buy licensing rights from GW to add a third race. but who knows. it is yet again one of those things people have been asking for since the very first game’s release.
If anything we might end up getting nurgle demons at some point, since they’re sort of part of the chaos side of things. but I don’t know if they’d be a separate license to use. Not familiar enough with the business side of things.

Ah yes, we can all hope and dream at the boundless sky of options…
And I agree entirely that Zealot should not be removed in any case. Zealot has its place. It’s not my cup of tea, and I would have rather seen WP been introduced as a “base” class instead of it, but hey, it’s what we’ve got.

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True story, its what we have right now, and that’s fine.
Just a footnote, im aware what Krubers ult does, I meant for WP to have a little more push, actual dmg, no tmp hp, and maybe small dmg bonus when using on chaos enemies. The revive speed boost is freebie given due to nature of heal class etc. and shouldn’t require spending of talent point. maybe require talent spend for tanks…oh and yes tanks should have revive speed options.
I realize of course its all fun hypothetical banter. Anyhow, you’ve raised good points.

Slight misunderstanding there, I never said revive speed should be a tank thing, I said curse resist should be. :slight_smile:
What I actually meant however was to make some way of getting useful traits for people who usually carry grims (FK, IB, Unchained) since they can’t actually use their potions, and thus can’t use ANY of the traits available on charms.

But that’s beside the point for this particular thread, just wanted to clarify. :smiley:

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