Completely New Skins For Victor Saltzpyre

Something like this …

I can’t see saltzpyre wearing that, it might fit more on Kruber or on an entirely new character

Although it would be cool to have a Warrior Priest in the game, as @Osvi said, it would require a new character. Thematically and story wise it doesn’t fit neither Saltzpyre nor Kruber. Yes, Saltz is a faithful agent of Sigmar’s church but he’s a witch hunter first and foremost.
If we are talking about completely new skins there’s a lot of choices and ideas:

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Just something completely new , not same outfit different colors

I’m talking bout the Bounty Hunter

I understand that, but the artwork you are presenting is for Warrior Priest. That would require a totally new career. It would be really stupid and they’d all over the lore if they use a Warrior Priest design for BH.
I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, hell I get an erection just by looking at the Warrior Priest armor, it’s just that it needs a career of its own.

Just something completely new , not same outfit different colors !

I’ve been asking for the same thing for the past 6 months :slight_smile:
We need completely new skins, not just re-colors of the old ones.

Maybe Next update ? maybe a game for 29.99 can’t do that

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