Who do you think will be the next career for saltzpyre (poll)

Hi guys i have over 1500 hours in this game and i have a question for you (its been asked before im sure)

if you know the lore you know about saltz past and maybe his possible future career. we know his conflict with his faith and morality so the two options are in my opinion:

  • Warrior priest of Sigmar
  • Warrior priest of Ulric

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Many people had been bringing up Vampyre as a possible one.
I wouldn’t put it off Fatsark’s list to do something weird like that. (Would still be funny playing Righteous Stand tho)

that would be interesting, or maybe someone who just doesnt worship any god really like a pirate or something.

There was one wild person, who suggested a Priest of Manann (because Saltz is a Middenlander)

manann would be cool, but as a middenlander wouldnt ulric also make sense?

I know, right?
Also, yeah, Ulric would be cool.
At this point, many things would be cool.
Insert Tank Driver Saltzpyre

(Stolen from Reddit, of course.)


If it was on reddit it must have been me, though it was mostly a joke about Aranessa Salspite and the similarity between each others name

yeah that would make many people happy for sure haha

Saltzpyre the vampire.
hes a necromancer hes casts curses, he sucks blood from enemies for healing and he takes damage over time in day maps.

And instantly dies in the finale of Righteous Stand, Athel Yenlui and so on.

And they are all on the Witch Hunter’s watch list.

Surely the blood of Skaven, Beastmen or Nurgle scum can’t healthy, even for a vampire. :nauseated_face:


iirc most Vampire dislike the blood of anything else than proper human but can make by with lesser quality blood

yeah i was thinking that after i typed, oh gee.

Lesser quality blood would be normal animals etc, no? As far as I know (based on novels, as always), chaos tainted blood has quite a negative effect on vampires.

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Well the Strigoi are beastly because they ate corpse and not livings for a long time (reason why they are often with Ghouls and Crypt Haunter

Varghulf have a different reason for their appearance but I don’t understand what it is while Vargheist have consumed warpstone

This doesnt even make sense, i know we have the shade which is dark elf, but a vamp would require so much change to saltz dialogue, interactions, “sigmar” this “sigmar” that. i dont see it happening. he will remain on the light side imo.

Just to point out, Kerrilian doesn’t change “race” appart from SotT where she become a half dryad

High, Wood and Black Elf are closer to religious schism than to different races

And we do know that the practice of following one or another God for the elf can modify their appearance (Hoves, wings, strength iirc)

Honestly I’d be happy with both poll answers. I feel like warrior priest of Sigmar is more likely due to him already being a sigmarite, but wouldn’t mind ulrican as well.

Save the heretical suggestions of him being a vampire for Witch Hunters, for they are already coming for you.


i didnt say race change i was talking about their alignment. a dark elf is on the side of evil and chaos, same with a vampire. that was my point. no clue why they added a shade tbh

Dark Elf are destruction sure but Shade are also mercenaries who work for the Order

During the ET, the Dark and high Elf join back up in the host of the Silent King or something

Kerrilian doesn’t become a Dark Elf, she just follow a different god (Khaine) which is still followed by the Wood Elfs

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