NEW Hero - Warrior Priest for Victor Saltzpyre

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Please no. Victor is not a priest, he doesn’t have the time to become one and it’s not just a matter of getting “promoted” -just like in real life you cm’t just walk into a church and become a priest the next day. You have to finish your studies, learn about your cult, read holy scriptures, learn how to perform rites etc. Etc. Etc Saltzpyre is intelligent, but he’s not a kind of man suitable for the job :slight_smile:

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It’s just a game

Warrior Priest would be an awesome choice as 4th carreer for Salty!
And how about Warriorpriest of Ulric for Kruber? :smiley:


Well, yeah, but the game has to be immersive and consistent and not r*pe the lore. Saltz Warrior Priest would simply be bad.

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You mean as consistent as Keri being a Woodelf, a High Elf and a Dark Elf at the same time? Or Bardin being an Ironbreaker (which by lore he used to be, but isn’t anymore), a Ranger AND a Slayer at the same time?

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Well, she isn’t all 3 at the same time. Have you ever seen Wood Elf Kerilion and Dark Lelf Kerilion at the same time? Nope. Because she isn’t. There’s a choice and it’s kind explained in dev blog. It’s not 100% “good” explanation, but at least there is, unlike Saltz becoming warrior priest overnight + he doesn’t have the proper looks and posture anyway.

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Gotta say it would be nice to have new classes for characters. However, personally, I’d rather see new characters with their own classes developed. I’d probably be happy with either option though.

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It makes as much or little sense as him having Warrior Priest as a 4th option, that’s the whole point. He wouldn’t become one “over night”, he would “always have been” lore-wise. Kinda ret-conned. The heroes don’t exactly have novels worth of background written about them, so it would be quite an easy task to write that into his background. I mean, when did Salty become a Bounty Hunter between getting captured by Rasknitt and the funky bunch and hitting Taal’s Horn Keep? Or when did Bardin decide to take on the oath of the Slayers? These are things you’d just have to take as what they are, game-mechanics that don’t make much sense when regarded as a whole, only individually. I don’t see any credible difference between the given examples and adding Warrior Priest of Sigmar Salty into the game. I mean, if anything, the current selection of carreers (which is very Warhammer-y imho) shows that GW has trust in FS’s artistic vision and has given them quite a loose leash when it comes to that.
I mean, Warrior Priest is more or less the only thing you could add to the game as a hypothetical 4th carreer for Salty. A tanky “spellcaster” with buffs and debuffs would also be something unique. Plus, their armour looks awesome :smiley:

The more I think about it, the more awesome it becomes, I mean, it could even result in giving salty a completely new set of “ranged weapon”, being different prayer books.

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So you want to see a warrior priest fighting with a rapier and pistols?
With the weapon set available, Saltzpyre is rather unsuited to a class often portrayed with hammers and armour.
Actually, it’d be a better fit on Kruber, though rather unfitting of the character.
However, I can’t see what this would bring to the game. It sort of sounds like Unchained or ironbreaker, but with a bit more support.
Such a subclass would require an entirely new set of weapons and animations- no way that’s economically sensible.
If they decide to craft a large DLC with a 4th subclass for every character, maybe.
Also, they’d need to create an armour with a shortened coat - as they did with his WH garb from VT1 to 2, as it always clipped his legs.

That’s what you think

He would require new weapons, definitely. Like I’ve said, he is pretty much predestined to have different “prayer books” in his ranged slot that do different things. Could be fuled by killing heretics and would be interesting to have another hero without a ranged option or one that works differently. Since limiting weapons is already a thing, might as well make the rapier and pistol off limites for Warrior Priest and give im a nice 2h hammer.

Yes, great, let’s make a subclass and exclude nearly every available melee and ranged weapon, and create a bunch of new weapons for it.
Sorry, I don’t see it happening. Might as well create an entirely new character at that point.

Yeah rather have Ubersreik 6 or 4 instead of the 5 with an additional career. It just gives more choice if a lobby is already 3/4 full.


New character would IMO make a lot more sense.
And well, it would also fit the whole theme and story - because holy mission against ratmen seems like a good place for a Warrior Priest.
Another thing is - he could be using an almost wholly recycled arsenal of weapons:

  • 1h hammer/mace
  • dual hammers
  • 2h hammer ( unfortunately lacking)
  • hammer + shield (lets just hope for a different moveset, because it’s lacking too)
  • “armor piercing hammer” - recycled Sienna’s crowbill.

Yeah, I know, not that much variety. But 2h hammer, just like most other 2h weapons, could use a buff, and the Warrior-Priest character could be made to synergize with it better.
The thing I don’t see is 3 careers for Warrior Priest, because, well, it’s not like there’s that much variety between them. But I’d prefer a new hero with 1 class done well, with different armor models, , and not only reskins, and talents allowing different yet effective playstyles, and not generic 1 bad, 1 mediocre, 1 great kind of choice, than 3 low-effort classes that aren’t really much different from each other (I still can’t tell the difference between BW and Pyro looks-wise and playstyle seems awfully similiar too, when you’re not the one actually controlling Sienna).


Good thing you agree that this is a good idea :slight_smile: I like your enthusiasm.

I’d rather have that vampire-lady everyone keeps talking about, too. But it doesn’t hurt to think about other possibilities :smiley: . I mean, everyone saying making a new character would be the same work, but it really wouldn’t be. Voice acting would be one huge factor, as not only would you have to record a whole bunch of lines for the character itself, but also all other hero-VA, Lohner and Oleysa would have to record alot of new lines, whereas a new carreer basically only requires a bunch of new action-lines for Salty’s.

I mean, it does seem to be a logical step to expand the carreers to one additional for each hero if they plan to expand the game in a lore-friendly way and support it for 5 to 10 years to. IF they plan to do so, it would make sense to either introduce new carreers to each hero before adding a new one (since that one would need 4 carreers, also, to fit into the concept), or start with the new hero and give that one 4 carreers.

Anyhow, let’s bug them a little more till they give us cool new stuff :smiley:


Mine Eyes! Stop this heretical nonsense this instant!