New Career for Victor: Warrior Priest

maybe give the warrior pirest a actual heal ability or talent selection on the lowest health hero when pressed and can heal teammates when collecting tomes.

like the warrior priest starts out with 1 heal on lowest HP hero at the start and if your team collects more tomes he can get up to 3 more totaling 4 heals throughout the all map, that way its not OP or you can’t just stand their and heal it limits the healing.

make the healing like 50 or 60hp on target. for one of the warrior priest specs or talent picks or something.

Some mechanics which would set him apart could be a TW:WH style Martial Prowess where he has buffs to power and maybe stamina while at full health and as he takes damage he loses these stacks. Temp Health would not recover these stacks but carrying a tome would grant him passive health regeneration, perhaps at the cost of being unable to equip healing items once picked up.

I would also like to see him get a bonus while holding a grimoire, maybe even an inability to use potions in return for 100% curse resistance? As for his ultimate I’d like to see him empowered by a prayer, perhaps taking time to actually say the prayer, similar to the length of reviving a player, and gain increased damage reduction and a ton more power. Exchanging attack speed for even more power could make for some interesting talents as well, perhaps making WP an Uber specialised Elite Killer with little horde clear.

As for weapons, a more powerful and slower version of Sienna’s mace in hammer form with the ability to reverse the grip to use an armour piercing spike would be a very unique weapon. Also a prayer book or two with the ability to shoot a beam staff or flame storm esque wave of lighting or blinding and burning light. Would a Mjolnir esque throwing hammer be too far? Essentially Bardin’s throwing axes but able to consistently 1 shot specials and elites and with less speed.

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This is beautiful thank you for shutting down these people ho think they kjnow anything when they clearly do not

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No you dont understand he clearly stated why the class will work and you keep blabbering on nonsense lol just shut up take your L and move on mate. Cherio :slight_smile:

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We have grail knight now:)

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Some people have been comparing Zealot to Warrior Priests.
Not quite sure where the similarities start and end. (Maybe somebody caught up on lore could help out)

I picture Zealot closely related to that of a flagellant and I think Zealots kit could be further fleshed out to support that idea. Majority of his kit is already built upon the idea but I think it could be done better; currently players just drop their health below 30 and then play like any other career.

Well, a Zealot is simply what Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay calls a character starting out in the Flagellant career.

(From the 4th Edition core rules)

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Or finally we see this! Since they didnt do it on Grail Knight. Flail and Shield as 2nd Weapon Option!

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Daaaamnnn look at that Armor!!!
Makes 40k Cosplay look like shite(sadly…)


What are this Sigmarite Heavy Armored Dudes called?
They look like a Fantasy Version of Custodes more or less?! They could be a Good Career aswell?!
Cant remeber the Name, but they have Golden Armor and Lightnings everywhere

Do you mean the Stormcast Eternal ? Those are fron AoS


I don’t think there’s anything in the lore that could work like this, but a melee only version of WHC that’s better at melee would be pretty rad.

I don’t know about it having to be better in melee. I was thinking toughness in between that of FK and IB with plenty of support abilities. Maybe even the first Victor Class to have shield weapons. Lore wise he decided to have Kruber put him on a physical training regimen and now he’s a big beefy boy with 150 health and heavy armour.

To balance it you could even give him lower attack and movement speed. Before I’d suggested a hammer of sigmar type ability but that might step too much on GK’s toes. Maybe a barrier of holy light with thp gen within it and other bonuses from talents would work well?

I have a very basic understanding of what a Warrior Priest is, straight from reading wiki page about this class. They wear heavy armor, use warhammers, and can cast some minor miracles and spells. These are mostly protection magic with some harmful auras here and there. Now, knowing that I’d say translated into Vermintide mechanics, Warrior Priest would be a carbon copy of GK, with different looking weapons and armor.

Of course as I said, I have only basic understanding of what WP is, from reading wiki, but I hope FS will drum up something interesting as Salty’s new class. I like both GK and OE so far, so I have faith they’ll deliver interesting stuff.

I’d much rather Saltzpyre become a Steam Tank.

Warrior priest don’t have to use a Hammer, but maybe it could have a active ability that work like the Outcast Engineer, pulling a Sigmarite Hammer (to bash the heretic) next to 2 other weapon

Or he could have an Aura (as they are known for being erudite and helping people) or even anything they could think off

And before the Grail Knight was released, people were saying the career was going to be a carbon copy of the Foot Knight.

A Warrior Priest of Sigmar is pretty much the classic D&D cleric – heavy armor, hammers, and holy miracles. There’s no reason why a Warrior Priest should be limited to just smiting foes like the Grail Knight, when there’s a ton of Sigmarite miracles they could be using instead. Nobody wants a carbon copy of the Grail Knight, we want a career for Saltzpyre with proper damage reduction and a slew of protective talents, things he is currently rather short of.

And hammers. It’s called Warhammer for a reason, people.

What about Zealot? Unless you’re referring to auras/team defence and such, in which case that is something Saltz doesn’t have.


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WP would be a good idea, because it would allow victor easy access to new weaponry that does not require new animations, only new skins: Give him 2h hammer, 1h hammer, hammer and shield and dual hammers and there you go. I really would like to see existing weapons without new animations and attack chains to be given to heroes, and it would allow them to focus more on hits new abilities. Imagine how cool a Salty with huge armour and two hammers would look and play like.

Crowbill is would also be perfectly good to give him. If you want a second shield option for him, I would be definitely in favour of flail and shield.


whatever the new victor career will be, he needs to have a passive that reduce the elf’s hp and dmg by half at least >:D!

or just auto kills elf