[New Class suggestion] Priest

1st : priest of Sigmar
2nd : Priest of Ulric
3rd : Priest of Shallya (as a support healer)

But you have got choice between all the deity in the Old World (Myrmidia, Taal and so on).

Cheers and Keep Up the great work !!!


This would be pretty cool I think. Some sort of healing class would be a cool addition… Maybe hard to balance tho :confused:

Aren’t Shallyan priests pacifists? I don’t think they’d be able to fight.

I think it’d be cool to see some of these as new careers in the future for the existing characters, though. Saltzpyre could get Sigmarite Priest, and Kruber could be a Priest of Taal.

Shallyan are pacifists … but not really versus Nurgle’s zealots. Her hero power could be a healing of a Nurgle’s Elite that would be purified from the nurgle illness and fight short time for the group of heroes before dying .

@Finlock : you are right … balancing would be hard to do

Vermintide is not a generic warhammer game, it follows a specific story with characters that have an actual background. Your suggestion doesnt fit at all. You have to implement a new character which has a career as priest of only one diety, since being able to choose different ones with the same character would be against warhammer lore.

99% of peoples suggestions are just ridiculous here. One time i would like to see a serious suggestion about a new character/career made by someone who understands the game and knows about warhammer.

You know it’s all just made up, right?

You know its the Endtimes it and doenst even matter in a way what the charcters have a for a background, they’ll die anyway °-°

Besides, the Lore ON the characters is pretty flat and leaves room for interpretation. Bardin is the only one with a deeper story and more fleshed out story than “He was once - now he is and is trying not to die as fast as others” (Just my Opinion)

And instead calling suggestions - Which are SUGGESTIONS (!) for people to at least think about it - dumb or ridiculous, you could maybe make a better suggestion than ? Or at least try to addition to the suggestion so its more in line with the Lore ?

Vermintide follows the lore, doesnt matter how flat it is. The background is also important, to somewhat explain the different careers of each hero. Fatshark doesnt have much wriggle room, because everything has to be accepted by Games Workshop.

So a priest who can just switch between different dietys in its career choice, is not possible, because every priest is and was always a devout to the specific diety. Its like asking for a lizardman or a random orc/ogre mercenary.

I also did already a suggestion elsewhere. Its about a Bretonnian Damsel specialised in the lore of the heavens.

Fair point

But i dont understand than, why could kerillian switch between a, Wood,-High,-Dark Elf especially when Woodelves would hate the Dark elves, dont they ? Or … at least everythign thats not Woodelf as i undertand it.

Or Markus that suddenly turns from a good Swordsman captain from Ostland thats hired by victor suddenly gets a truns into a Sharpshooter “and returns to his roots” when his lore (that i found) only says that he trained soldiers and meele for the army

Why would Bardin suddenly shave his had and decides to turn from his treasure hunt to be a slayer and to die in battle as one, form an lore standpoint

So, in my opinion some careers are out of the blue already,to a some kind of flavor for sure, but i dont think all the careers are the lore friendliest ^^

@theppekausen : don’t be so nervous man.

I didn’t know there were a real worked BG behind VT2.
But if it’s the case … an Ironbreaker (dwarves military elite defending Karaks as tunnel fighter’s specialists) alone in the wild ??? Didn’t read the arguments yet but it must be a special story :wink:

And don’t worry for me. I know about Warhammer’s background (mostly from the paper RPG. Got every book since the 1st ed).

If it needs a link behind the three careers.
I woud like to see a shallyan priest as the first one (because of the new kind of gameplay it could initiate) :

All Initiates and Clerics of Shallya must abide by the following strictures:
- Never take a Human life, even in self-defence. This stricture is lifted in the case of followers of Chaos.
- Never take the life of an intelligent being, except in self-defence.
- Never refuse healing to one who is genuinely in need and who comes as a supplicant.

Need to find the other two careers.
I will think about it even if nobody asked :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kerillian doesnt become a dark or high elf. She just follows different gods of the elven pantheon. If Kerillian would be an actual dark elf, she would have betrayed or even killed the group immediately.

Markus is a follower of Taal, thats why he can get back to his roots and becomes a Huntsman.

Bardin is just like any other dwarf, they can go rampage and become a Slayer. Much like Ironbreaker Bardin became a Ranger eventually.

It sure isnt the most detailed backround explanation, but all of this is still in the boundaries of the lore.

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The warhammer rpg is not canon. Its a generic view of warhammer, much like Age of Reckoning was. They dont have the tight wriggle room Fatshark needs to work with. They can basically do whatever they want.

Also, you forgot to mention, that Shallyans have to be unarmed.

Light order mages can also do healing, and I doubt they are particularly pacifistic.

This looks like a badass design even though it’s not from warhammer:

isnt the Endtimes lore kinda jiggly anyway ? I mean it ends with everyone works together (more or less) against chaos.

Darkelves with Highelves.
Orcs with humans and Undead etc.
(Until SOMEONE thought it would be a good idea to f*ck everyone over cause of unexplained reasons…aaaaaaaaand than AoS happend (even when the models a kinda sexy tho))

I am pretty sure if Fatshark WANTS to indroduce something like that, they would surely find a workaround GW would be accepting, even if its a flat one at best :smiley:

The dark elves are flat out annexing the high elves, placing Malekith unto the throne as phoenix king over all elves, even so the wood elves dont really go conform with it, expecially because they are too far away.

Orcs dont fight with humans, the whole orc race is following grimgor into a battle against archaon and lose.

Vampires fight eventually together with humans, even so they fight against each other at the beginning. Still, other necormant lords resurrect nagash. Whole Bretonnia is getting destroyed in its civil war with undead included.

Fatshark actually has almost nothing to say and cant do anything lorebreaking. Even every skin they make has to be lorefriendly.

Yep that would be very interesting. Just a note, Shallya priest can’t be a man.

Sigmar’s priest can also heal. To get some balance, he can just change temporary life to permanent life. That would already be nice.

The first thing is to balance and have some option. Ulric could be a huge damage dealer in close combat, with tanky stuff. Sigmar will be a support, damage or healing. The third would be a distance, maybe a Morr with low magic, or Manann with handgun etc…

That’s an odd policy, considering that fantasy tabletop was killed and it shouldn’t really matter anymore what sort of lore game developers would include.

If anything, vermintide 3 should have a happy ending with the heroes making a difference. End Times was just a financial scheme to justify AoS.

Dear God you best be baiting

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The end times is a joke, and most players know this. The logical thing to do for GW would be to combine their current policy of liberally selling fantasy licenses with not being so strict on varying interpretations of the lore. Compare this to how lord of the rings online had tons of lore-bending and the license holders didn’t care and nobody was offended.


Do you LARP Warhammer lore? I’m picturing that fat guy in sweatpants throwing balls at people yelling “lightning bolt”.

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